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  1. I cleaned the board, checked the capacitors, all looks pristine. Which doesn't mean that everything is, obviously. The Chimes are still there. So I suppose the ROM would be my next investigative step. -Apostrophe
  2. Hey, thanks for the quick replies everyone, Yeah, I was afraid I'd get "meh" responses. I've used my iMac G3 to browse the Web before, and as you can probably guess, it left a lot to be desired. I was hoping a G4 would be a high enough step up that I'd be able to do internet things with reasonable ease...but I suppose not. I'll remember what Beachycove said about dual G5 towers and such, and I'll definitely look into that. But anyway, thanks for your G4 responses, that's exactly what I wanted to know. So I'll either get a G5, or else get one of those new "mini laptops" that co
  3. Although I have tons of great old computers that I try and keep in good condition, for a while now I've felt the need for my own "main" computer that can support my usual Internet and music endeavors. (eBay, Facebook, Yahoo, music programs like Finale, etc.) For a while now I've been thinking about getting an iMac G4. I've seen a couple of them on eBay that I can pick up without too much hassle. And yes, in the future I'll probably end up getting my own brand-new computer anyway. But in the meantime...would an iMac G4 be a good and reliable main computer? G4 owners...thoughts? Ideas?
  4. I replaced the RAM and the VRAM! The Centris now has 68mb of RAM and 1mb of VRAM. But it still gives me the Chimes of Death! > So if it's not the RAM and it's not the VRAM...what else could it be? -Apostrophe
  5. Nah, you'll be fine as long as you don't hit it with a brick. To get it open, for starters you'll need a long shaft Torx-15 screwdriver. I found mine at Sears, they're fairly common. No worries, I have 4 compacts, all of which I've opened at least twice, during which times I've swapped out and replaced RAM, floppy drives, hard drives, and heck, I've unplugged the CRT's high voltage anode cap. So really, you'll be fine, I promise. Torx-15 screwdriver, two screws on the bottom, both sides, and two more down in the handle. When opening it, position it screen down on a towel. After
  6. The finder looks normal, actually. There's a resistor on the logic board, and whether it's clipped or not tells the computer how much RAM there is; it doesn't detect it by itself. So it could be that you have less RAM than you think. Somewhere on here there's a great PDF file with opening instructions and a walkthrough of all the systems written by Tom Lee. But if nobody links to that before I get back on, later on when I have more time I'll get back on here and tell you what to do. -Apostrophe
  7. Yeah, that's generally a good and stable system...I have both of my Macintosh SEs running it just fine. If it says out of memory I'd definitely try and reseat the RAM, it may help. Otherwise, replacing all the RAM is also a good idea. If you're new to Compact Macs let us know, so we can tell you how to open it up and locate the RAM. -Apostrophe
  8. Voila. Et la seule chose, si vous voulez mettre l'ordi dans le lave-vaisselle, il faut d'abord enlever le floppy ...ahh, quelle est le mot Francais pour floppy drive...bon, enfin, enlevez le floppy drive. Car l'eau le detruira bien. Et enlevez aussi le RAM, comme ca les contacts entre le RAM et l'ordi seront nettoyées aussi. Donc, pas de floppy drive, pas de RAM, et pas de hard drive, tres important. Et quand vous le mettez dans le lave-vaisselle, essayez un mode un peu plus doux que d'habitude. Et superpantoufle a raison! Pourquoi pas ouvrir une section Francaise ici? -Apostrophe
  9. Ummm, no, I think you're misunderstanding me, Techknight. I was just telling them about the famous "dishwasher cleaning" method, I myself don't actually need assistance.
  10. And sorry for you non-French speakers. Just run what I said through Google Translator. It's gonna come out looking strange, but at least you'll understand. I don't get many opportunities to practice my French, you know. -Apostrophe
  11. Salut et soyez les bienvenus, tous les deux! Moi aussi je suis Francais, ou plutot, moitie Francais, moitie Americain. Ca fait plusieurs annees que je visite la France, donc pardonnez mon Francais si ce n'est pas tout a fait...naturel, quoi. J'ai un Mac SE qui avait un probleme similaire avec le Sad Mac...j'ai ramplace le RAM et le probleme est disparu. Et vous savez,--et je ne plaisante pas-- il y a des histoire de success des gens qui mettent l'ordi entier dans la vaisselle, puis les laisser secher pendant une semaine. Il parait que c'est une tres bonne methode pour vraiment les nett
  12. Thanks beachycove, I'm currently following up a couple of leads on eBay; I've found a couple likely candidates but I need to know their speed. But if they turn out to be not what I'm looking for, I might just take you up on that. -Apostrophe
  13. Yeah, they're practically the same machine (save a few minor upgrades for the Quadra version) And obviously I have the model numbers of the current RAM and VRAM SIMMs installed in there, but it's not the maximum it can have. And before I buy maximum RAM and VRAM for the Centris, I want to make sure I buy compatible SIMMs. Which is why I posted here, just in case someone here has the full 68mb RAM and 1mb VRAM installed in their machine and can give me the model numbers of the SIMMs.
  14. Correction: ... ... 2) The model no. of the 256k SIMMs that will give my Centris maximum VRAM? Sorry, forgot about the built-in VRAM... -Apostrophe
  15. Hi all, Since I have a bit more free time on my hands, I've decided that it's high time I cure my Centris 610 of its Chimes of Death. (see my other post from...ages ago. ) I'm almost positive it's the RAM or VRAM, based on info gathered here and elsewhere about the Chimes of Death. In fact, it's more likely the VRAM than RAM. Anyway, while I'm here swapping out the (V)RAM, I think I'll just go ahead and give it maximum everything. So, can anyone here, just offhand, give me: 1) The model no. of the 32 MB 72-pin 80ns (or faster) SIMMs that will give my Centris maximum RAM? An
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