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  1. Will any Eudora versions for classic mac connect or would you still need to pipe it through an SSL stripping tunnel? Most 8/9 era software (some of which works fine in system 7, like eudora and netscape4/ie-oe4) support imap, but have bad or no SSL support.)
  2. In operation I would suspect that any modern storage replacer that can sustain good seek times will feel faster than an original hard disk, even if the out-and-out file copy speed is lower. I will say that for PowerPC and up, I tend to recommend faster options, I'm using a SCSI2SD v6 in my 8600/300, that'll end up cascaded to my 6100 or the power120 I've got and the 8600 will get a SATA card That does sound nice, I need to look at the different options again.
  3. Hey welcome in! This is a pretty solid plan, just a couple notes, you may already have considered these things: This model will not run Mac OS 9 directly, only the 800 version from this generation will, but the patched install discs may work. If you want to have OS 9 software available, you can put Mac OS X 10.4 on it and then add Classic Mode. If you have the install CDs that came with this machine, the classic installer there should work fine, even if those CDs are themselves for 10.2 or 10.3. If you don't care about OS 9 software, 10.5 should
  4. Yay! Great to hear this is working now! And, yeah, check on the power supply. I don't know if anyone's started looking at power supply replacments for this series yet so I don't know what the status is of that but at least you can use it for now if it's good.
  5. Hey, welcome to the site! That monitor would work fine, but the 840av can do 1152x870 as its maximum resolution. That monitor should have no trouble with it but it'll look slightly weird compared to a computer outputting exactly 1280x1024. (there are graphics cards you can install that can do 1280x1024 or higher, but I don't know the state of cost on those right now.) If you go for a 15-inch ultrasharp you can do 1024x768, if you prefer. (I've done off resolutions close to this on LCDs, it's usually fine.)
  6. Given that the compute worked fine with its original hard disk when you started, I don't really think it's the computer itself or the RAM. You can test the RAM with software like techtool pro, if I remember correctly. Kind of backing up a bit, I'm curious how the scsi2sd is mounted, where's it sitting, is it protected from metal? The SCSI2SD has exposed traces on the bottom and if you set it on metal it could short something and cause problems. The other thing to look at is termination. If you don't have another device with termination you may need to enable termination
  7. Yeah, it would be fair to say this is a preferences thing. I love the 7x00 look and the 8500 has even grown on me a bit in the past few years but to be honest a lot of "the look" is ruined by the fact that it's not practical to run these things with CRTs any more, so you'll get people who think just turning them all into minitowers is Basically Fine. I'm also a bit here for the idea (like the Dana Quadra 920 reference above) of riffing on what Apple "actually did" a little bit to produce something that's sort of '90s-Apple-like even though it's not actually '90s Apple.
  8. I almost hate how much I love that idea. Based on the way that looks next to the 14-inch Macintosh Color Display, I actually don't think a 5.25 bay would fit alongside the larger 8xx/8x00/8x00 motherboards. There's sort of a complexity question too. In that thread, JT suggested a drawbridge design, which I'm presuming is either: the right-hand panel folds down, or, the left-hand panel, the fascia and the top of the machine all fold down, Yeah, exactly, To be honest, this is a great point, between ideas, differences in what people need/want, and thi
  9. The reason for this is that most schools in the early '90s when the Mac LC series was new didn't have large monitors or projectors with 15-pin vga or mac graphics ports, so the solution was to come up with things like the presentation system and other composite video output otpions for macs. Basically, a large consumer TV with composite input was almost always cheaper than a large computer monitor or a projector, even an overhead projector LCD panel which was also aimed at that market to both reuse existing ecosystems and reduce costs. There's both mac 15-pin graphics and composite
  10. I think this is a great idea, good enough that I've floated it before, and/or said similar things when other people did. Following off from here: Purely from a practical perspective, I would say, start with figuring out what the commonalities between the 7200+ and the 8xx/8xxx cases/boards are. The 8-series and OutRigger are a great starting point because they're pretty similar and there's a lot of really bad cases in this specific band. To be straight-up, I think that this project should not be a straight 1:1 replication, the way the SE/30 and IIe cases were.
  11. This is very neat. This isn't an advertisement, it's part of the feature MacWorld ran when the Duo ecosystem was introduced. These prices aren't Apple's pre-set configurations or bundles, they're MacWorld's Editor's speculation as to what people would be interested in, so you could mix and match those pieces (which were probably just the suggested prices, you might pay more or less at a dealer and depending on the day/time you tried to buy) to get an ecosystem that worked. For ex. if you just needed a Cheap Computer you could put away a duo 210 with the micro floppy do
  12. To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing straightforward right now. It would require you either run your own server to rehost your mail, use an SSH client and a text-mode email client on a modern computer or run some SSL bridges. I believe @BacioiuC was working on this but I forgot where he got. In addition, you'd need to be receiving mail simple enough for a version for web browser to display, so modern email that expects you to be looking at your mail in Chrome/Chredge won't work well or look good. I've set up a vintage-compatible server at http://vtools.68kmla.or
  13. (testing out the calendar which I forgot we had) 2021-04-04 was the day we launched the Patreon for the forum!
  14. Hello everyone, Thank you all for your patience on this. It's a bit of a long time coming, but by popular demand we've launched a Patreon! The link is https://www.patreon.com/68kmla Right now, we don't have any tiers set up, so at the moment I think it'll let you put in what you want, but I'll have to look. We might add tiers or other "benefits" later. Discussion/ideas here:
  15. Good morning, The site was down for around 7 hours early this morning. Entertainingly, the root cause was one of our micro servers kicked it.
  16. This was unfortunately not a joke. The site was unavailable for a couple hours, but it came back up on its own. I'll let you know if I find out anything else on why. I mentioned this on Twitter as well: We're working on the last parts of getting ready to launch a Patreon campaign for the site, to get started on raising funds to get some better hosting set up.
  17. The SCSI2SD doesn't work with images the way FloppyEmu does. You need to use the SCSI2SD utility to configure the device how you want it to work, w/respect to the card you have in it and the system you're going to connect to it , then connect it to the machine you're going to use it with and format it and put data on it like it was a hard disk. Among the options that you may elect to change are the way the device presents itself to the OS, you can make the SCSI2SD pretend to be an Apple hard disk, although I didn't do this with mine, I ended up leaving mine as default a
  18. At raw out-and-out compute? A couple thousand times, give or take. Especially if you go all the way for a 68000 Mac and all the way new to an M1 Mac, and not just "something on the plateau" like a decade-old ivb system. It's tough to make a direct comparison because early Macs didn't really get used for heavy math per se and often didn't have enough RAM for heavy compute compared to whatever was being sold into the HPC market and/or the UNIX/Academics chores market at the time. Plus, the same code often translates poorly to newer computer due to emulation overhead and/
  19. Can DD-WRT run Netatalk? That might have been for use as a file server, lots of routers DDWRT supports have USB ports that were originally meant for file sharing. EDIT: it seems like most people wanted it for Time Machine purposes, as an alternative to connecting a disk directly to their mac and as an alternative to buying a Time Capsule or Airport. From an ultra-quick Google though, this works poorly and probably using regular linux/bsd + netatalk or a purpose-built NAS or any of the other vintage-friendly solutions is probably a better plan. In terms of a
  20. In addition to the new homeprod server stuff I did today, I worked a little bit on the new patreon text for the forum.

  21. Virtual desktop now commonly refers to virtual workspace switching, which X11 had during the '90s and then Mac OS got with 10.5 and Windows got in Windows 10. If I had to guess, desktop panning will never come back. Modern graphics software doesn't have much trouble w/re file redrawing as you pan around a graphics file that is itself larger than your viewport or display is, stemming both from better use of the hardware and from software having gotten better. Faster computers with more memory and software ultimately taking advantage of 64 bit and faster storage subsyste
  22. The Dell U2711 I have/use doesn't report or allow this. I'm curious what resolutions you see there are oddball? My guess is that this is purely about aspect ratio. Almost nothing that supports 1920x1200 doesn't also support 1920x1080. (I don't know why the lower 16:10 resolutions of 1440x900 and 1680x1050 ended up in instead of 16:9 versions like 1600x900.) That said, what about just getting a 1920x1200 display directly instead of feeding 1920x1200 into a 2560x1440 display?
  23. Happy that that helped. Though, I can't help but think of the logistical convenience you'll get from moving to Illustrator 10, which can run in 9 and 10 and on Mac OS X up to 10.6 on Intel hardware. That said, I don't know how cross-compatible Illustrator 9 and 10 are. I know graphics software is often poor on that front and you already have a large installed base of 9. W/re Classic mode: You'll get some acceleration and as long as you're not doing too much classic mode doesn't like, a G5 with classic mode would be fine. Those'll run 2560x1440 and 2560x1600
  24. This disc was a technician tool in the late '90s. The idea was you'd make a diskette set using your work computer and then use those floppies to install on the actual machine. If you have an AppleShare server, you can use the 7.5.3 network access disk to connect to a server with the installation files on it.
  25. JT's specified elsewhere that he wants pixels above all else at any cost, above all else, to run Mac OS 9, and so if a cheaper nvidia card was available that was more reliable, I'd recommend it. Good to hear though if the G5 version is different enough that it's a reliable runner. My 1900 XTXes both boot fine and then start to show graphical errors which would be consistent with failing memory and then ultimately crash. They've been cleaned out so "bad ram" could very well be it. On my Mac Pro, I'm probably gonna drop an nVidia 7300 in because I want the machine "to run" more than
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