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  1. Windows Home Server might be worth a go if you want a storage-type device, it's based on Server 2003 so is quite lightweight for an older machine, although it feels a bit like a poorly-finished modification of Server 2003 as opposed to a proper home server OS in its own right (eg the installation is long and involves a lot of reboots, it seemng to just install a regular Server 2003 and then install a whole load of extra packages that turn it into WHS, it has all the normal server admin tools installed but tells you not to use them as you can screw up the WHS management console's functionality
  2. Try Vista or Server 2008 on one or both of them? It would be interesting to see how it performs on machines close to its minimum official specification - you'll need at least 512 MB Ram to be able to install Vista or 2008 (so the AMD is in, and the Intel too if they use the same type of memory and you can swap it over), and the processor requirement is 800 MHz but I doubt that MS are as bad as Apple and put blocks in to thwart installation below that, so the AMD should hopefully still be good to go. If you have a reasonable graphics card (DX9, plus I think it needs 128 MB+ of memory) you'll ev
  3. You'd be better off just getting a standard "PC" monitor, there's nothing about Macs that needs a special monitor, any regular one will do and are typically much cheaper, people seem to pay a large premium for an Apple logo on the second-hand market for some reason even though they're no better than other screens. That price is too high for what is a pretty old screen, you could get a brand new 17" LCD for what they're asking for that old Apple 15"!
  4. You really don't, though.. sluggish doesn't even begin to describe it.. 9.1 (the max - I did try the Tiger CD in it once to see what happens, but you just get a Sad Mac... ) works on the one I have, but they're not great machines and will never be what one might describe as "fast" - the OS itself is not too bad (after waiting several minutes for it to start up), but apps are slow on it. I can browse the web and everything on it, but that is very slow too. The built-in graphics are absolutely horrible though, I would want at least an AV card if I was going to use mine.
  5. I think the people that present it as a disaster zone are the IRC people that come on here and make huge posts full of hatred and nastiness having a go at one of the forum members for something that happened on IRC (it's happened several times recently), and the IRCers that come here to sound off about how bad it's been on there lately. I think at least the IRC stuff could be contained if there was more of a division between the two, and forum visitors wouldn't have to see the fallout.
  6. Not sure where you've been lately then... Discussion of various problems with this IRC and tensions resulting from fights etc on there seem to have been spilling over onto the forum a lot recently (especially when people from IRC who aren't members here every so often seem to come here just to post a whole load of nastiness directed at some one that they fell out with on IRC, and it's always allowed to stay and degenerate further rather than just being deleted), personally I think IRC and the forum should be kept completely separate ie the IRC made completely "unofficial" with no links to it
  7. If the hard drive is relatively easy to get out of the iMac, you could surely put it in another Mac, install OS X on there, and then put it back in the iMac? That you can do this has always been one of the things that amazes me about the Mac OS, as it just doesn't work with Windows.
  8. The stuff in the picture is only the pack that came with a Mac Plus when new, I don't think it's worth that much, I got a set (with a Plus) off Freecycle once (though my Apple stickers are the slightly later variety with Apple Garamond rather than the old font shown there). If you've really got something signed by Bill Gates then that would be very collectable though, it would be interesting to see it if so.
  9. 7.1.x was a paid update from 7.1.x and they haven't released 7.1.x for free download. They have released 7.5.5 as a download though, so why not just use that? (as it's much better anyway) 7.6.1 is available on the web too though not as an "officially" free download, and Quadras can even run 8.1 if you have 12+ MB of memory.
  10. Tiger on my 500 MHz Beige G4 feels insanely fast to me even though I'm used to a (also extremely fast) dual-core Vista box as my main machine Though I suppose it's just because I don't end up comparing the two different OSes directly - if I installed OS X on the PC then the G4 would probably end up feeling slow as I would start making direct comparisons between the speed of the OS. By the way, Tiger is generally thought to be slightly more optimised than Panther, especially for AltiVec. However, the AGP G4 can run Leopard with only a very simple tweak of the install DVD, and that's wha
  11. If you have broadband then that's what you want to use on the iMac. How does your PC currently connect to the broadband ie what is in between the PC and the phone socket on the wall? Is this PC the only other machine that you use with the internet? For replacing the battery, it's on the logic board - take a look at the relevant Apple Service Source manual (tray- or slot-loading) here for details on how to access it. You may be better off just using Network Time if you're not confident opening the machine up though.
  12. Does it have a writeable CD drive? A lot of Macs of this vintage would have had CD-ROM drives only, and so it would not make any sense of a blank CD - does it say something like "the disc you inserted is not readable by this computer"? The iMac should be able to use any existing broadband connection without additional software - just plug in an ethernet cable going to your router/switch and it should just work (you may need to open Control Panel > TCP/IP and select DHCP, assuming you have a router with DHCP on your network). If you're getting a clock error, you presumably have
  13. Don't we all... Heck, an AGP G4, that can run Leopard with none of this "could not find the platform driver" nonsense! >
  14. Yeah, I don't like 6 much either and wouldn't use it if I had the choice - 7.6.1 isn't too bad, or 7.5.5 for a "32-bit dirty" Mac that can't run 7.6.x - 7.0/7.1 aren't so nice in my opinion, not a lot of reason to use them as any Mac that can run them can also run the later 7 variants.
  15. Umm, that doesn't quite make sense... You wouldn't need all 19 floppies written at the same time, you could make the first few, start installing, and then re-use them to make the later ones once it's finished with them. If you select Custom Install when installing 7.5.5, select a system specific for "this Macintosh", and deselect all the printers etc that you don't want to be installed, you'll get it in well under 40 MB (around 20-30 MB). It's more a case of whether he's confident opening up the Classic though, as the memory is deep inside the little beast...
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