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  1. And that also brings up another thing. i could make a small little lightweight app you could run that would set the hardware to boot from the 64k rom or 128k rom. because if i use an ATmega256, i could fit both ROMs in just the flash area. and use a control byte written into its eeprom to decide which one to boot from. simple enough, i would just have to give that control byte its own address space on the macintosh buss. just write a $01 or a $02 into that address space will determine which ROM to boot from.
  2. not to mention very expensive on some of those caps. but WARNING. you cant just go out and replace your caps with just any caps, need to do some research on the known "good" capacitor companies. as alot of caps these days are chinese junk that will fail sooner and more destructively in a shorter timespan than what your leaking cap already is in its current state.
  3. not enough to matter. ive gotten TVs running with corrosion on the main CPU thats MUCH worse than that. your problem is toasted caps. they all need replaced before further diagnosis can be done.
  4. well ive never ran into one instance of software incompatibility except between 68k/powerpc, but thats a big duh on that part. hehe. it might have been mac128k or bunsen that may have mentioned software compatibility issues between plus and older macs. but dont quote me on that, i just remember reading a couple threads here where that was mentioned. but otherwise, im going to use plus ROM flashed into a custom board of mine for SCSI. of course it isnt "legal" to do this, but what do i care? just a hobby ya know.
  5. yea my time is limited as well, but its something im going to work on a little bit at a time. i was reading that alot of older software wasnt compatible with 128K roms, so i might end up learning how to make drivers and use the 64K rom with a system enabler or a DRVR entry into the resource on the system suitcase to load up the hardware. Everything is covered in this "inside macintosh" PDF that i am reading.
  6. yea. well the reason i am asking questions like this, because in my spare time, i have a 512k system here, i was going to start modding it. keep it strictly for a mod machine. my goal is to make a SCSI system like they did back then with 128K ROM. but i am going to code an Atmega128 to emulate the 5380 SCSI controller and the SCSI drive interface, so i could use a USB flash drive, or SD memory, or for simpler reasons, ATA CF card. or basically like a SCSI --> USB mass storage Heck i could even do an ATmega256 and put the ROM in the flash with everything else to minimize chip count
  7. Yea i was making it harder than what it really was. the ROM is 64kilobytes total, 32K in each chip. but each chip is on a 64K addressing system, so in theory it can address up to 128K or 64kilowords. P.S. on the PDF schematics of the early mac i found elsewhere in this forum, i dont see an A0 anywhere.
  8. I have a question. and i am probably confusing myself by thinking this. the mac plus ROM is 128K correct? Well i am looking at early mac schematics posted elseware, its only addressed up to A16 then skips to A20 so its in the 400000 address space. Problem is, A16 can only address up to 64K. so how can you drop 128K roms in there without needing A17? another point to ponder, if you dumped the 64K ROM out of a macintosh, how is it not 128kbytes? because i noticed both ROMs are in parallel. only difference being, its each ROM serves 1 byte of a full word. so it would be 64
  9. well if i am not mistaking, it will see the full 128mb, but it will appear your OS is taking 120mb of it.
  10. na the drive hasnt been slammed as i am aware of. its a stepper motor drive. its a miniscribe 8425S? i forget. gotta tear it back apart and look. came from an SE
  11. Is there any way to re low-level-format a stepper 20mb miniscribe? i have one pulled from a macintosh SE and its giving me fits. of course. it works perfectly fine, and seeks all the data on the drive properly. it was also bootable. Problem is, when i tried to erase disk, it froze. stepper actuated one time and that was it. norton wipe info does the same thing. of course it damages the volume, so if i ran a norton disk doctor, it successfully repairs the volume so i can see the files, but obviously there is some crosslinks, corrupt files and is no longer bootable but it still seeks f
  12. anyone have a copy of macbench 1 and 2? seems the ones sent to me in PM are garbage. they dont open/corrupted.
  13. ok. someone sent me a pm also with a couple benchmark utils. so i am going to try them and see what happens i guess.
  14. well i dont have the software to do it, so if someone would point me in the proper direction that would be appriciatd.
  15. its definately strange. thats the first thing i noticed when i opened it up. seen the 16mhz CPU, and was like, what the heck? Me hurrying up and sell it for one fluke? or think it just became extremely valuable for one fluke? not a chance. im not here for the selling money game. im here to play with these things. ive had LCs when i was a kid and i wanted to get another one to monkey around with. also there isnt any telltale signs that it came from another country either, as it looks like a plain english install. the volume creation date is 1999 it also might be a 16mhz IC overclo
  16. system running pic: http://0ki.info/uploads/26e4ef999e.jpg
  17. Here is the picture: last time i checked the MC68030FE16B was a 16mhz clocked processor. Full size: http://0ki.info/uploads/919e9798d5.jpg thumbnail
  18. I did a youtube video on this machine. best way for me is to get pictures of it. Anyway, yes its an LCIII as it has 1 ram slot, and an FPU socket.
  19. I just picked up a macintosh LC III and it works ok, although the capacitors are failing. What i noticed, is everwhere i read the macintosh LCIII has a 25mhz 030. Mine has the exact logic board an LCIII would have, but it has a 16mhz 030. Any ideas why?
  20. back int he day i used a soldering iron on plastic stuff to get the screws out. No, it didnt look pretty, but hey the screws were out....
  21. hmm... having disk errors runnig programs... Does anyone have a free bad sector surface scan utility?
  22. I picked up one of these guys off of ebay dirt cheap. maybe $15 bucks total? dont remember. Anyway... there is an issue that has me kind of stumped. When its at room temp, you first turn it on, laptop works fine. boots into system 8.6 already loaded on the hard drive, all the programs work, etc.... if the computer is running and it starts to warm up, the OS will freeze what its doing. the mouse moves around, and keyboard works, but everything else is dead. no HD activity. If i force a restart, itll bong, come back up to the typical gray screen with the mouse pointer. and thats it. i can m
  23. First, find out how much it would cost to send the logic board to Sydney. Then, based on that price, figure in how much the Classic II is worth in today's money. I hear Classic IIs aren't that expensive today, what with all the iMacs that are out A very long time ago, when I was repairing a PowerBook 1xx (I don't remember the /exact/ one) for a friend (battery issues) I actually gave myself significant burns across my hand while I was working - I didn't know at the time that the cells got so hot! And also, I have burned my fingers, yes - electrolytic caps make WONDERFUL heatsin
  24. back in the day i used to use the IBM models of the 1GB and 2GB drives they were cheap enough... had to use the hacked SC setup though...
  25. anyone know what the LCD model number is for the active matrix? i got a ton of active matrix LCDs laying around, might have one that compatible....
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