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  1. After I resoldered some broken joints on the analog, the 128k works great! It does have a memory upgrade (as I should have anticipated) in it though, it doesn't provide SCSI or anything. I shouldn't really complain though. The drive is totally gummed up so I can't check it out for the time being.
  2. Most of my recent scores were from CL, but this was actually in a Facebook marketplace group.
  3. Got the following for $40 today. All of this stuff was super dirty/beat but cleaned up ok. 128k (Can't tell if it's been upgraded - if it has, not past a 512k or so) - this has startup chime but doesn't do anything. (+kb/mouse) G4 cube (+ psu) Performa 475 IIc + color monitor (+ psu) Personal Laserwriter LS ImageWriter II x2 Small assortment of boxed software/games Pretty happy, can't wait to fix the 128k!
  4. So I got to check out the storage unit of the collector I bought a bunch of PB stuff from earlier in the month. We're still working out a figure, but this stuff is sitting with my name on it. 1 Axiotron Modbook + big box of Modbook parts 1 Gemini clamshell iBook (touchscreen/tablet version) 1 PB 3400c (tablet version for the disabled) 1 PB 1400 G3 upgrade 2 Thinkpad 701c 1 IBM Transnote Below is all in original box. 1 PB 2400c/180 (Japanese version) (really nice shape) 1 PB Duo 2300c 2 PB 1400c/166 2 PB G4 12" (I believe both ar
  5. Prepping the 2300c I picked up lately and I realized that the sound (including startup chime) is not working. The PB works great otherwise. I don't see too many SMT caps on the board, but does anybody have any suggestions on what I should try before I do a recap or disassemble the display to check the speaker itself any further? Thanks! Also realized that I posted this in the 68k forum, whoops.
  6. Verified that the psu isn't the problem - correct output. I'll keep a lookout for the fuse, thanks! @MikeatOSX It's a 180 (not 180c)
  7. So 2 of the PB 180s I picked up lately don't power up. One seems to make a small "blip" noise about every 5 seconds or so, the other has the screen turn on for about <1 sec. This is with both main batteries removed. Are there any fuses I should be on the lookout for on this MB? Thanks! -Jeff
  8. Alright, $300 later, I have everything. No pictures yet, but this is what I got (some things got lost in translation in our original emails): 2 Powerbook G3 "Kanga" (both working with max RAM, one has some bad plastic damage though) 1 PowerBook 100 1 PowerBook 165c (working) 4 PowerBook 180 (3 don't seem to be working right now, 1 works great with max ram) 3 PowerBook 180c (2 working, both with max RAM) 1 PowerBook 540c 1 PowerBook 1400c + BookEndz 1 PowerBook 1400cs 1 PowerBook Duo 2300c 5 PowerBook 2400c/180 (1 working with NewerTech G
  9. I just saw this now - I'd be very much interested in picking up at least 1 of these boards
  10. This is probably the only time I've ever put up an wanted ad on cl really, I used to be more active on freecycle back when it was easier to do so. Postings here have been slim. Haven't gotten this stuff yet as I need to find a time to get it all, but it turns out that all this stuff was actually from a local professor/collector who passed away unfortunately.
  11. So it turns out that this was more stuff than I expected. The 1 PB 180c I thought was there was actually the following: 4 PB 180 3 PB 180c 1 Duo 2300c 1 PB 520C 1 PB 165 1 PB 100 We agreed on a price - everything mentioned above + in this post for around $300. It's pretty hefty in terms of price but I'm excited! @beachycove when I get everything in I'll PM you.
  12. So I decided to give posting a CL ad a shot. Needless to say, it worked out pretty well for me. Currently working out a deal for the following: 4 Powerbook 2400c (!) (1 working - 3 dead with the common fuse problem) 2 Powerbook 3400c (1 working) 2 Powerbook 190 (unknown working cond) 1 Powerbook 180c (unknown working cond) 2 Powerbook 1400c (1 working) 1 Powerbook 1400cs (working) 1 Powerbook G3 (both working) 2 Powerbook Bookendz (didn't mention which model, but for the G3s I think) Accessories for all of the tested Powerbooks
  13. Recapping both of my power supplies fixed this problem! I found it a bit easier to crack open the supply by shoving a flathead screwdriver in the crack of the case between the power cord and ridge, came out a bit more cleanly.
  14. Oh shoot that's something I should have thought of, thanks! I'm trying to crack open one of the 2 supplies I have but I'm having trouble doing so - did you have any tips? -J
  15. Hi, In the middle of fixing two Powerbook 100s and I ran into a weird problem that one has... Recapped the LCD/mainboard of one PB 100 completely and it seems to work fine with good LCD output (dead HD of course) but whenever I try to boot from a floppy it seeks once fine and then the display goes to black. The LCD backlight stays on and operation seems normal (similar to the behavior of the LCD pre-recap), and the PB continues to boot from the floppy as normal. I would think that this is a problem with my lcd but I tested it with the other Powerbook 100 mo
  16. Ahh I see now that you did an atx conversion on a IIci. Sorry, you should be fine. I think it should work as long as you have +5V +12V and -5V.
  17. The amount of hacking that you'd have to do to get an ATX power supply is not worth potentially ruining your LC board, imo. Just recap your PSU, even if it has not failed yet, there's a good chance it will in the future. It's easier than recapping the LC board too!
  18. You are better off recapping your LC power supply, especially if it's a TDK one. I've have had to recap about 5+ TDK ones when they died.
  19. That means the power supply needs to be recapped. It's a fairly simple operation (you only need to replace one capacitor) but getting the PSU open is a pain in the ass, you need a drill bit to drill out a few small rivets. http://lowendmac.com/2016/the-duo-dock-tick-of-death/ And yeah it's a super common issue.
  20. I took a look at the 9500s when I was there - they were both really rough (neither had hard drives and the one I opened to check didn't seem to have RAM either) and one was missing the power button on the front as well. They had them for $45 each I think but I'm sure they would take something much lower (like $25) if you really wanted one. They used to have substantially more ADB peripherals a while back but people must have snapped them all up.
  21. I went to the famous WeirdStuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale again. I might have just gone on a bad day (also hadn't been there in about 2 years or so), but their vintage Mac related pickings weren't as plentiful as they once were. I figured as much though. Still got a working 6500/225 for $60 (negotiated down from $100). $60 was still very much overpaying in my mind, but I had never been able to find one locally in the past, and I figured it'd serve as a good replacement for my 5500/250 which has had weird motherboard issues for ages now. Also got an extra PB 5xx series power adapter and D
  22. It's been a while. My additions to my collection have been pretty infrequent as of late. However, on Reddit I saw an ad for somebody giving away their old collection. They were nowhere near me (in NV) but I had a friend help me get the following: 1 PowerBook 100 (nicer condition) 1 PowerBook 100 (rougher condition, missing bottom mouse button, some minor screen/cosmetic issues, no HD bracket) Each with their own PSU Both do not work, presumably to leaky caps. and (not pictured) 150 assorted original Mac software floppies (nothing exiting, but lots of original MS/Claris s
  23. Grats on the haul... I got some things too from the same guy with the help of a friend, glad you got everything else. Yeah unfortunately that card is a little useless if you don't have the Portrait display
  24. Hey all, haven't posted in the forum for a hot minute. Glad to see things are still going strong though. I got an Apple IIe (enhanced) with the Apple color composite monitor and Imagewriter II, all boxed, for $100. Only took a quick cellphone pic, but here it is (the IIe box is rough but the other boxes look great and I doubt the Imagewriter was used more than a few times) I was really hesitant as the guy sold it as untested, and $100 was probably the most I've paid for a CL find (negotiated the guy down from $200). But it worked fine. I also got around 20-25 blanks, some misc softw
  25. Long story short, I'm getting the following via a trade on AppleFritter for my original Rev 0 Apple II board: Mint NeXTCube system, fully working IIfx (128 MB RAM, standard complement of cards) IIfx (victim of battery explosion, otherwise intact) Apple IIGS ROM 3 with AE PC Transporter Plus some more goodies - we're still working out what to add onto the items listed above. Still, I am pumped!
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