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  1. I've been after a 2.5" ATA Amiga for years - found this little Amiga 600 in grotty condition and grabbed it seconds after seeing it. I figured $10.. maybe $20... The dear old chook took one look, sneered at its filth and said "ick... two dollars" Done! Now to see if the ten year old HD from my A1200, with *all* my graphics work from 1983 through to 2001 still works... and if it can be booted on the A600. Fingers crossed! Dana
  2. I adore mine, much the same as johnklos A very fast (40MHz) compact 68k with lots of HD space, gobs of RAM, optical built-in, ethernet, dual monitors, remote, a/v connection and it's quiet. I'd call it my favourite 68k if the Q605 wasn't as damned cute as a button Dana
  3. My Q700 came with a couple of those feet, from memory rattling around in the bottom of the box it came in - they're rubber and they clip in the case from the bottom. They flip about and are kinda wobbly just-for-show pieces. http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290335180130 shows them installed, including a pic of the underneath, and how they fit. Dana
  4. Battery reset is indeed useful for when battery capacity/use gets a bit out of sync. After months of regular use, a pair of WS batteries in my 300Mhz one will get me around 3 hours. Running battery reset, and they'll go back to over 6 hours worth, going down slowly in total usable time until the next reset. Dana
  5. I picked up a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 93SB in the last couple of months. It looked *horrid*. A big patch of the antiglare had come off around some obvious scratches, and over time it'd left a splatter of lightness in the middle, surrounded by perfectly good antiglare on the rest. You're probably familiar with that. I ended up using steel wool, the fine stuff you can set fire to, with a little ammonia-based window cleaner. Gentle rubbing without much pressure eventually took it off. In a couple of little spots I went down to another layer of what seems to be a half-millimetre thick plastic
  6. Chips can definitely pop (sometimes loudly) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:No_blue_smoke.jpg was one of mine on a HD, and I had a voltage regulator in a Q840AV explode too, in a rather more dramatic manner. Dana
  7. I would have tried cleaning those boards - just because they "look" bad doesn't mean they won't work. So cleaning them thoroughly and removing the rust with vinegar will not hurt. Corroded batteries can be replaced. What wackymacs said. My first IIcx came to me via post from an eBay seller even further into rural NSW than I was at the time. It was filled with silt, had been through a flood, even leaves had come through the missing nubus slot covers and settled on the logic board. Mice had set up a nest underneath the power supply and filled the box with their droppings and corrosive pee.
  8. Another sawtooth - this one boots it too: http://www.danamania.com/tmp/86.png I think my 8.6 install CD is the one that originally came from my sis, years ago, so the disc I installed 8.6 from is the exact original CD it originally came with. Dana
  9. It hasn't yet seen OSX!. Still running an OS9 install. Dana
  10. More a donation than a conquest, a pretty standard G4/400 AGP, my big sis's old tower. 20MB HD, 256MB RAM, SCSI, ZIP drive, modem, DVD ROM drive and an Ati graphics card. It's immaculately clean & shiny!. Dana
  11. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA46754 has the info on weight by model. Dana
  12. Like Unknown_K said, the g3 - for a video card to go into a 6100, you need an adaptor to turn the PDS port sideways. These adaptors are usually little more than an inch and a half high circuit board with tracks taking the PDS slot to another PDS connector at right angles to the original. The one pictured is a G3 CPU upgrade, which also works as a right angle adaptor, with a graphics card plugged into it - and it's advertised as *just* the graphics card. Arguably, the G3 that the seller neglected to notice is worth more than the video card itself. Dana
  13. A little addition to the family - a trade for some in-home mac support fixing an iMac with some 10.3/Safari/Mail problems. Once that was up, I was given... A 7500/100, 48MB RAM and 1GB HD 14" Apple Color Display Netcomm 14.4k modem (!) - it's cute aaaaaand A Personal LaserWriter 300, finally! been after one of those cute little'uns for quite a while. http://www.danamania.com/tmp/plw.jpg Dana
  14. They looked like http://www.cc86.org/~hofmann/bilder%20mm/mm-performa630.jpg Dana
  15. If you do, take *everything* electronic out, use the steel wool to clean only the components with rust on them while they're removed from the case, and wash them thoroughly before putting them back together. Steel wool breaks up, and makes wonderfully conductive short steel fibres that stick to everything! Dana
  16. That sounds like one of the cables connecting to the screen has come loose - mine does the same, and pressing on the bezel under the screen (left and right of the microphone hole) fixes it.
  17. Ayup, external SCSI ones work fine with toast, I've used a couple. A Quadra 950 I used with a LaCie one had no problems burning at 8x. Dana
  18. AFAIK, that's a version unique to the sawtooths, which came out after 8.6 was released & needed an updated 8.6. They run terrifically well with it (My mother's G4/500 is a strangely zippy beast with it, and I think I'll take it back to 8.6 if she ever upgrades to another machine) Dana
  19. And I hear they run OSX. Good catch! Dana
  20. I put a 6500 board into my mother's 6400, as the sound was dodgy on the 6400 with the G3/400 upgrade. The 6500 *and* G3 together worked just fine, too. Dana
  21. What tomlee59 said above. I opened a 40MB one, planted it in a Quadra 605, and installed 7.1 just to watch it working away. A full OS install and some app installs later, I put the lid back on, and left the drive - it still worked OK a few years later. I have no idea how careful you'd need to be with the heads, or removing platters - that's something I've not done - but as far as simply exposing platters to the elements, for a drive that age & size it worked for me. Dana
  22. That hardly makes them the (or even a) PPC designer, Dana. But still, if only... The Forbes blurb (usual waffle from a non-technical source, alas) doesn't, but the dual core, 2GHz 64-bit 13W SoC they did end up creating does. It's real hardware - with real products using those SoCs. ( and this has to be one of the coolest looking pieces of PPC hardware I've seen ) (And it's preferably called Power Architecture now.) Dana
  23. Alright, that's a bit of a lie, but they *are* buying PPC designer, PA Semi. http://www.forbes.com/technology/2008/04/23/apple-buys-pasemi-tech-ebiz-cz_eb_0422apple.html Dana
  24. The old forums has this post - http://68kmla.org/forums/archive/topic.asp%3FTOPIC_ID=2360.html - when I found a site with info on adding two more simm slots in the little Q605. From memory, the fellow who did that one had a bit more than 256MB in, and was aiming for more. Alas, the original site's gone. Dana
  25. A normal mouse here - an apple mighty mouse. Trackballs make my fingers/thumbs/wrist lock up in pain after a little use, without me noticing until it's too late. Dana
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