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  1. Aah, I used to love my old G4 iBook, and was heartbroken when it finally failed... it had a long and very hard life accompanying me to the tops of numerous Icelandic glaciers to download data from some weather stations... The Macbook I replaced it with has never quite been the same, and although that still works and is regularly used by my wife (its only 9 years old, by which i mean the MacBook, not the wife!), it just hasnt left me as nostalgic about it compared to my iBook...
  2. Just a little bump on this, as no-one has posted on this one for a while. I use an eMac G4 usb 2 for work on a regular basis, and I keep a G4 (800 mhz) iMac as my main music system at home (with a Harman Kardon Jellyfish, of course!). I prefer the richness of the excellent CRT on the eMac display over my iMac Retina, particularly for doing graphics work. For some reason, I find it far less stressful on the eyes. I also run old versions of excellent software, like the final version of CorelDRAW for the mac, and some superb data analysis software called Aabel on the eMac (I cant afford the lice
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, but it was definitely a problem with the keyboard... I've tested the system again since my last post, and my observation about the same fault happening with a different keyboard hasn't been repeated, and the Centris has been shutting down just fine, and staying shut down. I'm just awaiting a new Apple Design Keyboard (and an ADB trackpad!) to arrive, and then I hope to be back up and running! Cheers, Simon
  4. Sorry for the late response but I do have a copy of Mathematica installed on one of my hard drives, but I don't know how good or complete it is. It actually came with the Centris when I bought it (along with early MATLAB, and a few other scientific data analysis packages), but since these startup (and a few other) problems arose I have removed the drive, cloned its contents into a disk image for safe keeping against the day when I get my Centris fully back up and running... Not sure whether the application folder contains all the files and additional bits needed to install Mathematica, but
  5. It is a Centris 650, with a pile of other stuff tucked into it... I've been doing a few tests, having stripped the whole thing down, checked the main circuit board (everything looks fine, but I gave it a clean anyway) and no peculiar sounds or smells when it powers up. HOWEVER, I realised that there was something not quite right with my keyboard (some keys were not working), so removed that and just connected the mouse to an ADP port, shut the mac down, and it was fine. AHA! So there is a stuck key or something mechanically wrong with the keyboard. I swap the standard keyboard for one
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, i'll give it a try, but I recapped the whole thing last August, and it has a new PRAm battery in it...
  7. Hello, back again now that the autumn/winter has returned and I've put down my bike and picked up my Centris again... Bit of an odd question here, but I'm a bit foxed... My Centris starts up okay, but when I come to shut it down again, it does that just fine, but then instantly restarts. I've had a look at the sprung power button on the back of the computer, and that seems to be mechanically fine, but before I take the whole computer apart again, I just wanted to check if there is something really obvious I'm missing here? My guess was that the on-off button at the back of the computer
  8. Nope! Still getting problems with the CD-Rom drive connected.... The Centris starts up okay, and then can open up software (in this case the Apple Personal Diagnostics tool), but then it seems to hang. If I try to Force Quit, the system software just hangs, although Command-Alt-Esc still opens up a force quit dialog box, but does nothing. If I dont have the CD connected, it seems to run just fine! Confused....
  9. Thanks for that information, Macdrone; it looks like I may have found an issue, as my CD-Rom drive had jumpers for all 3 SCSI ID positions (0,1,2). I have just removed the jumpers from 0 and 1, and the Centris seems to have booted up okay so far. I still need to check that everything is working, but so far so good.... A case perhaps of too many, rather than too few jumpers? It does beg the question why this has become a problem recently, rather than for all the years of potentially confused SCSI IDs...
  10. I think there is something not right with the cd-rom... I removed the SCSI but kept it powered, and out popped the caddy.... Having thought I had got my Centris back up and fine, when I reconnected the CD rom drive, it all went pear shaped again! Back to having a ? Floppy disk warning on startup. So, having re- re- re-installed the system, I have left the CD drive disconnected, and the Centris seems to be working okay again. I'm wondering whether I have lost a jumper on the back of the drive for the SCSI id, and that the system is trying to boot from CD, which of course is cannot do? T
  11. Okay, my Centris is back up and running, but I'm continuing to have problems with the CD drive in the system. It is an original CD drive with Caddy (I think it was made by Sony), and when I started having problems with the Centris, I inserted a System 7.5.3 CD in a caddy into the drive. To cut a long story short, I simply cannot eject the CD now: the drive is trying to eject when I request it, but the caddy seems to be stuck. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get this caddy and CD out? I have tried to push the force eject button using a paper clip in the small hole to the right of t
  12. SOLVED! It turns out there were a couple of separate things that needed sorting out... The installation of Mathematica messed up the Desktop File on the Mac SSD (My SCSI2SD), which I believe is stored in the NVRAM, so no matter how many times I zapped the PRAM (which I did many times), was resulting in the hang-up whenever I tried to start up, be it from the SSD or from the Disk Tools 1 floppy disk. Good old command/alt during startup allowed the rebuilding of both the SSD Desktop File and the Disk Tools Desktop File, which allowed the Centris to reach full booting up. It turns out my
  13. Thanks for the responses, although sadly I have already tried both of these suggestions with no joy. The SCSI2SD works fine, as I checked it using my Mac Classic, just switching the microSD cards over as System 7.5.3 runs dreadfully on the classic. No problems with the hardware or firmware, which has been upgraded and repeatedly replaced. The MicroSD card is fine too, checked on my eMac and everything opened fine in BasiliskII. The CD drive has been disconnected for quite a while now, and is currently sitting in a plastic crate with much of the other innards of my Centric (additional RAM,
  14. Hello Again, Having got my maxxed-out Centris back up and running a couple of months ago, I've suddenly hit a problem. I was installing Mathematica on the Centris a few weeks back, when suddenly it all went awry; I don't think it was anything to do with the installation of Mathematica, but after doing that the Centris stopped working properly. In a nutshell, here is what has happened: The Centris started having real problems reading the SCSI2SD which is the main drive for the computer; I tried a whole range of different things relating to the SCSI2SD, but started getting system faults
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