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  1. As an alternative to Gefen's DVI converter plus Apple's DVI to ADC adapter there are similar components from other suppliers available. For a digital ADC display, after the obligatory (male) DB15 to (female) VGA adaptor one could digitize the analog diplay output signal with a device like Lehmann's https://www.lehmann-it.de/de/translator-vga-to-dvi.html. In combination with Dr. Bott's DVIator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1dW6K3pviU or probably the according Apple DVI to ADC adaptor, and an appropriate power supply to power the ADC display this could drive a digital ADC display from an anal
  2. register

    KVM hacks

    For this given Problem to share peripherals between two ADB equipped Macs, consider to include use of the software Remote Mouse and Keys. In short, you can share the Keyboard and Mouse input from one Mac via AppleTalk network connection with a second Mac. To trigger this software KM switch you just »leave« the screen with the mouse pointer through a corner at the menu bar. Magically, further input applies to the other machine until you leave its screen back into the first one, which is physically connected. The hassle of repeated ADB resets is completely removed and only a switching device for
  3. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard could be a nice option, just with a mouse, without the separate numerical keyad.. The main drawback for me is the lack of a dedicated key switch mechanism for the caps lock key. I am tempted to try and hack an ALPS caps lock key from the AEKII into the Adjustable. Also, there is a compact Next ADB keyboard available, in all black, a somewhat unusual layout, but very beautiful. The footprint is similar to the footprint of the Apple Keyboard II. Unfortunately, it uses the same Mitsumi KPQ type keyswitches as used in the Apple Keyboard II (sadly: mushy).
  4. Please consider to check both the male and female connectors as well as the cable for faulty contacts. I found the power connector on the motherboard and also the male 7.5V plug to be a permanent source of malfunction until reworked.
  5. It can be nicely upgraded with a Sonnet G3 card, a proper PCI graphics card and plenty of RAM :-) However, I would consider this option only with the ingredients available for free.
  6. Consider to install and use the ATI driver software for the Radeon Mac Edition. I think there was also a shareware called »Joshuas Hack« (or similar) to enable proper DVD playback on the beige G3 (given, there is a DVD ROM/Combo/burner drive installed). I used to use a beige G3 with expanded VRAM and the Radeon card to drive two 17 inch displays side by side to view DVDs in widescreen across both displays. It worked flawlessly.
  7. The PowerMac 7200 is a PCI machine, isn't it?
  8. Is the VRAM properly seated? It is possible to start a LC 475 with no VRAM installed, resulting in black 1-pixel graphics output. You get a black pixel in a screenshot that was created in such a setup. One possible use is a headless machine that is used as a print server or file server, resulting in a minimum of graphics processing.
  9. As far as I remember any 040 cache memory cards were of limited use because of lacking software compatibility. As mentioned before, a special control panel is used to enable or disable the cache usage, mainly to allow enabling it for compatible software and disabling to avoid crashes while using incompatible software. Some contemporary reviews were not convincing and thus I never considered to try a 040 cache card.
  10. Hello, macdoogie,

    If you have a Color Classic RGB Power LED/ Button board for sale, I would like to buy one (fully assembled), please.

    I am located in Germany and I could pay in advance via PayPal. Just tell me the total for the board and shipping, and a PayPal address. Snail mail would be preferred and sufficient, as I am still collecting parts for a mystic CC project.

    With best regards


  11. You would not even need to carve the cylindrical shape; just glue it in place (This might give us a hint to what inspired the designer in the first place.)
  12. In the days of System 7 someone wrote a little piece of software called "veraeusser" to do exactly the trick you are asking for: Deactivate the internal display in a PowerBook while driving an external display. Unfortunately I can not locate a copy of this. Probably a fellow comrade will provide it to you. Please be so kind and post if (where) you found it. With best regards.
  13. Many rubber feet cause discolouration of the surface they stand on (like a table with wooden/plastic/laquered surface). You can easily make custom feet from wine cork (natural corc, neither plastics nor composite corc made from ground corc leftover). Just cut it to the desired size and attach it with adhesive tape or some neutral bonding emulsion/glue. Natural cork will usually cause no issues regarding discolouration, as long as you use a glue that will not act in this way. For example, Pattex glue _will_ cause discolouration, diffusing through the porous corc. The cork itself is neutral to m
  14. Most likely the schematics behind this are simple, as Apple would not have used a different controller to enable this function. Is there a pinout available? Probably one could wire a PB1xx the same way and use it with the driver mentioned above.
  15. What a lovely setup! If available, please post a software configuration table to reproduce that project, given the hardware is at hand
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