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  1. Hello Folks recently recapped a Macintosh SE30 , even if the computer booted ( with no sound due to bad capacitors) it did not recognize neither SCSI internal hard drive nor external scsi hd connected to the scsi port. After recapp at start up sounded strongly but the problem at SCSI still persist . I tested continuity from SCSI controller 53c80 to Glue and SCSI 50 pin connector and found no continuity : p6 scsi controller53c30 to p32 scsi connector p33 scsi controller 53c80 to p38 scsi connector I reconnected pins with wire .. and TA DAAA yep ! it's back to
  2. Hello Folks sorry for my late reply , very busy at work , unfortunately not be able to fix that problem ! Hope you'll find the solution ! Good luck
  3. this is the international analog board parts list hope this helpful for you Ferrix can help you more than I can do!
  4. Hello Ochim don't understand if you have international 240v analog board or US 110 V analog board, I'm pretty sure there is something else shorted , you better check and take measurements before burning one more time Q12 , if fuse blow there is a short .See red marked zone and check with multimeter Q11 at first , and then resistors near
  5. Well... aesthetically should be better resolder like original one but I preferred socket for further “accidents “ ( hope will not happen)
  6. I live in Italy I found on eBay in Europe (Bulgaria) object 172668289677
  7. Yep! a lot of Desoldering & Soldering , I have tried to save all the old rams just for curiosity and check how many failed , 8 of those were bad !
  8. Hello Folks finally received all parts , replaced all ram and now my 128K is back to life !
  9. Will try thank you folks for your supports !
  10. will try and let you know , now I'm looking for more infos about the card : it should be a SuperMac Spectrum 24 : https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/supermac-spectrum-24-apple-mac-nubus-171272057 thank you
  11. not able to try s-video port , I tried with 2 Macintosh monitor AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor and Apple Color Display
  12. Hello Folks ! I've got this Video card ( it was inside a Macintosh IICi with battery leakage on Mobo) I have tested this card on several other Macintosh I have ( CX, Ci, Macintosh IIFx and Quadra ) but every time same result video distorted as shown , I have also installed SuperMac software but no success Is Video Board damaged or maybe suggestions to fix this issue ? thank you !
  13. Yes I agree the error shown on my 128 isn't indicated in that "common error list" , I have also tried pigging all ram chips at the same time but unsuccessfully , last time I've been able to identify 4 faulty ram , this time I think the only way is to re-ram entirely ( it is a nasty job but I'll try when i'll be very "inspired" ) thanks everybody for your support , will update as soon as I'll do the job.
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