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  1. I used zip ties to hold the hard drive to the floppy bracket on mine that was missing the HD sled. Just slid them through the top of the FD bracket. The HD shifts a little bit, a couple mm at most, but it seems to hold it pretty well.
  2. Yeah, I'm going to have to find a long term solution to that broken clip someday. I'm not afraid of soldering, but my equipment and skills are probably not up to replacing it.
  3. Phew. Just badly seated ram. One clip is broken on one ram stick.
  4. Oh, for crying out loud. It was working fine, but now that I've put it back together I am getting chimes of death and horizontal stripes.
  5. It's missing the top sled for the HD though... the HD was just sitting there loose, on top of a piece of plastic. Good thing it never got bumped over as it probably would have taken out the tube...
  6. I picked up an SE/30 with keyboard and mouse off kijiji today. The seller was a young guy, and wanted CAN$140 for the thing. The ad said it was upgraded with a 2GB and worked great. I noticed it had an Ethernet card and looked clean and in nice shape, so I decided to check it out. The guy said it was a gift and he had no use for it. After giving it a test run I bought it, and of course the first thing I did when I got home was open it up to check the condition and look for a maxwell bomb that might need diffusing. Not only did I find that it was beautiful and clean inside, it had been recappe
  7. So, I got my SDFloppy II in the mail today. It is an excellent piece of hardware and very well made. The construction and finish is really impressive, with a nice metal case. I plugged it into the internal floppy connector on my IIc so I could boot off it, and it works great. Just plug and play.
  8. I'll post a review of it when it arrives.
  9. No concerns, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on it before I bought one. I ended up buying one anyways, so I guess I'll find out for myself when it shows up!
  10. You could always try E6000 glue http://eclecticproducts.com/products/e6000.html Dries clear, and permanently bonds pretty well anything to anything.
  11. Anyone have any experience with the SDFloppy II? http://a2heaven.com/webshop/index.php?rt=product/product&path=73&product_id=124 I have one of BMOW's Floppy Emus for my macs which I like a lot, but I was thinking of getting one of these to use as a dedicated floppy emulator for my IIc.
  12. Heh. All this talk has gotten me to play with my IIc. I won't vote on what is the best II, as I only have experience with the IIc, but I will say it is a very nice computer to use, and it has everything you need built in. The only thing I wish it had was an audio in so I could use that online game server with it.
  13. There are maccaps listings for recapping on eBay, which should give you an idea on what her charges.
  14. The Rominator II is plug and play. You pop out the SE/30 rom and pop in the replacement.
  15. I recently picked up a PB Wallstreet II (System 9.2.2) to use as a bridge computer with my SE/30, SE, and Classic II (all System 7.0.1). When I hook up the PB to my AppleTalk network, the PB can see and mount the compact macs with no problems. I can move files back and forth from the PB, access programs on the compact macs, etc. However, when I try to connect from one of the compact macs to the PB, while they can see the PB on the network as soon as I try to mount the PB the compact macs get a divide by zero error and reboot. Is there any way to get the compact macs to connect to the PB, or is
  16. Aftermarket is fine - they just have to work! That one would be great except they don't ship to Canada. I might end up contacting some of the ebay sellers and see if they will make an exception on the shipping.
  17. I recently picked up an almost mint PB Wallstreet PDQ running System 9.2 to use as a bridge computer with my SE/30, SE, and Classic II. It works perfectly except for dead PRAM and main batteries. I have a bunch of old WiFi PCMCIA cards around the house, including a Cisco 350, so I hope to find the drivers and get it set up for wireless networking. I am having difficulties getting AppleTalk to work with my SE/30. All the compact macs happily connect and work with each other, and the PB will connect to the SE/30 and mount the SE/30 HD. My problem is that the SE/30 sees the PB, but when I go to m
  18. You can even use the online Apple ][ Game Server to stream right to your Apple ][ http://asciiexpress.net/gameserver/
  19. I'm starting to think that Kamloops is magic-land for macs. They have giant mountains of them everywhere. People have to shovel ADB peripherals and 50-pin SCSI hard drives out of the way to get to work. SE/30's are used as doorstops and landfill. Good deal for the haul if you live somewhere else though.
  20. Well, that would explain why my SE/30 only reports 28 mb RAM when 32 mb is installed. This has been bugging me for a while now. I wondered if it was a bad simm, but swapping each in turn with a known good simm didn't help, and the computer functioned fine. Would a 32-bit clean ROM fix this?
  21. How to disassemble a 512k: http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/macintosh_se.30.pdf
  22. I have a combo scsi/parallel zip drive, and it uses the same cable. Just plug it into the scsi or parallel port of whatever machine you want to use.
  23. My solution was to network my SE/30 to an SE with AppleTalk PhoneNet and access the HD20 attached to the SE.
  24. As a solution to not being able to use my floppyemu in HD20 mode to transfer large files and whatnot from my modern PC to my SE/30, I picked up a bunch of PhoneNet AppleTalk adaptors and networked my SE/30, SE, and Classic II together. I connected the floppyemu to the SE, and it works great! Now I'm wondering, what else can I use my new network for besides moving files around? Any networked games worth checking out? Anything else?
  25. Buy a roll of foil duct tape (the real stuff, not "duck" tape) and cut out your own. I find foil tape useful for all sorts of things.
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