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  1. Can I test the voltage through the external floppy drive port? If so, which pins are 5v and 12v?
  2. So I've washed the board twice. Once with a little bit of dish liquid. I still get the small thin horizontal lines. Yes, I will need to get it recapped. Although shouldn't it function now that I've wiped the very small amount of capacitor liquid off the board? I get the checkerboard pattern when I attach the RAM expansion card without the two extra RAM cards installed in the extension card. Yes, I switched the card to "No SIMMs installed'. Do any of you know what is wrong?
  3. Thanks a lot everyone. It is worth it to still put it through the dishwasher before the recap?
  4. When it first boots I get these horizontal lines. After I switch it off and on I get this jumbled mess. I plan on putting it through the dishwasher tomorrow. I've already scrubbed the area around the capacitors with alcohol with no success. A full re cap will be attempted after I get the parts. Any help would be very helpful.
  5. Thanks a lot. After I took it off, I noticed there is an extra set of holes at one end. What are these for when the ROM chip can't even fit all their pins in the extra holes?
  6. I picked up a Macintosh Classic knowing it was non functioning for a very nice price. It has horizontal lines across the screen on start up with no bong. When turned off and on a few times its horizontal lines are scrambled into a mess. It needs a new PRAM battery. Will it boot without the PRAM battery? My guess is it is the capacitors. I've had the motherboard out to lightly rub the areas around the capacitors with methylated spirits. It had a very little amount of capacitor liquid on the board. It seems to have not done much damage and the motherboard is in very good condition. I would lik
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