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  1. Old serial versions of MOTU's MIDI Timepiece/Express are a dime a dozen on eBay.
  2. Gil

    Gil's Acquisitions

    MacProof Spelling/Grammar checker (New, Shrinkwrapped): File Director - Fifth Generation Systems (New, Shrinkwrapped):
  3. Figured that since I've been expanding my collection of all-things vintage Macintosh, I might as well keep it all in one place. (click thumbnails for bigger pics) Here's the latest: Newton Charging Station for my MP120 Adobe Acrobat 4.0 complete in box: Shiva NetModem (New, Shrinkwrapped): Aldus IntelliDraw 1.0 (New, Shrinkwrapped): Farallon Timbuktu 1.1 for Windows (New, Shrinkwrapped):
  4. Yes, with the LocalTalk Option card.
  5. They made practically a million of them. They were extremely popular in schools. Nowadays, however, they're becoming fairly uncommon. As with all older technology, a lot of it has been thrown away/recycled by now.
  6. The latest facet of my Apple collection. Most of these came from ex-dealers. The last one isn't an official Apple poster, but got it cause I thought it looked cool. Only the 8.5 poster is on the wall, but the rest are framed and ready to be hung.
  7. Nope, doesn't appear to have ever used a PCMCIA card. Still has the "placeholder" in the slot. Thanks for the link
  8. Just got my first MessagePad, and only my second Newton product (eMate 300 - I wonder where that thing went?!) This particular one caught my eye because it has an early version of UPS TrackPad on it. I work for UPS and have never heard of this software myself. Apparently TrackPad still exists and is mainly used by corporate customers. Nevertheless, I was pretty surprised that my employer had been involved in the Newton technology platform. The TrackPad software is dated 11/07/1995. TrackPad appears to be "bootstrapped" to the device....it powers-on directly to the software and there appear
  9. Farallon also made Comm Slot cards, as did maybe a few others. And I seem to recall seeing SONIC chipsets on Farallon cards of various types...
  10. Gil

    4th Dimension

    *almost* New-In-Box. Some manuals still shrink-wrapped and includes original registration card. This has got to be the most elegantly-packaged software I have ever seen. Contained in "portfolios".
  11. Burning at the lowest possible speed is key. 1x or 2x as mentioned above. I've had no issues with burned CD's working in older drives when following this method. Keep in mind that many newer burners/media/software can not burn at speeds lower than 8x or so.
  12. Definitely not my area of expertise. I don't know a thing about soldering. I'll keep the board, though.
  13. Looks like I'll have to get a replacement logic board then. Gah.
  14. This god damn machine is driving me crazy. I got my refurbished PSU back from Uniserver recently. Back in 2013 he also recapped the logic board. No dice. Machine only stays powered on when power button is "locked" or keyboard power is held down. No chime, no video, no hard drive spin up. Green power light is on. Tried booting with/without Nubus video, with/without drives installed, with/without PRAM battery, etc....same thing. Any ideas? This thing is causing me to drink.
  15. Macintosh Color Display. I actually got this about 2 months ago on eBay but I guess just forgot to post about it. I haven't used it yet, but I did test it and it does work. I was actually really surprised how good of condition it arrived in - not a single crack in it - considering how poorly it was packaged. I plan on using this monitor with my Macintosh IIcx once I get the PSU back from Uniserver. Claris Resolve - complete boxed set Got this one last week or the week before on eBay. I've been really wanting to expand my collection of boxed software lately. For some r
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