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  1. I have posted my lasted blog on my xanga site (where I have posted my entries in the past...)




    Or http://www.xanga.com/doctorclu should also work.


    This year I have decided to dedicate time to finishing up the project I started in 2008, which was to have to all Atari consoles with flash solutions and ready to kick others around in the high score clubs on http://www.atariage.com


    I have finally got all the parts together to have a setup that covers the 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 800, Jaguar, and hopefully before July is over with the Lynx as well.


    So I'll be posting my results on the Xanga site, which should also be announced on my facebook site, and I'll also post on the "bClu" board on the Retrochallenge BBS.



  2. So how is everyone doing in this warm up?


    I've been tinkering on the Dreamcast lately, probably about as retro as I've been. That and playing games on all the Atari systems for the Atariage.com high score club games, but then I usually do that. ;)

  3. Try this too...


    -----------DALLAS AREA BBS LIST------------------


    ECLECTIC BBS - 214-987-2135

    (24 hours, longest running BBS!)


    MARSDEN BBS- 972-494-4424

    Hours of operation :

    11:00PM - 6:00AM

    11:00AM - 2:00PM


    PRISON BOARD BBS-972-329-0781

    (Telnet access-telnet://rdfig.net

  4. Since others have brought up their concerns like they did here, I will give the answer Rueben gave to the question on EXACTLY what he was looking for to get access...


    "I just want a real name, first and last. It is not too much to ask for

    and I am the one also have trepidation as to what has happened in the

    past. It is a matter of honor and trust. Yes, I ask for the phone info

    and address. But I won't get my shorts in a bunch if I see "fake" info

    like all 2's for the number or some address like Main St USA. I do not

    even ask for email addresses. For those that are my customers that

    information is located in my Quick Books Pro and that is for business

    related mail, like sending the invoice, etc.


    Everyone who logs in here has an email address. If I login as

    Joe Shmuck the my email address will be Joe.Shmuck@rdfig.net. So that

    is how I contact the users here. So tell them please real names, no

    foul words or play on words. Give info like it asks from where, just

    say from HOME. Nothing drastic and nothing that will affect the

    sensibilities of others.


    I keep a relatively clean and upright board. I have been in BBS'ing

    since 1987 and running a BBS since 1991. You do not keep running a bbs

    for that long if you are not an upright straight shooter.


    I guess you can tell them all that. If they want more assurances they

    can email me at rdfigsupport@rdfig.net or call my cell at 214-682-1129.

    Just remind them I run a business to support this bbs and I will not do

    anything to jeopardize my board or my business. "


    So hopefully that helps elaeviate some worries.

  5. No worries though... I kept detailed notes during the pre-planning stage of this year's Retrochallenge so I should be able to pick up where I left off. Kind of a piss off though, as I finally got my bloody Coco3 online with my dialup shell account again!


    Bummer, but cool that you got that much accomplished.


    The latter half of July got busy for me too.

  6. A little late, but here's my official thanks to Luddite for running the comp and thanks to Lorance for hosting the BBS. I had fun reading everyone's blogs and look forward to the next round.


    The BBS was the most fun part for me. My thanks too! And I still check in... would check in more but ran out of login time today.

  7. Ok if I was to communicate an offer to someone who has one of those, what would you offer for one? :)


    Nah, not really interested anymore. Thanks anyway, though! :)


    I'm scaling back my computer hobbies - I just took stock of all the "retro" computer hardware I've bought in the last year or so, and it easily topped $6000 8-o


    I've decided to save for a condo instead.


    Well ooookkk. I mean a Tandy 100 with 80 column goodness. :D


    But I definately understand.

  8. I did it!! Took it for a fun spin, and wrote two messages on the Retrochallenge BBS about it. One was on my blog "bClu", and the other was on the general board...




    Posted By: doctorclu (doctorclu) on 'General'

    Title: Here on Tandy 100

    Date: Thu Jul 3 04:31:19 2008


    Just in support of our guys wanting to get the Tandy 100 on the internet I

    just wanted to show what was possible.


    I have the Tandy 100 talking to here using a Lantronix UDS-10. I'm using

    the standard telcom program. So the screen right now is very confusing.


    To help with this, I am using a...



    ...oops, broke off. Guess you'll need to log into the Retrochallenge BBS and read the rest. ;)


    (Hey I like the webforum as well as the BBS, just leaving that other part in the interest of equal time. )

  9. i havent been able to start as ive been doing things that still require a new(er) computer, and ive been busy. I would love to have a lantronix adapter, but have no idea where to get one, and i cant afford one! and i would love to have wither a rampac or the dvi


    Here is the UDS-10, no power supply, untested...



    I'm getting with the owner to see if she will let me test the Lantronix. I am using a UDS-10 on my Atari 800 as I type this on the G3 Wallstreet. Neat device. If I could convince that person to let me test both, and if both work, offer to sell to you at say $40-$50, and then change the usual $100 for the other... :D


    Could be nice.


    Yeh think I need to take my Tandy 100 for a spin on the UDS-10. :D

  10. Except I am neither creative, nor a programmer.


    Well, then there is the other option, if you have something that is retro, work on it and try to get it up and running. That is one of the things I'll be doing is checking out my old stuff, powering it on, seeing if I can get it working, box back up...

  11. Hmmmm... whoever looks after things next year might want to be a bit more harsh with the rules. There's no challenge whatsoever in a G3 iMac... we'd have to rename it to RetroMinorInconvenience 2009.


    LOL! Yeh that's about the truth. I was using the Wallstreet last nigt running 10.3.9 and wifi adaptor and you know, I barely missed my G4 12".


    To me that just tells me how cool the technology is when ten years later the computer is very useful.


    Anyway, working with my Mac Duo 2300 in system 8.6... took me a bit to get used to getting SimpleSound to record in a way that I had my G4 12" reocrding with QuickTime. First recording was 200 mb for a 19 minute recording. I then learned that if I turned it off CD quality and onto to voice quality that same recording is like 7 mb. :D Not bad when you only have a 2 gig drive to begin with.


    Duo's were cool. Can't wait till I get my dock working again. :)

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