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  1. Bolle, thanks for the link. I did discover this about the round Apple Mic after it failed to work. It's amazing how frequently you find these up for auction on eBay. No big deal since the USB Headset-Mic I have is great, albeit not very vintage looking. I used to have a set of vintage Apple headphones (they were black with a white apple logo on each earpiece, sans mic). Impossible to find on eBay after trolling for months and months. Bibilit, glad you approve. You'd be surprised how much some of these empty or non-functional components still cost. Think I paid over $50 for the empty HD20
  2. A small number of you may remember a post on this forum a while back when I first started this project using empty or non-functional vintage Mac components purchased on eBay. Well it's slowly made its way to completion, and I thought I'd post again just in case this interests anyone. If someone has done something similar, please post as I'd love to see it. This is a fully functional "Mac Color Classic," (at least on the outside) which I have hooked up to a 55" Samsung HDTV (not pictured). Components include: Empty Color Classic case housing a late 2012 Mac Mini w/ 16GB RAM running OS
  3. Techknight, I'm simply lost in your expertise. Have no idea how to accomplish that. Guess I'll stick to the plain vanilla mod I've got now. It works for me. Thanks!
  4. Here's a link to a video on which the CC mod was modeled. He says he used a 9" display, but I'm not so sure.
  5. Your critique is well taken. How have others dealt with putting in a flat LCD screen that doesn't lay flush against the curved front surface of the CC casing? Based on my pics, I should probably move the screen up just slightly, which would be easy to accomplish, but as for the other stuff, it would be hard to find the time unless there's a quick fix that looks good.
  6. I often think no one has as little time as I do for such projects, but let me tell you, this was as simple as it gets. The painting sounds like it could be a drag, though, and I suspect you would need a bigger LCD display than the one I used. Best of luck!
  7. You can search for this on ebay. Cost was $137.99 and shipping took much longer than advertised. If you are going to use Yosemite, download the updated driver from the DisplayLink website. A link to the site is included on the CD that comes with the unit, but the included driver will work only on 10.9 or earlier. Good luck on your project! CENTURY LCD-8000U2 Black SVGA 800*600 PLUS ONE 8 inches USB 499g 3.2*21*15.1cm
  8. My thinking exactly. A CD-ROM would have been a lot of work for very little value. I'll probably get a USB hub at some point in the future.
  9. Inside is a late 2012 Mac Mini running a clean install of Mavericks with dual monitor set up. The screen is an 8" Century USB 800 x 600 SVGA that fits without need for any disassembly. Nothing else. I have no time to do a true mod to get a CD-ROM to fit in there, and this was a lot easier than the mini-ITX idea I had years ago. Glad you approve!
  10. Just a post to show the completion of my Mac CC trilogy. The three CCs are now complete, one with a Presto Plus dual booting 7.6 and 8.1, a second with an LC520 logic board, and now a third (pictured here) that I can use every day for 21st century applications. The die hard collectors on this forum will not approve, I'm sure. But I've had this empty CC case for over ten years and originally intended to mod it with a mini-ITX board running Win XP (truly blaspehmous, I know). I even bought an ADB to USB adapter back then, which I've since lost. Hence the newer keyboard and mighty mouse in the p
  11. Guys, Looks like this thread went a bit off topic. But a in good way. Getting back to the reddish tint on the periphery of my CC screen, the problem does NOT travel with the recapped logic board (which was deftly completed by Uniserver, BTW). So looks like the problem might just lie with the AB. Hopefully not the CRT. Not too bothersome at this point to try to rectify, so I guess I'll leave it alone. Thanks for all the input!
  12. Swapping logic boards is an excellent idea. Once I accomplish this, I'll let you know the results. Unity, I agree that it would be odd for the color adjustment to be altered spontaneously, especially on two separate CCs, though I guess this is worth a shot, if all else fails. On a completely different topic (which maybe should be posted separately), have you guys tried and had any major issues with using a 575 board for the Mystic upgrade? Thinking of buying a third CC to complete the trilogy. If I proceed, I don't intend to alter the native screen resolution, though I'm aware this require
  13. Uni and Uni, Thanks for your suggestions. Small world, Uniserver. Just as you bought your CC from Unity, I bought my recapped LC520 board from you as well as the recap service on my other CC MB with the Presto Plus. Remember? Both now run OS 7.6 with the Presto Plus CC dual booting 7.6 and 8.1. Great job, by the way! Aside from the screen issue, these are both functioning well. But what this means is that the MB caps are NOT the problem. Maybe the AB caps instead or the CRT? I see Elfin's suggestion about the red setting being too high as a possible explanation but am not sure. Oddly,
  14. Thanks, Elfen. That was quite the speedy response.
  15. It seems that in most, if not all Color Classics I've seen, the display does not use the entire width and height of the CRT screen real estate, but leaves about 1/4" black border unused. Anyone know why that is? More importantly, in both of my CCs (one upgraded with a LC520 board and another with a Presto Plus), I've noticed that the black border now has a reddish tint to it which is really noticeable under poor lighting. This went away one day on the LC520 upgraded unit but remains on my other CC. Has anyone else noticed this on their CC or figured out what may be causing this? Just want to
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