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  1. User ChrisEs found a way to create a CF-card for a PowerBook 150 without a second Mac but with Basilisk 2. He found the solution here and elsewhere. He copied a system to an empty image and copied this image with Winimage to a Compact Flash card.
  2. I had this "gnarly sound" sound too on a PB 540c. I disconnected the speakers cable from the interconnect board and re-connected it again and the bad sound was gone. I found this out by chance.
  3. Here in Europe Duo 270c are very rare. I imported mine from USA.
  4. I opened the Duo power supply by force because the capacitor burned a hole in the case. PowerBook 1xx power supplies have already been (carefully) squeezed with a vice and successfully opened.
  5. You can remove the battery after you opened the 4 screws on the bottom and the smaller screw on the backside near the modem port or cover of the modem port slot. When you move the upper and lower part of the PB a bit there is enough place to remove the battery.
  6. True. And a CF card helps RamDoubler to make the PB 150 fast, when more Ram is missing.
  7. I did it again, with my second PowerBook 150: I formatted (again) a Maxflash 2GB CF card in the PCMCIA Slot of my PowerBook 2400c in Mac OS 8.1 (again) with it's Drive Setup (seems to be low level format as it lasts more than 30 mins). Made 3 partions, copied the contents of the PB 150 Disk Tools to one partion and installed the CF card with a cheap CD/IDE adapter in my PB 150. PowerBook 150 started immediately from the partion with the Disk Tools system folder. As PowerBooks 150 don't start in SCSI-Mode (SCSI "Target Mode"), I started a PowerBook 180c in SCSI-Mode and copied it's cont
  8. See this thread too: https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/48434-datetime-jumping-around-on-powerbook-160165/?tab=comments#comment-509222
  9. Same here with a PB 180c. Apple Diagnostics app found a Logic Board problem so I replaced the complete lower part of the PowerBook, but with same results. Everything else is working fine. My second PB 180c doesn't show this problem. I solved this problem some years ago by replacing the interconnect board, but not this time, as I don't have a second one. My second PB 180c has a newer chinese replacement main battery, which is still loading fine. Now I try to load the Pram battery on the interconnect board with this working main battery and we'll see if this works.
  10. PowerBook 500 Series: Measuring AC Adapter Output: https://support.apple.com/kb/TA32851?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US
  11. I posted this picture 5 years ago here too: I found the original picture 12 years ago here: Your "missing female connector metal in position 4" is found 12 years ago also here:
  12. I measured them all in the past as I told you before. So believe it or not, I continue watching CNN now...
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