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    I am enjoying upgrading my Color Classic.

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  1. Any web sites. I would like to make a list and post it for folks that have networking working on 68K Macs and are running a web browser.... mraroid
  2. Thanks everyone for the reports. I used Eudora for any years. I may still have the original disks for several versions. Very interested in your work Dog Cow. Please keep us posted. mraroid
  3. Hi folks... Here is a thread on this forum that lists many web sites that our older 68K Macs can still surf to without issue. I would like to update this list into one post. If you have any corrections or additions, please look over this thread and ad anything you believe might work. I started this thread before I upgraded my Color Classic so I could run 8.1. This list has not been upgraded for a couple of years or so. It needs some fresh eyes. If you see web sites listed that are no longer up, please post that info as well. Here is a link to this threa
  4. Hi folks.... I have a Color Classic Mystic. I am using a LC 575 board, the 640 X 480 mod, and running a CF card for a hard drive. I am running 8.1 as well as 7.6. I have a network card installed and it goes directly to my modern Linksys WiFi router via ethernet. I can pull up a browser and surf old time web pages that support http (but not https) and no fancy stuff. May hobbyists like some of us, are running web pages that we can access and they display perfectly. Here is an example: https://obsolete.macfixer.com/vintage-software/ I still have this fanta
  5. Thanks so much mattsoft..... As it has been said, everyone has a slightly different method. I wanted to use the liquid hydrogen peroxide rather then the paste. I am down the river from you in Salem Oregon. I will look around for the SalonCare that you used. All the best, mraroid
  6. Hi mattsoft... About how much water do you add to the 8 oz of SalonCare? Is SalonCare a paste or a liquid? Thanks for your post. mraroid
  7. Kenc... How much of the liquid peroxide hair bleach #40 solution did you mix into your water? The entire bottle? I have a Color Classic that I need to do the same thing to. What size (volume) bottle of liquid peroxide did you use? Thank you so much. Great addition of the tub! mraroid
  8. Thank you History and erichelgeson for your help! As I was about ready to install 7.1, I found that I had formatted (partitioned) my SD card into three (not four as I thought) "drives" Each drive is 4.8 to 4.9 GBs large. I also recall that one format type is for "younger" classic OSs and another type of format works for "older" (7.1?) OSs. I have down loaded the System enabler 401. I have bought the original Mac Color Classic install disks, and they have just arrived! I am about ready to install. But now I see that my "hard drive" is about 4.8 GBs large.
  9. Hi folks... I have a Color Classic Mystic. It has the 640 X 480 screen mod. I have a LC 575 board installed and running the full 68040 processor in it. I have a SCSI2CF card in it divided into four "hard drives". I believe each drive is 2 GBs. I tried to install a early version of 7 and it would not load. I can load and run 7.6.1 and 8.1. I would like to run the earliest OS I can on it. Is it possible to re format one of my "hard drives" with out messing up the other two hard drives (I guess partition is the proper way to describe it) ? I spent so much time add
  10. Any luck so far tommijazz91? mraroid
  11. How can I find out the bit rate for my color classic? Thanks in advance Mraroid
  12. I am not sure of the rate I can support. I have a Color Classic with a 575 logic board in it. I swapped out the crippled 68040 for a full 68040. Also, I swapped out the SCSI drive for a SCSI2CF card. I am using a classic ethernet network card from the day and it is connected via ethernet to a very modern Linkysy router. I have forgotten the version of IE and Netscape I am running, but they are the latest versions that 8.1 can support. Many folks are running web sites that I can connect to quite well. As I am sure you already know, we can not do https, but only http. And we
  13. Hummm. If you only had a buddy in Italy who could let you try a working logic board from a working color classic that would be helpful.... mraroid
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