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  1. How about Mac II series and compact Macs?
  2. Thanks guys.At the moment I will stick with 8mb and 7.1 as operating system because 7.5.3 feels a bit slow.
  3. I've just installed 8mb ram and I will run 7.1. If I install over 16mb ram and 7.5.5 the SE/30 will be any faster or not? I want you opinion please for amount of ram.
  4. Also can I use different type of modules.I want to put 8mb but the 4 simms are different than the other 4.All are 1mb simms
  5. As I said before,I had 5mb with 4x1mb and 4x256k and machine worked fine. The 256k modules are in front(A bank) and 4mb modules in the back. Maybe I will try with another modules.
  6. My motherboard -recently recapped- and my modules.First bank has 4 modules 256kb each second bank modules 4mb.I think the problem is the modules.They have only 2 chips per module.As a result my SE/30 sees only 2mb of ram.
  7. I have a SE/30 recently recapped from a very good technician.If had 5mb of ram (4x256 and 4x1mb).I have changed the brand new modules(4x4mb-60ns) from the IIci to SE/30.I have putted on the first bank(A bank).Machine does not boot and had stripes on monitor and the sound of death. Then I have install them to bank B and install the 4x256kb to bank A.Shows me only 2Mb ram... Also I have a Seagate 2gb hard disk the finder can’t see it properly...
  8. Disks are from original Photoshop 2.0... Can I repair the drives or not?
  9. I have tried my original Photoshop 2 disks to my Classic II and LC475 and suddenly neither of two internal disk drives reads any disk...(before both machines read/write normally all the disks) Is it possible a disk to destroy the disk drives?
  10. I have a Performa 450 but seems completely dead.I have added a working battery but nothing.Does not start up or any sound from power supply... what can I do?
  11. I have found this article about floppy drives: https://siber-sonic.com/mac/superfloppy.html?fbclid=IwAR18XgxXhnJc7e0NmGx6ir0MBB2egMNsBUls_wyBZyjsgzRpYbYdDgtAZRo
  12. Thanks very much ArmorAlley but I don't want to spend so much money for this floppy EMU(I prefer to spend the money to an old Mac). I have seen two options on eBay but I don't know if they will fit in my IIfx? Can I post the links here?
  13. Thanks very much Bolle. The problem now is where can I find the right floppy drive for the IIfx
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