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  1. Thank you so much for replies!!! Still some good people around here. I am so glad this forum is so alive. I have been a member for a long time. I will dig around ebay and I will have look on those VST plugins right now. Maybe a early version of cubase would make a good VST plugin host? Or do you recommend something elese? Maybe a early version of garage band would barely run on the Pismo. I have to find out... With music dealerships and second hands, it is a bit difficult where I live, it is easter europe, and people who have this old hardware like the yamaha synthesizers, keep them for t
  2. To be honest I have no idea about the possibilities with this. Either a synthesizer or or using software and the PowerBook, either in OsX or Os9, I dont mind. The sound I am looking for is something to go along with rock n roll!!! So a rhodes or wurlitzers are used I guess, or the Vox synthesizer in "the house of the rising sun", and so on, If you know what I mean... And the a clean piano just to practice... What would you recommend?
  3. Hello, I would like to ask for some advice about setting up a PowerBook Pismo as a MIDI synthesizer. I have a M-Audio Keystudio 49: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MAudioKeyStudio.html Since it had no build in midi synthesizer and the software to get some sound out of it is hdd hungry and hardware hungry, I was thinking about options. I could buy a midi synthesizer for keyboards, like the yamaha tone generator: http://www.matrixsynth.com/2011/02/yamaha-mu-50-tone-generator-xg_26.html but they are expensive and hard to get by. or set up a PowerBook Pismo, to get some soun
  4. Hi! Great to hear I am not the only one messing with a 5300. Well the PowerBook 5300 series and its relatives are quite prone to damage from use. Hinges especially. You can try to use some case parts from a PowerBook 190 which is very similar in design. Use epoxy wisely! The stupid part about the 5300 is that the video cable to the monitor is twisted around the hinges. Mine is damaged (a little bit snapped) and the monitor sometimes keep blinking in brightness...
  5. Oh yes! I completely forgot, the list of Mac adresses. Thats how I connected last time, I will do that, rather then WEP. So if I remember good I will turn WEP off, set the MAC list exceptions, and viola! I guess any other computer with Ethernet can connect through the wire without MAC exception, right?
  6. Thanks for reply! Will try that out today! Anyway, what card/drivers for ethernet card would you recomend? I have one, powerbook detects it, but it doesnt have the apropriate drivers, I guess its only supported in windows. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for replies! I remember when I first tried, I used it without encryption. But since Im in a block of flats there are a lot of users and I dont want no one to connect for free, or even access my shared files on the net. What does it mean 0x??? do I enter 0x"My Encryption Key"?
  8. Hey guys I finnaly managed to install Mac Os 8.6 (due to some incompatibilities with 7, and applications I wanted to use) Anyway, I have my router set up WEP encryption, and I have the password set in my Win 7 machine, Powerbook G3 with 10.4.11, they all work great. But on my Powerbook 5300 I just cant get to load a site in Internet Explorer, that came with the system. I have my Orinoco 7.2 drivers installed, card inserted getting a signal level, I have the password/key entered. I set it up according to this: http://www.penmachine.com/techie/airport1400.html I have the apple talk set
  9. Hi folks, Lately I was thinking about upgrading my Powerbook's RAM. Since the RAM in old 68k and PPC powerbooks is proprietary, and finding a "chiped up" RAM module is hard, it got me thinking. I study electrotechnics in University and I got good soldering equipment which could get the job done, that is soldering extra chips in the empty spaces on the RAM module. I have a Powerbook 5300cs, but its really hard to find these RAM modules here in easter europe. So my offer stands like this: Send me at least two RAM modules from your old Powerbook and I will put extra chips from one board to
  10. Is it possible to run Orinoco Gold on System 7? I found the link for the drivers, I got to try them if they work on Mac Os 7.5.3 http://www.alksoft.com/personal/stuff.html What is the best browser on these systems?
  11. Thanks bunsen for reply. I finaly figured it out. The two slot card reader does work, probably only for one card, I havent tried two. As the mac disk controller cant mount two disks as far as I know. The key to have it working is to format the drive, Mac Os standard for System 7 and Mac Os Extended for System 8.1. Now I cant get my fingers on the system 8.6 in Czech localization. I have some CD but they seem to be broken, as the install allways dies half the way. System 7.5 installed no problem.
  12. Also I cant connect to disk using my old B&W G3, through SCSI target mode.
  13. Hello, Mac Liberators! Im running into a lot of problems trying to boot my Powerbook 5300cs from a CF card. I tried PCMCIA adapter and a CF->IDE adapter. Three different kards (Kodak 256MB, SanDisk 1GB, and some 4GB card from my DSLR) None boot with the adapters I have. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PCMCIA-Compact-Flash-CF-Card-Adaptor-for-Laptop-/320646084730?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_PDAsAccessories_MemoryCards&hash=item4aa7fef87a http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-CF-Compact-Flash-to-44-pin-IDE-2-5-Male-Adapter-/200492046409?pt=UK_Computing_Drive_Cables_Adapters&hash=item2eae41d84
  14. Thanks for reply. Actualy I tried to replace the drive, but with the CF card holder. If I get myself a 2,5 dirve I will try that. But it seems that maybe some SCSI chip is probably dead or not working properly in the notebook itself, so it cant comunicate with my B&W. Any other thougths?
  15. Hi, Im so sad to anounce that my powerbook 5300 is probably dead. The last thing I will try before "burring" it is to ask on this forum. The problem occured when connected via SCSI in slave mode to my B&W equiped with a formac SCSI card. This worked very well in the past. I wanted to reinstall the system, but the connection somehow dropped and the drive was reported by finder that its having issues and does not work ok. It shows up on the desktop, I can initialize it, but the pop-up appears. And I cant finish copying or install a system. I tried replacing the hard drive with a CF ca
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