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  1. Well.... to each their own I suppose. Good Luck! (you're going to need it. serial isnt fast by any means). I suppose it could be a proof of concept. But not sure how much of it would be portable to different and faster standards.
  2. Could be the CRT, could be the flyback. You will have to run it in a dark room and see where the arc is coming from. Either way, flybacks WILL be hard to come by because they were a common failure item in these machines.
  3. This might tie into the other thread that is going on right now. This one:
  4. Yeah thats why i mentioned SCSI would be the most "compatible" option. because then you can use lowly little ol powerbooks. Edit: You know, I just saw another thread that gave me an idea:
  5. This was my thought I have been expressing for years, but not really any time to do. The idea is to build an ARM-based coprocessor PDS card, with all the proper bus interface logic so the 68K can speak to the ARM, and vice-versa. This would allow people to develop apps on the mac, but then allow the ARM to do the heavy lifting for math and memory intensive operations, such as running Chromium engine for a browser, but there is a driver on the Mac side for shared memory space, as well as shared resources. so it would still use the Mac's network stack, and other things. but use the
  6. Oh nice! Hats off on that one. I need like.... 5 of those boards. haha. (battery maxellatitis). I think all the RTC chips are gone beyond recovery on mine though.
  7. the transformer core is likely vibrating. check the glue on the flyback, if its chipped away and or gone, youll need to shim the core and reseal/glue it.
  8. I just took a look at netsurf, ive never heard of it until now. Now that is a brilliant idea. porting NetSurf over to classic macs to replace Classilla or something. Although reading through their website, appears it is HTML 4.01 and I dont see any mention of HTML5. Sadly, I dont know what all is involved porting something. It would have to be aware of the video driver, audio, input, filesystem, etc...
  9. I thought the 0120 was a voltage reference/op-amp. But ive been wrong before. youll probably have to decap it.
  10. Oh i dunno, we are 28 pages in, and its a nice clone. so I was just kinda expecting it to work. But, i suppose not.
  11. If it gets worse as it warms up, and not better, you have a different issues. Cap related problems tend to improve when they warm up, due to the very nature of how capacitors work. If it gets worse, its likely a bad connection or an IC fault.
  12. you have a bad connection somewhere in there. the thing with power supplies, they either work, or they dont. The only time things become intermittent is either with bad connections, or bad capacitors. (which you have already changed). If the protection circuitry drifts a bit, it could sense an overcurrent condition and trip it out, then it will cycle, so you cant rule out resistors that have drifted out of tolerance. But if this is random, you have a bad connection. Next thing could be a bad optoisolator that is dropping out on you. This is c
  13. The hybrid is bad. It is very common. If the Hybrid isnt stable, no way in hell the PMGR will be. When the charge state switches, the PMGR internally changes the ADC scale and other operations. only solution is to find a new one from a donar board. I am in the process of potentially engineering new replacements
  14. Its possible. but the problem is you dont have a direction signal, or step signal. so the head would just slam around.
  15. I am starting this thread because we are at the point where this needs done. I also want a record for links to other peoples projects on that so they don't get lost. I know there is one floating out there, but alas... I forgot to save the link to it. Anyways... I have a prototype M5120 and sure enough the hybrid is shot. And I am fresh out with no real way to fix it. first it was not wanting to turn on, etc... I was able to fix that but its stuck in charging mode which means the PMGR IC switches to a different ADC scale. so if the battery is about 6.1V or lower, it sh
  16. Yea, I can see the hole blown in it. Thats weird how that happened.
  17. 95 Microhenry. It is also very unlikely it is bad, unless the legs are broken clean off and you have nothing to solder to.
  18. i dunno, I suppose YMMV. ive cleaned pots before and have never had trouble.
  19. that line is also very dim. should be much brighter than that unless you turned the brightness down, so id look at UE8 too.
  20. Youll still likely encounter cap damage even when NOS, so youll have to recap it for sure. Assuming it hasnt damaged the board already.
  21. it seems dark enough that your CRT might be weak. That is always a possibility.
  22. It is going to take a combination, with the potential of yoke adjustment. you will have to experiment.
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