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  1. Anyone know if LCIII supplies will work in LCs? I have two working LC III power supplies in my basement. I don't care to make any money on them, in fact I've been meaning to free/re/cycle them. If you think they will fit, and if you are willing to cover shipping (probably around 5$), send me your address and paypal email address and I'll have them to you next week.
  2. you might try sharepoints: http://www.hornware.com/sharepoints/ It has worked well for me in the past. It does not appear to be 10.5 tested but worth a shot. JHV
  3. Early on the the PC world many modems had db-25 as the serial connector. I think IBM pc-xt's actually used some of the extra pins for some type of talk-back/ACK for synchronous modems. While the db -25 cables and gender changers are usualy just pass through and can be used for either serial or parallel use. This adaptor will NOT convert serial to parallel. Dig this for more info http://www.jspayne.com/io/schematics.html JHV
  4. If you cannot find the new PS you want. I have two used. Free for the shipping. JHV
  5. Before you go to all the effort in rebuilding. Boot in target disk mode or from install cd and run disk utility and repair permissions. This has been known to fix this problem. JHV
  6. I would try it again with your cd on one ata master and 80 gig on other ata master, and your os9 boot as slave to the cd. It should boot from os9 then run xpf and then it will reboot from the cd, and you can complete the install on the larger disk (assuming this is where you want it.) I cannot swear that would work but I do remember it being very picky on osx (both cd and disk) on a primary.
  7. I don't remember the particulars, but I do remember I had some trouble installing/booting osx on a beige g3 when the boot disks were not the master drive. To make it easier on yourself put the dvd on one and the hd on the other ATA bus. I also recommend Tiger over Panther. It runs faster and you can keep itunes and firefox up to date. I also setup a swap partition at 2-3x my memory and move the swapfiles there. (It appears to help, but I have no empirical data.) Search for "osx moving swap files" for more info. Also get yourself a copy of TinkerTool and switch off dashboard, as it sucks up
  8. This may be obvious to everyone, (But I did not think of it right away so maybe not.) I you have an old SCSI jazz drive or SyQuest drive around that you have no need for break it open and check out the connectors. Inside, I found normal 50 pin scsi and HS power ports (Well why not?) Cutting the case down I now have a handy (but ugly) external mount for old mac scsi drives. A great way to upgrade those little darlings that cannot hold more than one drive at a time, or to perform backups. JHV
  9. you can have mine for the price of shipping. PM me your address and I'll get you a quote (it will have to be UPS).
  10. you did not say you wanted it permanent. I just looked at my old post and saw that I did not say place the magnet "on the trackpad". That is how I have my working without a case, keyboard or screen. Your fix may be just what I need.
  11. place a small (real small) magnet about 1.5 cm down from the top and 1 cm from the left side. (If you have the broken screen laying around you can find this magnet on the other side of the LCD.) This will signal that the lid is closed and the internal screen is not in use. You will have to reboot or sleep/wake for this to take effect.
  12. I have a 6100, angle adapter, newertech processor upgrade and two apple av cards (not hpv), two Apple Video - VGA adapters and an old multi-scan VGA monitor (optiquest), and OS 7.6, 8.6, 9.04 No matter what combination of these items, I use I cannot get the AV card to display on the monitor. The monitor handles scan rates from 70-85hz and resolutions > 1024 and works fine when I used it on the on-board 6100 video, and LCIII and even a radeon 7000 in a PMG3. Here's the weird part. When hooked up, I can actually see the display via VNC and change the resolution and hear the monitor
  13. Get to know (and love) LEM. http://lowendmac.com/ppc/beige-power-mac-g3-1997.html
  14. Can't relate to that one but I pushed my 350 to 420 with no problems.
  15. If it does not work I could (as probably could many others) scrounge you up one for the price of shipping. Good Luck.
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