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  1. By the way, I'm trying now to edit the first post to show the solutions and only lets me to report it, does it mean that I cannot longer edit it?
  2. Thanks for the quick replies!! Yeah, at the end I removed the hdd and now the 2 last problems are gone, it's a shame that the whole 160mb hdd has to be wasted only because of the click of death, but I'm not gonna throw it just jet, probably in the future I will be able to repair it. A wee piece of napkin in the hole where the wheel is subjected and the problem was gone, Yaahoo!
  3. Hi guys! I bought this Powerbook 165 on eBay for 10 quid last week, the seller already stated that it was broken but I liked the idea of having a project to repair a Powerbook. At the end I would like this to become a big guide so other people with similar problems will find it helpful. So far I found these problems: [solved] Power Adapter: At first the Powerbook won't turn on, testing the PSU with my multimeter I found that it wasn't given the correct voltage (the correct is 7.5V), a quick recap and it was up and running! (well, up and giving power). Now the Powerbook boots but I fo
  4. Anyone knows how to repair it? please I don't want to throw it away...
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I did everything you told me, except I've used isopropyl alcohol instead because I don't have any spray...but I've checked both switches with a multimeter and they seems to work. However the problem still persist, the floppy just stays quiet without spinning when I insert a disk and then it eject it.
  6. Trying to clean the floppy drive of a Macintosh Plus, now every time I insert a floppy it will automatically eject it. Disassembling the 800k floppy drive I realised that when I put a floppy in it, the motor doesn't spin and then the disk is ejected. Anyone know how to repair it? Any help will be appreciated.
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