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  1. Yes, and it might arrive by the time that you are old and ready to die! BTW, folks, be warned! Do not ever let any postal clerk tell you that something will arrive on Guam quicker if you use express mail, registered mail, Federal Express. A lot of people have the mistaken impression that if they spend more money, and pile on the postage stamps, something will get here quicker. Trust me. I have lived here for thirty years. It is not so. First class letters take on average five or six days to get here. Packages can take two weeks to two months. Yes, off-topic, but . . .
  2. Hey, I am in my 60's, so I am slowly running out of time. I just had to crack another time joke!
  3. Thanks aplmak. I just noticed that you joined the Armageddon BBS while I was sleeping. Much appreciated. Your membership now evens out our number to exactly three dozen. We are slowly rising . . . or should that be s-l-o-w-l-y.
  4. Thanks for the info. The Apple IIgs was a little before my computing days began. I didn't touch a computer until I was 37 years old. In fact, personal computers did not even exist when I was in high school. That wouldn't happen until well over a decade later!
  5. Wow, Bunsen! My eyes almost popped out of my head when I read that statement! Then I conducted some quick online research and realized that you were in fact just talking about the Quad Core Mac Mini being discontinued. It made no sense to me that Apple would discontinue the Quad Core line as a whole. It reminds me of the 500 MHz Dual Processor Graphite G4 mini-tower that I purchased years ago. I loved that machine because it had a DVD-RAM drive in it. Using Verbatim 9.4 GB DVD-RAM disks with it made it so much easier and quicker to backup my various servers. I am not sure, but I think
  6. I just realized that I made a typo in my previous response to you. I wrote "unless in the Classic environment where the bomb freezes up the entire system". I mean to say "unlike in the Classic environment where the bomb freezes up the entire system" But I bet you already caught that.
  7. Yes, that is exactly what you will see when your computer or device is not properly interpreting the ANSI escape codes and colors codes. Did you happen to visit the Armageddon BBS website? On there, you will see exactly what you are supposed to be seeing on your device.
  8. By "works well", are you saying that you successfully telneted to my BBS? If so, how were the ANSI screens displayed? Thanks!
  9. The Mac OS X equivalent is probably the revolving colored "beachball", or whatever Apple calls it. The nice thing about it though, is that unless in the Classic environment where the bomb freezes up the entire system, Mac OS X code is so compartmentalized,/sandboxed, that usually, only the app in use is affected, and can be forced quit, leaving the system as a whole, running. So that is one big improvement from OS 9 to OS X which I appreciate. The fact that one does not need to set a memory allocation for each individual app is also nice.
  10. Whatever works, my friend. If you've got a telnet client or terminal emulator on those machines, go for it!
  11. Your Performa will definitely work if you've got a telnet client for it. If not, I have a stripped down version of the Public Address BBS software which will do exactly that. All you have to do is select "Open Telnet Terminal" under the "Ports" menu. PA is available on both my BBS, as well as on my Hotline server, I believe.
  12. Wow! One to ten seconds between typing each character??? Ouch! How do you endure such misery? BTW, sorry I missed you in chat. I logged on to the BBS, and then went into public chat, the very second that you logged off. Anyway, I hope you find a better telnet client . . . or use a decent desktop computer. I'm off to make some breakfast.
  13. Ha! A 30 MB file with a 56K dial-up connection??? No wonder you wanted to pull your hair out! Did you have any grandkids in the meantime? You know . . . while you were waiting for the file to download?
  14. Yes, I was quite surprised to see you log on with a smartphone. I had read that there are telnet clients for some smartphones, the iPhone included, but I have wondered about exactly what kind of user experience a mobile phone can provide for a BBS. I don't own or use any mobile devices myself, just desktop computers. Can you tell me if you were seeing the screens similar to what I have posted on the following page: http://www.armageddonbbs.com/armageddon-bbs-ansi-screens.html Better yet, if you can post an image or two of exactly what you are seeing with your smartphone, I would be
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