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  1. Man. It's like all the old timers are growing up and becoming responsible and stuff. What's up with that?! Also, how do I have more posts than you?
  2. I wonder if you can increase the capacity of the on board RAM by using larger DRAM packages...
  3. I wonder if Trackpad Climate Control would fix your problem. In my experience, the more recent trackpad designs don't seem to need any help, but installing it probably won't hurt anything...
  4. If you are still looking for a memory testing tool for System 7.5 to OS 9.2.2, Gauge Pro will do the trick. You'll need to make your own bootable CD with it installed, though. TechTool Pro can do it too, iirc. Of course, it can't test memory reserved for the System, Finder, or any other loaded applications, so to be thorough you might want to move memory modules around and retest a couple times.
  5. Zombie thread... Yeah. I've heard this for decades. But in all my time with x100 Power Macs, I have never in my life seen a PDS terminator. Not in stock machines. Not for sale on aftermarket sites. Not even on eBay. And I can confirm with hands-on experience with 6100s, 7100s, and 8100s that they work just fine with nothing at all in the slot.
  6. I don't believe the G3 PDS cards do anything to the CPU. I'm reasonably confident that they require an extension to offload processing from the soldered 601.
  7. Thanks! Turns out, I've got a Tango 2.0 in mine. The last time I used it, it worked fine. That was a long time ago, though.
  8. Do you have a link for that OF patch? It would be handy to have that available...
  9. I have had an eBay alert running for years that shoots an email to me whenever a new prototype Apple machine gets posted to eBay. A couple days ago, a PowerExpress prototype popped up. It's a bit spendy, though, and it's local pickup only. My guess is it won't sell. Still, it's a very interesting machine. It appears to have the complete video subsystem (both capture and output including the DSUB-14 Mac monitor output), though it's missing whatever goes in the VCI slot. I can't tell from the pictures if the ROM SIM or L2 cache is installed - it's one of those. It even has a engineerin
  10. Did you guys see the $15,000 PEx on eBay right now?
  11. Man, if I left my stuff all over the living room like that, my wife would kill me. Here is my TAM on display. Sorry, I can't figure out how to rotate the image.
  12. If we get a NeXT forum and an HP forum, I demand a Sun forum for the Sun-1/2/3 boxes!
  13. Directions for 10.4 on 604. Enjoy. http://www.jump-ing.com/?de/Projekte/Tiger_auf_7600 Peace, Drew
  14. The TAM will run OS X up to 10.2 (or 10.3 if you recompile the kernel), but the G3 upgrade will not be active. It is best to remove the L2 G3 upgrade and replace it with a fat L2 cache module. Peace, Drew
  15. Late model 5500, 6500, 8600, and 9600 Macs shipped with 24x SCSI CD-ROM drives, so they do exist. These are the non-G3 Macs with CPU speeds of 250MHz or greater. They are still really scarce, though.
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