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  1. on my Wallstreet, I have a MacSense AeroCard Plus. Works in MacOS9 and Mac OS X with MacSense's own drivers, and the fellow who sent it to me had it working on the WS with Linux, too. That's about everything covered! Its model number is WPE-700, too. Dana
  2. The people demand teh infos!! http://www.danamania.com/tmp/lapisvideo.jpg http://www.danamania.com/tmp/lapis.jpg One o' them. No drivers, alas - the other Lapis drivers online and that people have sent me don't detect it, but it does give nice resolutions with loads of colours, and isn't terribly sluggish without acceleration. Dana
  3. I tried another 128MB which caused chimes of death, as did two different 32MB ones - the 16MB was the largest I could get it to boot with, in the 2nd slot. (single banked slot, not single sided, too) Dana
  4. Mine are no more or no less beige/platinum than any other macs I have. My G3MT is quite certainly platinum, the G3DT is a little yellowed (but less than some other platinum boxes), and my 7300 is REALLY positively beige - yellowing again. On the inside, it's Platinum though. Dana
  5. Just throwing a few things around, while I had a Q630 out and playing, and I think I found my new favourite 68k . A 630 with 630DOS logic board, overclocked (40MHz) full 040, comm slot ethernet, Lapis 3MB LCPDS video card for dual monitors, 148MB RAM, 10GB HD and SCSI CDR, running 8.1 Maybe. Haven't put in the CDR yet - I have plenty around to find one that'll physically match! Dana
  6. 128+16+4MB works http://www.danamania.com/tmp/q630.jpg Dana
  7. My iMac has one of those, a little fine dot inside the screen. It's either some crud that was inside the tube when it was built that's decided to stick somewhere, a manufacturing defect in the mask, a manufacturing defect in the phosphor triads, or something similar along those lines. And basically - they don't go away. If it's the first option, shaking the screen about might dislodge it - but there's no telling whether that'll make more muck fall about inside the display, or just make it move about to another location. Dana
  8. It's a 240V fan, so it's connected directly to the mains. Pumps masses and masses of air - but it's really a fan to be careful of - not like a 12V fan where you stick a finger in the wrong side and get a small ouch, this one bites flesh! Straight from an 80186 server used by Adelaide City Council in the '80s. Dana
  9. I popped a fan on top of my iMac g3/400 for 45C days - they have a thermal cutout that popped in from time to time, and it'd just turn off to protect itself from overheating. The fan solved it all - it's a 15cm ish one, and I made a cardboard shroud to tape onto the top of the mac. it sucks air out of the top of the iMac, and so pulls cool air in through the bottom. http://www.danamania.com/tmp/imac_hat.jpg Made such a difference! (I put a layer of tape around the edge too, and taped more tape facing the sticky side too, so it'd seal a little better) Dana
  10. The lowest system for a 630 is supposed to be 7.1.2P - which likely means (as with most macs) it'll be a version specific to that machine, and the first generic system to work on 630s may be a 7.5.x That's not always the case, of course, but if you don't find a working 7.1 straight off, don't be too disappointed! Dana
  11. And without the disk cache. http://www.danamania.com/tmp/lessram.jpg Dana
  12. Ahhhhhh finally http://www.danamania.com/tmp/605_ram.jpg Dana (thanks to Samantha for the pair of 128MB simms!)
  13. I used one near exactly like that, in 1993-1994 - like Bunsen said, to trace large paper drawings into the computer. Mine were maps though, and not nice simple maps like google maps... but every little line on ones like http://www.adirondacknorthway.net/maps/lake_george_topo_map.jpg Thankfully, I didn't do that long, and soon moved to handling the post-digitised datasets. The tablets didn't really allow *drawing*, rather you used a puck (like this one) to click along each line, and piece by piece build up one feature. Four and five button mice be damned, the one I used had 18 buttons .
  14. To me, it sounds like somewhere along the way someone did stick EDO into the machine, and it's borked its memory controller - and you're getting random intermittent errors of all kinds, everywhere. I think your idea of grinding up the 7200's motherboard into a fine powder is a good idea. Maybe not the snorting. Save much much hassle! Still - you did the best you could, and came out with wasted time - it does happen!. Can you get pics or video if you set the logic board on fire? Dana
  15. Curiously, the two 475s that I've seen online with autoinject drives and the horizontal linework across the case were posted from israeli owners. I suspect there's a difference with countries, and who got what/when. Dana
  17. I'm thinking.... Flower Power iMac G3 case & monitor, with dual Xeon 5365s inside. Who's with me? Dana
  18. I did have the obsession with the feet on the lil 605 - I think it was Trash80 who coined the term 'feets' though (I could be wrong Dana
  19. focusing on one isn't too practical unfortunately. Undernet has a habit of spontaneously banning australians (and some others), and some of the undernet people have similar hassles with Freenode. Dana
  20. What all the others said. If you just want to get the 9500's motherboard out, it's no different to most other desktop machines - take the case off, take the cards out, disconnect the HDs and power connectors and all... And it's no worse than other machines in that way. The big issue with it is if you want to add a couple of RAM sticks - you HAVE to take the motherboard out. For one of the most common acts inside a computer (apart from PCI cards I suspect), having to take PCI cards out, disconnect HDs, disconnect all the rear cables, disconnect the front panel wires, sound, floppy etc... is
  21. I did get the chance for some more silliness with a bit of further wallstreet disassembly. One of the other wallstreets (the left one at http://www.danamania.com/temp/greed.jpg ) has a busted screen, which I pulled to pieces, to the point it wasn't going to go back together. So - it looks like http://www.danamania.com/temp/ws-sans-screen.jpg - no screen, but still tidy... That inspired this background picture on my main one! http://www.danamania.com/temp/ws-silliness.jpg Dana
  22. And now it's all together Annoyingly, the back of the LCD is pretty frustrating. I'm used to hardware that's solid objects that click together, screw together, and fit in only one way. That's not the case with an LCD on the inside, it's all tape and foil and glue - reminded me more of third grade art class than the usual geekery . However, eventually it all came together: http://www.danamania.com/temp/ws13-together.jpg and now looks ace http://www.danamania.com/temp/all_together.jpg and even boots! http://www.danamania.com/temp/all_together2.jpg Dana
  23. Last month, a few Wallstreets came my way, one of which was dead, with a display that sometimes worked, sometimes flickered weird pixels all over the place, and had a completely nonfunctional backlight. After a bit of a pull-apart, which is the thing to do in such situations , I find the inverter board has arced through the plastic surrounding it, leaving rather a mess... http://www.danamania.com/temp/inverterchar.jpg http://www.danamania.com/temp/plasticcover.jpg After a bit of a clean, it's a bit nicer... http://www.danamania.com/temp/inverterchar2.jpg Now, digging ar
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