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  1. I have an SE/30 and a Classic II. I have been very happy with my (recapped) SE/30 and consider it the best of the two, but dammit if this thread didn't make me want to get an SE as well. So I bought one of someone local and I'm off to pick one up after work today. $50 got me a running SE 1/20, Apple Extended keyboard, mouse, external floppy, and a spare SE FDHD motherboard. I think I will swap the FDHD motherboard into the SE so I can use the 1.4 Mb disk images on Floppy Emu. I'll weigh back in later on which I think is best. The bomb-proofness of the SE motherboard and the fact that it c
  2. If you like Moria, there is a version of Angband - basically Moria on steroids - that will run on 68k Macs as well. Nethack 3.3.1 is supposed to be the last version that is 68k compatible. I've been meaning to try it out. I find Nethack more challenging then Moria - a lot more quick deaths.
  3. Moria is A rogue like predecessor of Nethack. Fun stuff! Just be prepared to die often.
  4. I write and play games on my SE/30 almost daily. Right now I've been playing a lot of Moria.
  5. Ugh.I'm having a major brain fart. At some point in the last year, I changed the hard drive icon on my SE/30 (System 7.1, update 3) and now I can't remember how I did it. It may have been when I set up my SCSI2SD. Anyone know how to do this? I farted around on the thing for well over an hour last night, and no luck. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, I got the new battery off eBay and replaced it. Works great now!
  7. I was exploring all of the above possibilities. I've been using Ciderpress and HFVExplorer on my PC. I got stymied at the step where I put the IIc formatted disk into my mac. I guess I should look into getting the prodos file extensions installed or getting a serial cable. Macs certainly can be mysteriously confusing creatures! Most of my 1980's vintage computer experience is with ancient DOS computers and ti99/4a's (which is surprisingly straightforward for a 35-year old system)
  8. I have a Classic II and a Cube, so no help from either of those.
  9. I wanted to use the SE/30 and disks because it seemed easy compared to getting/building a serial cable and messing about with connecting computers that are on opposite sides of the house. Sneakernet! PC -> SE/30 -> IIc
  10. I formatted them with AppleWorks 2.0 on the IIc. The SE/30 is running System 7.1 with update 3. It gives me the option of 800 kb or PC 720 kb when I format a disk with it.
  11. I was hoping to be able to use my SE/30 as a stepping stone to get software for my Apple IIc, but I seem to have run into a compatibility problem. I'm using DS/DD 3.5" disks, but 800 kb disks formatted on the Unidisk 3.5 attached to my IIc are not recoginsed by the SE/30 and vice versa. Does anyone know if these disks should be compatible or not? Too bad that the Unidisk drive cannot be connected to the SE/30, as that would be a simple solution to the problem. Thanks!
  12. Mine has a big plastic box that looks like this, but with the printing scrapped off: http://www.tnrbattery.com/55615-703-012-3-v-150h-3-6v-varta-mempac-battery/ They are still available for about $12, so it looks like that will be a good route to go.
  13. Thanks! Reseating the card seems to have done the trick. Everything is working great! Now I just have to figure out how to replace the clock battery . . .
  14. Yeah, the z-ram card is installed. I don't have a ProDOS disk, but the utilities disk loads up and will let me exit to dos. If I understand the label correctly, that is ProDOS based. Many of the program disks I have work, which makes me wonder if the problems I am seeing are due to disk corruption or hardware issues. Some only sort of work -- for example, I have a word processor program that behaves weirdly (e.g., types letters instead of numbers when you hit number keys, while at the command prompt and in other programs things are fine) How hard is it to remove the z-ram board? I too
  15. I know I have AppleWorks 2.0, and I think there is also a copy of 1.1. I don't have any of the Applied Engineering disks, so I guess I will need to dig up some images of that. Do you know which versions of AppleWorks are compatible with ram cards?
  16. I picked up an Apple IIc this week with a monitor, external 3.25 floppy, mouse, a fist-full of disks, and all the original paperwork, as the price was too good to pass up on. Up to now my only experience with Apple computers are Macintosh and newer, so there is a bit of a learning curve with figuring out the IIc. Of course, one of the first things I did was open it up where I found a Z-Ram Ultra 2 card. At any rate, the computer appears to be functional, although I am getting some flaky behaviour, and I am not sure if that is due to corrupt 20-year old disks or something else. It came
  17. So, anyone have an idea on what is going on here: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/261910330019?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Is this a modification or a weird factory special? I was just wondering the other day if it would be possible to convert one of my compact macs to a green phosphor screen just for fun, when I came across this listing. Perhaps it is a tube out of a IIc monitor?
  18. Okay, as an update -- success! Lido worked like magic. In fact, it worked so quickly (a minute or two?) I was afraid it didn't do the job at first. OS is installed, and it works fantastic. Now all I need is a quieter fan .....
  19. Thanks. I will give that a try tonight. Last night after I posted my question I tinkered a bit more and the patched version of HD SC Setup ran for 25 minutes -- long enough to give me hope - before it crapped out again with the error message "The disk could not be initialized. Format Verification Failed. Unable to read the required information from the disk."
  20. Well, my new SCSI2SD arrived today (the new small board), and I have spent the entire evening trying to get it to work with either my SE/30 or Classic II. At first, neither machine would even recognize it was there until I updated the firmware. Now, while they can see it, HD SC Setup won't initialize the drive. I've tried the patched version of 7.5.3, no luck. Am I missing something in the SCSI2HD setup? Incompatible SD card? I've read enough posts on this device that say it is a relatively pain-free and easy process, but I'm not having any luck at all.
  21. So, I upgraded the ram in my recently acquired SE/30 to 32 mb . . . and it is only reporting 28 mb. I take it the likely cause is a bad SIMM, but I don't have another 4 mb SIMM to swap out and test it. Are there any utilities I could use to test this? Is anything else likely to be the cause? I re-seated the ram and made certain it was installed properly. It was properly reporting the 5 mb ram which was previously installed. Another weird thing about this computer is that the desktop file rebuilds every time I restart it. What would cause that, and how can I stop it? Thanks!
  22. Hmm. So perhaps not particularly useful to me then. I junked all my old monitors years ago except one for my ti99.
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