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  1. Yeah, one of the tabs is already gone. I'm surprised there was still one left! I'll definitely try the hair dryer trick, assuming I have a hair dryer somewhere. The house was built in the 40s, but some parts were upgraded so I'm not sure what decade the cabinets come from.
  2. That's just cruel! Who would do such a thing to an innocent Mac??? I'm glad to hear you were able to get it working fairly easily!
  3. I'm assuming it needs a recap just out of sheer principle (along with all my other Macs), but I have an upcoming back surgery so I won't be doing any computer surgeries at least until summer. I'd like to get the battery out before the procedure, though. What kind of screwdriver do I need to get the back panel off? And how has the Mystic upgrade been? Would you say it's worth the money for a gaming/music recording computer? I forgot to post a pic, so here it is! You know you're an enthusiast when you have a Mac casually chilling by your toaster...
  4. It is, yes. I tried it in both positions 'cause I'm a derp who couldn't remember if on is I or O and didn't feel like Googling it.
  5. The CC arrived safe and sound, and ahead of schedule! I set it up on the kitchen table, and when I pressed the power button on the keyboard there was a big... nothing. There were no signs of life whatsoever. Taking the time bomb out and checking the capacitors will be my first step, as soon as I can get the back panel off. One of the tabs is gone, and I can't tell if there are any screws to take out. Once that's done what would be a good next step for troubleshooting? My soldering skills are precisely zero, so I'll need to send the boards out to be recapped.
  6. Ah, good catch on the battery! I totally missed it. The package was shipped before I had a chance to message the seller, so hopefully she knew what she was doing and the postal deities are on my side. If worst comes to worst I've been thinking of getting a 3D pen and on my true color monitor this filament looks like a near perfect match to the listing pictures, so I could always try to Frankenstein it back together... It definitely wouldn't be ideal, but it would be better than $533.80 worth of jagged pieces! Hopefully it doesn't come to that though.
  7. The stars aligned in my favor, and I was able to finally buy my Holy Grail Mac - a Color Classic. I came across this listing and decided to take a chance. The listing says "functionality unknown", so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Hopefully there's no Sad Macs involved... There's no power cord, keyboard, or mouse included, so can I get away with using what came with my Performa 635CD or do I need to hunt those down?
  8. I picked up a brand new 64GB flash drive at Target today, and when I inserted it it greeted me with my very first bomb on this Mac! Or, at least tried to... This particular error has always made me smile. Thankfully a restart put an end to its hissy fit, and when the files are done copying from the 256GB drive onto the 64GB drive I should be able to get my software all transferred and set up! I've also noticed that the iBook intermittently forgets the date and time after a restart/shut down. Are there any PRAM batteries I need to be concerned about replacing? This will be a schoo
  9. That is definitely good to know! How did I not know those are a thing sooner? The clamshell is absolutely a piece of art, and the built in carrying handle is something modern laptops should have. Yes, modern laptops are much lighter, but especially the ones with bigger screens can be kind of clumsy to carry. (At least for me, if being a klutz was an Olympic sport I would be a serious contender for gold!)
  10. Thank you all! The iBook G3 has been my dream computer since I was a little girl, so finally getting this one to a usable state is pretty much accomplishing a life goal. And it's even my favorite color! The flash drive is Windows formatted. I had a brand new drive all set and ready to go, formatted on my iMac and everything, but it turns out that it's too big to fit in the recess the USB port is in on the iBook so I physically can't use it. So I need to get a new drive just for my iBook, but I decided to use the Windows one in the meantime since it had enough room to transfer my
  11. The charger arrived a few days ago in perfect condition, packaged extremely well. Definitely happy with this eBay experience! With the adapter the iBook is in perfect working condition when plugged in. Now, next question! Gotta love setup whack a mole, as my fiancee always called it. My 256GB flash drive takes a solid 2-3 minutes to mount, and inserting it makes the OS rebuild the desktop about 50% of the time. Is that normal for original iBooks? My (admittedly newer) indigo iMac has this drive mounted within a minute max, usually less. And no desktop rebuilds. They both run 9.2.
  12. Would a repeater work on public connections too? And if so, is there a security reason to not do that? My (probably unrealistic ) dream is to use the laptop both at home and at my college. Not that there would be many situations at school that would absolutely require using a personal computer with an internet connection, but I have this annoying habit of anticipating and trying to prepare for all possible scenarios.
  13. That or one of those USB adapters is what I was hoping to do, since I'd rather not take a laptop apart more than I need to! Though the USB adapters do require drivers, and I'm pretty sure they don't support OS 9 anymore so that probably wouldn't be an option...
  14. Awesome! Thank you for your help! I'm still on the fence about trying that battery given the $60 price tag, and I'm also wondering if there's any shot of getting a G3 on wifi in 2020 or if I'm stuck with sneakernet (which, realistically, I'll probably use most of the time anyways, but being able to say I could get online if I wanted would be cool ).
  15. Thank you! That's extremely helpful! Alright, it's apparently making me edit this post instead of making a new one. Just to double check, does this have the right tip? I'm hoping to have at least a charger by the week after next, my crazy dream is to use the iBook as a writing machine for school (and maybe a few light games as well) and my English class starts on the eighth.
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