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  1. I recall converting a 2940 to a PowerDomain 2940. I did have to replace the ROM Flash chip, which IIRC was a DIP chip so it was fairly simple.
  2. If you want a managed switch for cheap, I'm a fan of the Netgear ProSAFE line. You'll want the ones that start with GS. Here is a 5 Port for $30. https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-ProSAFE-GS105Ev2-Gigabit-Managed/dp/B00HGLVZLY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1486610522&sr=8-3&keywords=netgear+prosafe+5+port Though I have seen them on sale at Fry's for about $20.
  3. I have friends that have the same attitude about taking your car to the mechanic. I used to work on my own cars and have done everything from oil changes to rebuilding engines. About 3 years ago I decided I was tried of spending my free time working on my car. It is so nice just to drop my car off and then come back the next day and my car is fixed. I hate spending my Saturday outside in the heat all pissed off because the part I need to remove is being contrary. It is the same thing here. I know how to solder, but it can be rather frustrating to troubleshoot the thing and find the bad so
  4. Try your local hardware store, not Home Deoot or Lowe's but a real hardware store. If you have a Fastenal near by good chance they have them. They are in the pricey side, but they sell pretty much everything. Heck one time I even bought a truck from them.
  5. I thought the SD2SCSI was open source and one could build it themselves if so inclined.
  6. Yes from what I recall the RAM contents are only cleared on a cold boot.
  7. Though I have ask, why a ZIP drive. I would think you would be better off putting the money toward a SCSI2SD. Unless you pick one up for $5, then buy that.
  8. My guess. Not that many SCSI Zip drives were sold, and most of them have been scrapped by now. So there is a very limited supply.
  9. I always used distilled water when I wash boards. That way I don't have to worry about it leaving mineral deposits behind when it drys.
  10. That is awesome. I had no idea something like that existed.
  11. Once I upgraded the memory didn't have many problems with that. The 2GB it shipped with was a little thin.
  12. I Had a C710 Chromebook. It is a good machine. THe cool thing is that it is easily upgradeable. I had put 8GB of RAM in mine, and you can swap out the drive if you want. For $25 you got a great deal.
  13. Nothing like having the right tool for the job.
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