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  1. Kuma

    Battery charger

    I just recently acquired a messagepad 110 as well as its AC cord. I don't know the particular circuitry inside the AC port, so if I plug in my messagepad while having your everyday alkaline batteries in the battery holder, will the messagepad attempt to charge my batteries? Or will it just power the messagepad and nothing else.
  2. oops, I forgot to mention, as far as I can tell, the logic board is fine, I blew the PWM controller from inside the PSU. I have had no options to start up the computer so I cannot tell if anything else is damaged.
  3. Well this is my 4th unusable PSU (3 for my IIsi and now the one from my 7200) I discovered the problem is that I literally blew off about 5/8ths of my PWM controller chip (AS2214F H57093-B if anyone cares.) I am curious if I should invest the time to remove the blown out chip, purchase a new one, and re-solder it on. Or should I simply purchase another PSU and hope I don't kill it like the last 2 I purchased for my IIsi. Brian
  4. Thanks for the welcome, and I happen to be in washington...should specify that huh....
  5. After aquiring the si (less then a month ago) I bought a new battery fresh from the electronics store. Earlier this evening I saw no goop after I read that that was a problem with some capacitors.
  6. I come to you, needing help... I have a Mac IIsi that, up until a week ago worked like a charm, happily frolicking through meadows, hand in hand with System 7.5.5. But, for some reason or another, it has died. I really have no clue how or why, but it is dead, it is as good as a paperweight. There is no response when the power button or reset button is pressed, not even a fan flicker . Thanks to all that can offer insight or help.
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