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    At least one of them is quite easy to guess if I'm a member of these forums
  1. Again, thank you H3nry for your assistance. I've tried Mode 5 VGA 640x480 - separate sync. Result: green screen. I've tried Mode 5 on other resolutions: same old story. Either no image or green screen. I have even found another DB15/VGA adaptor with 6 dip switches and tried all the combinations with that one, too: same results as before. I'm starting to think that there's no way to establish a nice relationship between my Quadra 950 and that monitor. This morning I also found a RasterOps NuBus video card and inserted in one of the free slots, but I guess I'll have to find some kind
  2. H3nry, thanks for trying to help. The monitor has no apparent way to accept sync on green. I've navigated the On-Screen-Display menu and explored every possible setting, but most of them are related to screen geometry, position, colour temperature, moiré, degauss, contrast, brightness. The leaflet for the video adaptor is located here (PDF file). My model is the first, "MAC/IBM ADAPTOR: 15DM/HF-10P", and I've tried every switch combination in MODE 6 (which according to the leaflet is for Sync on Green), but to no avail. The results are the same as in my previous post: either no image o
  3. Folks, I'm coming back to the barracks after a long hiatus, in the hope that someone can point me towards a solution. The problem: I wanted to put a newish CRT monitor to good use by connecting it to my trusty Quadra 950. It's not an Apple monitor, so I used a DB15 Male to HD15 Female 10 DIP Switch MAC to VGA Adapter (this one exactly). I tried many of the dip switch combinations listed in the manual, but the only two results I get are: 1. No image. 2. I get the image with no distortions but instead of colours, everything has a green tinge. I also have a second, simpler video adap
  4. Hats off to you, Patrick. This is amazing. Do keep us posted. Cheers! Rick
  5. Felicitations! It is indeed a nice conquest. Cheers Rick
  6. You either want a PowerBook G3 Lombard/Pismo or a 12-inch PowerBook G4. Cheers, Rick
  7. No. I recently acquired a Titanium PowerBook G4/400 that wouldn't boot, and the problem was a dead PRAM battery. I disconnected it, closed the PowerBook, pressed the power button and it booted just fine. So now it's running with the PRAM battery disconnected and there are no issues, apart from the fact that when left without power (no AC adapter, no battery), it doesn't keep the right date/time -- but since I keep it always connected to the Internet, it doesn't matter. By the way, the other day out of curiosity I opened the other TiBook I have (a 500 MHz model) and I found out that the pr
  8. Mine routinely falls into this pattern. Mine as well, sadly. I'll soon try with another AC adapter and see what happens. The original AC adapter used to warm up a little when the PowerBook 100 was fine, but since the PowerBook started manifesting this issue, the adapter concurrently has become stone cold. Or vice-versa. Cheers, Rick
  9. Morrick

    PowerBook 100

    Yes, the spacebar is the power button on the PowerBook 100. I, too, have one -- with 6 MB RAM! -- and I love it. But at the moment it seems more dead than alive. After months of undefined issues, I narrowed it down to a faulty power adapter. But a PowerBook 170 is on its way from Canada, and has a power adapter that should be fine with the 100 as well. Let's see what'll happen. Nice conquest! Cheers, Rick
  10. Tough one indeed. At first I thought "I would open it and use it, taking good care of it just like with all the Mac hardware I already own". But then I thought: it would also look too new to go with my hardware of similar vintage, heh heh. So, I'd probably end up re-selling it for a slightly higher price. (LOL. I'm joking -- with all the recent talk here about outrageous eBay prices! ) Cheers Rick
  11. Ah, this story reminds me of a guy I met at a used-equipment fair who wanted to sell me a Macintosh IIcx and an Apple CD-ROM 300 for the rough equivalent of 250 dollars. They didn't look good and on closer inspection they were both suspiciously stinky. When I opened the IIcx the rust inside was so bad as to make it hard for me to remove the cover! The bastard probably had taken both the Mac and the CD-ROM reader from the street after god knows how many days of rain and bad weather, cleaned them outside, and wanted to scam some poor ignorant tourist. "You should be ashamed", I told hi
  12. Morrick

    The Common

    First thing you should do: run an antivirus. Usually Disinfectant 3.7.1 is enough for a 68K cold. Cheers Rick
  13. My main machine is its faster brother, the PowerBook 12" (DVI) at 1 GHz. I absolutely love it and I won't let it go when I buy a new MacBook unibody. Actually, I plan to get a new battery and AC adapter for it, and also a bigger hard drive. I think you did a good job on your recent conquest Cheers Rick
  14. Thanks guys -- I knew I could count on you. Rick
  15. Hi Folks! I wanted to eliminate some desktop clutter, so I decided to move my iSight, which is placed on the desktop facing up at me, and to put it on my 20-inch LCD monitor. I searched in the iSight box for a good stand, and since I don't want to attach anything sticky to the monitor, I opted for the small magnetic stand. I have a doubt though. The magnet in that stand appears to be quite strong. Could it affect the monitor somehow? When placing it over the monitor, nothing strange happens and the image is fine, but I'd like to be on the safe side. Any opinions? Sorry if this so
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