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  1. Are you sure? Fishy smell usually means capacitor failure.. I will still try and replace everything in that area just to be safe. (Other than the transformer, hopefully that's not damaged because there seems to be no replacement other than from another A.B.) That MOSFET did in fact fail in the past, I had it replaced at the same time most of the board was recapped. (Had someone else do it.) Is it possible it may have failed again due to the short? If I end up replacing it, would I be able to use an IRFBC40APBF instead of IRFBC40? The former is a few bucks cheaper on Mouser and the
  2. I finally got around to taking everything apart, and found this: Those black pins are at the transformer... so that would indicate a failure there right? But the fishy smell as opposed to burning smell seems to go against that. Are you talking about the long reddish cap and blue cap here? That could be a definite candidate as the smell is strongest there. I will probably replace both those as well as the two big filter caps. I've already found replacements for the other two online, but what should I replace the red one with?
  3. I don't have a multimeter, but I think my buddy has one so I'll ask him for it. Where should I check and what voltages should I be looking for? Yes. I forgot to mention it, but once I opened up the machine I was immediately hit with the smell of rotten fish. Which further leads me to believe that a capacitor has failed.
  4. Earlier today I had an urge to play the original SimCity and remembered that I had it installed on this Mac. So I turned it on, it binged, and the monitor started warming up, then I heard a loud *POP* and the monitor fizzed out for a little bit, then heard the bing again, indicating that the machine restarted. I turned it off immediately afterwards and unplugged it. Now I can only assume this is a capacitor problem. But the odd thing is that I have had a lot of capacitors on this machine replaced very recently, including all the caps on the motherboard, and some of the caps on the analog b
  5. Makes me miss my old Pismo. It was my first laptop and vintage Mac I ever got, in 2008 when I was 9 years old. I was a stupid kid and I took off the heat sink, and then it started smoking. We had to toss it but I was smart for once and kept the keyboard, battery, HDD, and DVD drive. Hopefully one day I will find a Pismo missing parts for cheap and get it working again.
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