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  1. yeah i was wanting to run a Plus as an FDHD with a ROM patch and a SWIM, but those DIP chips dried up in supply.
  2. Ohhhh ok. now i understand. Yea, the IIx uses that weird chip. I think i also have a spare one of those, somewhere... i have a mac II board battery bombed.
  3. Ah damnit. if it didnt work for you, its not going to work for me either. I wonder if its a pinout difference.
  4. in my case, i "borrowed" ICs from my 2 battery bombed boards to fix others. Thats why i was bringing it up. Anyways... I found some 343S0061 versions, but i dont know if they are cross-compatible but i picked them up anyways.
  5. Yeap they show up, but if you try to order or inqury, No stock. I honestly dont know why companies and parts houses do this. probably on purpose so their site can be "discovered" in a search. Drive traffic.
  6. Went to order up some chips on UT Source to make one of these, turns out someones already scalped al the SWIMs and other things Basically leaving me in the dark. Wheeeeee
  7. Oh wow, this is neat! I wear big shirts though, i dont know if they make the size I need. 5x tall.
  8. Oooo will have to try that. Need the PCBs first tho. :-P maybe if the logic is ok, shoving it all into a single CPLD for a newer/revised board design? idk.
  9. I am already on a pile of medication for other health issues going on so i really dont want to add more to the queue. @cheesestraws You might be right on the chemical imbalance thing. it all points back to 2007 for me. Somewhere around then, something "changed" inside my mind that completely changed who I am, how I think, how I feel. I live in a constant state of anxiety and fear all the time with a sensory disorder. (I was diagnosed with aspergers as a child). Little things like car doors, barking dogs, squeeking basment floors, etc set me off in an uncontrolled rage sometimes. Prior to this?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts! Yeah, I wish I knew... but i dont. For me, its just time... which isnt helping a whole lot. but its getting better, i think? I just have no motivation to do anything in life. just sitting and spinning my wheels. Eventually I want to become a homeowner, but with the market the way it is, i just dont see it happening any time soon.
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