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  1. Hi Simon, do you have a copy of Mathematica 1.2? i cant find a version anywhere! Thanks!
  2. Anyone have a copy of this software (Mac version)? i found an old dos version online but i think itd be cool on the SE30! I even tried contacting wolfram who said that version 1.2 is no longer supported. Really? its only released in 1989 about 10 releases ago...Id love to get the .img in mac form. maybe the dos version will work but i doubt it...ill try but just wondering anybody got a copy?
  3. I thought I'd share news of my first victory, and man does it feel awesome! It goes to show that even a rookie foot soldier in the 68k Mac Liberation Army can win a battle from time to time. Luckily this one was easy, but the payoff was a huge win for me. I found a non-working 128k on ebay. It wouldn't boot, and the case and keyboard mouse were badly yellowed. When I first booted it, I got the startup sound, but the screen was competely dark. After research online, I found that the solder joints on the analog board for the connector from the analog board to the logic board were the
  4. And....folks....that's how it's done! I swapped out the ROM simm and one set of RAM and voila, gimme a diskette! Installed the same ROM simm and RAM to other logic board, and BAM: 2 for 2! If the 68k Liberation Army offered medals for service, Techknight, you'd have the Medal of Honor. Thank you sir!
  5. Anyone who can support with some advice/direction, I will very much appreciate it! Here are the facts: - Both SE30s have professionally recapped logic and analog boards. Only the power supply has not been recapped. - The same problem existed for each of these before and after the recaps. - When swapping out the logic board between SE30s, the image follows the logic board. For this reason, I have uploaded two pictures of the SE30 screens, labeled Logic Board A and Logic Board B. These labels are based on the assumption that the problem must be with the logic boards in both cases, sinc
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