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  1. You are an absolutel Goldmine of info on these lovely old ladies :) Thank you for the manual. I intend to inhale it tonight as bedtime reading. Much appreciated. Having a skim through it, I'm wondering if I can run 4x1mb on the SE mainboard and 4x4mb on the Mobius030 for 20mb ram. MacOS 7.0.1 .. interesting. I've been wondering which version I want on it but am cautious as the support software may not want something newer than 7.1. Thank you for the advice. I need to do some more soldering on the SE logic board to replace some damaged connectors and hopefully things sho
  2. LaserJet 4000N printer with correct EPS font downloading and conversion and spooling working with the printer's hard drive module.
  3. Hi. Does anyone have a scan of the Mobius 030 manual? Want to get this old girl I've been handed running. Not sure what the little daughter board north of the video card VRAM & Xilinx fpga does. The bit that has the 3-pole shunt. Also keen to have a play with the external video for giggles. Thanks
  4. Wait.. I'm using CodeWarrior 11 .. did they restart the naming sequence and start calling it "CodeWarror Pro" ? Nuts! No, I'm not doing it as a learning exercise as I've been doing it as a day-job for a couple of decades. It's just for fun. @nglevin: That was my confusion, as some of the compilers I have on Ultrix that pre-date the STL have support for it. I have a funny feeling I'm doing it wrong (tm) and using an older version thinking it's newer. Thanks guys for the prodding so far.
  5. Not really beyond wrapped by 3rd parties. I know. CW11 I'd have thought would've supported it. Couldn't see any ISO C++ compiler options either. Hrrm. Thanks though. Hopefully someone else with more $CLU than us rocks up. :)
  6. $Greetings. I'm trying to find a compiler for 68k that supports C++ namespaces and ideally also with namespace aliasing support. I've tried Symantec C++ v8r6 and CodeWarrior v11. Anyone recommend one? (Happy to pay if it's not abandonware). Current setup: O/S: 7.6.1 System: LC-III RAM: 36mb VRAM: 768kb CPU/FPU: 68030/68882@33mhz Disk: SCSI2SD + 18gb external disk + DVD-RW. Thanks in advance
  7. I think I've got one of the SuperMac Thunder II GX 1360's downstairs in the crates. Hadn't identified it yet. Mostly I just use the trusty old Picasso in my IIci If you have the manuals online .. keen to have a flip through. I haven't even identified the card yet other than spotted your image and "oh.. think that's the unknown video card down stairs!"
  8. Thanks guys Really appreciate the ideas. Actually I have a 1.2ghz G3 I'm itching to try and a few slower ones. Time to fire up google translate and see what it makes of the french site. Thanks again! Al.
  9. G'day. Posted in Conquests.. probably should be here. I've got a 7500/100 and a fair few G3 Zif cpu's around. Anyone recommend a zif carrier card to look out for and buy? Anyone suggest where I could buy one from? Best Wishes, Al
  10. Nice cards! Hope the drivers are archived and available somewhere for future generations P.S The topic made me smack my forehead and struggle to suppress the choke reflex after lunch. Well done!
  11. Greetings All! After pimping out my 7100/80 with a G3, more RAM, SCSI2SD, video card, AV carrier and 10/100 nubus ethernets and using it most days for a little over a year, driving home last week I spotted some tasty road-kill in a massive pile of retroleum and generic detritus. It's a 7500/100. Mint! Powering it up it made a quiet *Bloomp* noise and would sit there and not make another *bloomp* for several minutes. Caps says I. Cleaned the electrolytic and battery spooge up. Replaced about a dozen critical caps, fed it power and bled a chicken to the God of all things
  12. Thanks Hrududu. Quite useful advice. Sadly the system was unservicable. After a recap it'd sort of work. Putting my finger on a couple of bga packages I noticed one was super-hot and had lifted and cracked mostly halfway down the middle. End of life. So I've dug bits out that I can and junked the rest. Perhaps one day I'll find another.
  13. I should be able to re-cap it. I've done a few other systems. I used to own a 1.8mhz 20" G5 "back in the day". I was doing some serious fortran on it for a while that could benefit from altivec (sadly it was slower than my dual G4 with 7448b's but that's another story ..) .. running for nearly 3 months solid since purchase date the PSU went fut and the caps vomited everywhere. I remember the disbelief I got from the warranty people. Actually I should still have photo's of that. It was the one with the nvidia 5200 ultra. I assumed this given it's a few models on would be better. Okay.
  14. So.. $parent ends up in hospital again and the other night I'm driving home after visiting hours and spotto a G5 in a pile of detritus out front of this place. This thing is fiiiiiilthy and has old UNSW stickers all over it. Some smoker had it and it's just gummed up. So I get it home, plug it in, gingerly stand back and poke the power button. It plays the bongo, the white LED on the bottom right glows for a while. Then it powers off. Bad PSU?
  15. Okay .. so LC475/575 uses 72pin FPM simms. It likes 60ns or better. It can grok parity SIMMS but ignores the parity. There's two types of SIMM's lurking. FPM and EDO. FPM gets about 40-50mb/s data rates. EDO (extended data out) will get 50-60mb/s. Not all EDO SIMMS will retard back to FPM mode. Some will. Amiga's don't do EDO to my knowledge. Even the 68060 accels still run stuff in FPM mode. My Blizzard-060 and the Apollo-040 and the WarpEngine-040 I have all only grok FPM. My bet is that they'll work. It's an 8-chip so it's not parity. It's 50ns so it'll probably get refreshe
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