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  1. I've got a v5 board in mine and it has been flawless. My solution is not as elegant as yours though... it is double sided foam taped to the stock 3.5" carrier.
  2. Possibly. Regardless, it is still very sad if that is the case. I am active in communities for a lot of my other hobbies - boating, automotive, railroad, etc - and by far, the vintage Mac community is the most helpful and friendly I have encountered.
  3. Care to elaborate on this? If someone sells a product for money, they need to back it up with support...
  4. Oh awesome! I’ve just about thrown in the towel on the one I have. Soft power is just no bueno on it. Are you still considering letting it go to a good home?
  5. Ooh! I see the trace there at C50, did the wire pull from the left? I'm just learning this stuff myself - I have only had one attempt at a recapping with an LC I have downstairs that is flaky at best. Discovering the solder paste may be a gamechanger! What part of MD are you in?
  6. I recently discovered solder paste as well thanks to someone here. I have a bit of a standing tremor and not the best coordination, and solder paste and my hot air rework station have been my savior with getting my Color Classic going again.
  7. Unfortunately no dice. I've done this twice now. I am also getting odd feedback through the speaker when it is accessing the "hard drive" (I have a scsi2sd in this machine), so I have baked or cooked something else. I'm going to take up Fizzbinn's offer and purchase a good known board and put this one aside to tinker with as time allows.
  8. Thanks! I’ll take a look at that tonight as well now that I have a bit of newfound confidence in this stuff. I wish Apple had published a technical guide to the Macintosh that covers the CC like they did with the earlier machines!
  9. So the solder paste came today. That stuff is insane - I felt like a pro. I got the chip soldered back on - and the machine now boots (which it did not after my ill fated attempt at soldering before). That’s the good news. The bad news is that soft power is still not working. I’m gonna leave it connected and powered down tonight and see if that makes a difference.
  10. So tonight after a lot of YouTubing, I decided to put my new soldering iron (smaller tip and temp control) to the test and cleaned up the board with some flux and copper wick. My solder paste arrives tomorrow and I want to give that a go. Does this look like a good place to start? My technique isn’t the greatest... before and after pics attached.
  11. ... I have never heard of this sorcery until this (paste... I have seen drag soldering). I watched some YouTube videos and just ordered the paste. I have a rework station already... I am excited now! I have a few other things (LC power supplies, an incoming Centris 610) that need recapping and this may be just the ticket for me. Thank you!
  12. Hot air rather than an actual soldering iron? Interesting... seems like it would be easier for me if that is the case (since I shake a bit).
  13. Hmm, that may be part of it - my solder seemed to be too large of a gauge and I had a hard time not getting it across pads - so I was trying to reflow what is there. Whenever I would attempt to remount the chip it never seemed to sit right on the pads. I don't have the best dexterity and seemed to bump the thing off all of the time - I tried pasting it down into place with flux, but it did not help much. I bought a better soldering iron, tweezers and some smaller gauge solder this week and am going to give it a go at some point this week, but I still think I would like to have a second bo
  14. That’s fine, of course! I’m actually going to be out of town next week/weekend unexpectedly so it’s gonna be a bit for me as well.
  15. Definitely let me know - and consider it sold if you'd like. I'll even drive down to get it to save the hassle and potential damage of shipping - I drag the boat down to Lake Anna all the time, so heading to Charlottesville is a piece of cake. Thank you. This is why I love this hobby!
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