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  1. Sounds like a bad RTC chip or crystal.
  2. Fixed! Got my $2 for 10 KM4164 memory from China and had at it. Piggy backing on F9 cleared the 0200?0 error, but then I got a 041101 (Mod3 test). Piggybacking could clear that one, but when I actually replaced the chips, it cleared. Ended up replacing four chips in total, all the Apple branded MT4264 ones.
  3. Picked up a chinese desoldering station a few years back. http://www.memotronics.com/vacuum-desoldering-rework-station-digital-temperature-controlled-dual-lcd-new/ Best money I ever spent on this hobby. Make jobs like this infinitely easier than using a hand pump or braid.
  4. Ya, I had already been through three cycles of flux, solder, braid, IPA scrub in that photo above. Top pads and a few of the bottom ones cleaned up fine, it's just a couple of the really corroded ones nearest the cap being stubborn.
  5. Thanks folks, new (used) memory is in the mail.
  6. Since I need to wait on RAM chips for the 128K, I figured I would work on one of my extra nasty SE/30 boards. LOTS of corrosion from the leaky caps. No problem popping them off with the hot air station, pads cleaned up fine. 30 minute of vinegar and a toothbrush got most of the fuzzy off, but the video area is still pretty nasty and UE8 popped off. I'll try another soak and scrub in that area, but at this point might to worth just proactively replacing all those chips? Any tips for retinning the pads? Feels like I'll need to hit them with light grit sandpaper of something, to
  7. Finally getting around to fixing the 128K. It chimes on startup, but then immediately goes to Sad Mac. Looks like a 0200?0 code, so I'm guessing memory in either F9, F10, F11, or F12 according to https://udcf.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.html Any further hits given the video corruption? Does the piggyback RAM trick work on these to aid in troubleshooting before desoldering and replacing the chips? How about the possibility it's one of the supporting 74xx logic chips, hence the odd error code. The board looks original (no past work that I c
  8. Went through most of the non-compact desktops pulling batteries. So far it looks like exploding battery syndrome has only claimed a LCIII, IIcx, and IIci mainboard. Maybe a Quadra 605, but that one still looks recoverable with a little work. Found a couple of Daystar's, a 68030 in one of the IIci's And a 68040 (on a riser) in one of the IIsi's
  9. Got a little over half the haul picked up this evening. Even better than the computers is all the parts and other odd and ends this guy had. Lots of new in box mainboards (including IIe boards), analog boards, power supplies, etc. Need to head down tomorrow and grab the rest and then finish sorting. Yes, a lot of this will be sold off, I don't need this much hardware. This will buff out right? Fortunately this is the only one I've found with battery damage so far, even though everything was stored with a battery. Bigger issue is the mice. If they was a panel cover missing, there was
  10. This is what I bought, was all one big lot.
  11. My son really wanted the Apple III (notwithstanding the rodent activity). The 128k, SE/30, and 840AV will also be nice additions to the collection. Little spendy, but should be fun sorting and fixing for awhile. https://anewdayauctions.proxibid.com/asp/LotDetail.asp?ahid=3493&aid=101939&lid=27351165&title=Collection-of-Vintage-Apple-Computers-parts Preproduction Apple IIc went for $1,000 at the same auction. https://anewdayauctions.proxibid.com/asp/LotDetail.asp?ahid=3493&aid=101939&lid=27351169&title=Early-Pre-Production-Apple-IIC-Computer
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