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  1. For anyone wondering I haven't really had the time to work on the board. Work is eating up a lot of my free time but I'll make an effort this week to try and get it done.
  2. Yeah. Otherwise I have the feeling this will produce a few units then end up as dead as the protocahce
  3. The BSD docs have some info. Check the mac68k netbsd source/dev history. I know a few people over the years have gotten access to apple ASICS and the like to be able to get wierd things like DSP cores working. Maybe someone knows someone.
  4. Yeah you're right, they're swapped. From the looks of it I reordered the output pins at some point and that changed the order of the input pins also.... (e.g. the wire change updated the whole net vs just the one wire).
  5. Why not just emulate/clone a scsi Ethernet adapter?
  6. You try just giving it a nice hard wack on the analog side of the case? I have a fully recapped se/30 and if I don't use it for a few weeks it gets grumpy and dosen't post to the happy mac. Hitting it fixes it. :^)
  7. Yep the X is the dot/ground pin. Just a standard SIP resistor array. eg: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Bourns/4610X-101-221LF?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvrmc6UYKmaNVaHnB8Kz7%2bapsej3SXibYs%3d https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Bourns/4610X-101-331LF?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvrmc6UYKmaNUXZLNzTfjvk1PNWiKwz6FM%3d
  8. Nah the packages here are pretty big. Tack down each corner and drag solder them and its really easy. Shouldn't even need a hot air gun really. I'm not going to expect the at home user to be able to hand solder 0805 resistors Generally I like to try and keep costs down when I do a board and when the smd component is 1/3 the price of the thd when you order overseas it makes a big difference.
  9. Yes that's fine. Give it a shot.
  10. Hello! Din would be the outer version yes. The "right" version has a right angle 50 pin scsi for internal use. That's why it has the power connector so you don't have to run a usb cable inside your case if you don't want to, say for a standalone setup. The db25 pinout should be the same, but I dont know if it would be flush, I couldn't think of a easy way to make it work so I left it as a female jack. The crossed out pin is the silkscreen telling you where the ground pin for the network is. The network will have a dot or a cross to indicate the ground, so you need 9 resistor n
  11. Well there's always the thread extension :P. Real background tasks on the mac seems to be an art few developers mastered.
  12. The prorouter in eagle is nice enough to get the job done. I use it for isolated runs of a few traces when I've handfit most of a board to speed up work.
  14. I never really had an issue with PLCC sockets, you just cut out the center and solder it like this: The main issue with through hole PLCC is that the pin arrangement is horrible for multiple in line chips. It's possible but very very ugly.
  15. My house is surrounded by snow and fallen trees so I had some free time to throw this together. I like the idea of having a custom rom in my se/30 because a 10 minute ram check is tedious every time I boot. However seeing that there are no open source projects out there for a rom-simm, and the next best thing requires an expensive programmer for no reason :^). I call this project "EconoSimm" because the total price of a unit is around $15. The major benefit comes from it using standard PLCC flash chips. So while the max memory is restricted to 2MB/16Mb anyone with a standar
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