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    Made a major purchase that I wanted ever since I first heard about the 550c from the Cult of Mac book years ago - I picked up a Powerbook 550c with the box and manuals for a grayscale 520 for $350 shipped from Japan. It had some minor cosmetic damage to the screen from a leaking PRAM battery ("vinegar syndrome"), unfortunately, but otherwise is in pretty great shape! Already upgraded it to 40MB of RAM and the original 750 MB HD works great.
  2. So I was getting ready to set up my SCSI2SD with my 540c, only to realize that the 540c's HD cable is keyed in a certain way so that nothing can go in pin 17 and the SCSI2SD is not (it doesn't have the missing pin 17 that the CF PowerMonster and other SCSI drives have) For those using SCSI2SDs with their 5xxs, am I right in assuming that I have to break off pin 17 of the SCSI2SD?
  3. It really is a cool upgrade! I'd love to get the CPU/FPU working, I hope I just missed an additional jumper setting or something of the like.
  4. Thank you @PB145B! The person who I got it from picked it up several years ago from an estate sale local to me. It can be upgraded to 4MB indeed - I think theoretically you could go further if you wanted more RAM for a RAM disk! It also has a custom drive bracket that holds the FDD/HDD and an additional fan.
  5. Hi all, I picked up a 512k with the MacMemory Turbo Max upgrade (16 MHz 68000 + internal/external scsi + ram slots + FPU). After some fiddling with it I got it working with the exception of the CPU/FPU - it just detects the original CPU/no FPU. Does anybody know if there's an additional driver or setting on the card that I'm missing? Otherwise, it works great! The internal hard drive didn't have any special drivers for the Turbo Max on it.
  6. JRL

    JRL's Conquests

    Part 2 of the same conquest: 512k with internal SCSI HD/external SCSI port/upgraded RAM/ROMs (not 100% working atm) Performa 575 (no MB) Performa 575 Some internal/external SCSI HDs 12" RGB monitor - very yellowed and with cut off cable - hope to resplice a new cable soon Paid $150 for these, really happy!
  7. JRL

    JRL's Conquests

    I got a fixer CCII as a bday gift from my sister from Buyee - unfortunately the CRT got wrecked in shipping. Thankfully, someone who I purchased my Portrait monitor from hooked me up with a good deal. For $100 I picked up the following: CC - bad analog board - was recapped and still has garbled output, no mobo CC - not working Dual FDHD SE with Total Systems Mercury accelerator He also has a pretty tricked out 512k with MacSnap upgrades and an internal SCSI HD - will probably pick that up my next trip. For now, going to try and c
  8. I have since acquired this particular Classic II and this isn't a issue with the AB, it's an issue with the logic as the screen pictured happens with my working analog boards. I'm working on figuring out the issue now.
  9. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much - I've never personally broken a plastic SIMM slot. I've always bent them to the bare minimum that they need to be bent in order to release the SIMM and they've always been intact after.
  10. JRL

    JRL's Conquests

    Also on another note... I bought a "dead" PB Duo 270c for $25 shipped BIN on eBay. Tried it with my yoyo adapter and it booted up Another nice bonus was in store for me as well: It only had a 8MB module installed, but not complaining at all considering I got a working 270c and a 1.2gb drive/IDE-SCSI PB bridge for $25!!
  11. I also am having the same issue with my backup SE/30 board (no sound whatsoever except a slight crackle through the headphone port at boot). Mine had several missing pads when I got it but I think I’ve patched all of the obviously broken traces.
  12. That's awesome! I'm hoping that I just didn't clean the EGRET enough... but I'll report back.
  13. JRL

    JRL's Conquests

    Picked up a bunch of things as of lately: @rushfan82 very kindly gifted me a Classic II and a rough B&W G3 for free - thank you so much and it was great meeting you! The Classic needs a lot of work but I'll give it my best shot. Also picked up some more items through Buyee: Macintosh Classic II FPU card - this was only $10! Boxed (card is brand new) Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 card Boxed ATI Radeon 7000 Boxed USB/FW/Ethernet card 32MB PB 5xx card 48MB Duo card
  14. Hey, sounds good. I will re-remove/clean again. But I did originally clean both the logic board and chip itself on both sides, as well as add fresh solder on both legs. If the small chip you are talking about is U11, I removed/cleaned that. Voltages seemed to be very slightly under but I'll recheck them again. And that's good advice, I tried to use fresh normal solder on each pin after cleaning pads. I'll try and be a bit more careful when i do this the second time. I just hope I didn't fry the EGRET...
  15. I was thinking I may have introduced additional contamination to the EGRET (thereby causing the weird static noise-I used chipquik and flux to remove it and hot air to reattach) - if so what would be the best way to clean it? Would immersing + scrubbing with IPA/DI water work?
  16. So I have 3 Classic IIs now, and all of them have issues post a recap of analog and logic boards. The first one (before I removed the EGRET chip and cleaned underneath it) would do the following: 1) Bars - sometimes if I flicked the switch off/on rapidly at this stage it would boot up successfully 2) Blank screen 3) (very rarely) boot up Post EGRET removal/cleaning, it always boots up to the bar screen (the exact same one that it displayed in outcome 1) and flicking the switch does nothing). After 10-15 seconds, I also hear varying levels of stati
  17. So I picked up a MacCon card for cheap - however it has a damaged cap on C7. Does anybody have a value on it? The cap (or whatever remains of it) doesn't have a readable value anymore.
  18. Two years ago I got a mint boxed IIGS setup (ROM 3 with monitor/1x of each drive) with a large amount of boxed software for $250 (IIc system was included as well). I've been incredibly lazy about setting it up properly unfortunately, so it's still rather stock (High Speed SCSI card and the basic RAM expansion) But I'm picking up a Booti card when they become available!
  19. Honestly the short jumpers are a bit tougher to find than the standard hd jumpers, I have just scavenged mine from other dead drives I've had here.
  20. You would have to put a jumper on Terminator Enable as well as TP2.
  21. Awesome! Yeah, NDD works great. Enjoy the CC, they really are great machines. They do need to be recapped eventually though.
  22. Excellent! Yeah, Quantum drives do have some long term reliability issues unfortunately. This is one of the methods used to recover data from them but i don't know how much it'd differ since your drive does seem to work initially before throwing a blinking floppy.
  23. When this has happened to me (Happy Mac then question mark) it's almost always been an issue with the System file on the hard drive (but not always). Easiest way to fix the issue would be to reinstall system software, and at the minimum I would boot from a Disk Tools disk of some sort to see what's going on. If you have a Windows PC with a floppy drive you can use HFVExplorer to write floppy disks from images.
  24. So recently I picked up a 4th PB 100 for $25 shipped, as the screen looked nice and all of my working PB 100s have screen rot. Figured I'd give a crack at actually fixing it before parting it out. Recapped all radial/SMT caps and LCD (also booting from a recapped PSU of the proper voltage) - chimes as normal and the repaired Conner HD spins up but I get a solid blue/black screen. Contrast controls are unresponsive. I tried the newly recapped LCD with my other working PB 100 and it works great, so the fault is somewhere on the board. All of the traces near the caps have
  25. Definitely a good suggestion - this board behaved the exact same way on my Classic (as well as my CII) before I reseated the ROM, so it wasn't an analog board issue.
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