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  1. Mine are set this way: http://tjjq.free.fr/mac/portable-dip.jpg
  2. A macintosh II is far more valuable when unmodified... Original (non upgraded) mac IIs are more and more scarce these days...
  3. Hi can’t tell specifically for SCSI2SD but I had encountered this issue many times in the past with real Hard disks!! Forced to boot from a floppy to make my HD bootable again...
  4. SCSI (50 pin) slot loading drive... hard to find to my mind!
  5. Yes that's true but it'll be hard to fit inside...
  6. I've heard Duos logicboards are timebombs... If one powers it with leaking caps inside -> little hope to make it work again even after recapping! I have a 210 I racapped years ago but... too late (it boots to the gray screen... when it boots!).
  7. More seriously, You could try rubbing alcohol, I use it on dirty macs it doesn't harm, but never use acetone!! It melts plastics!!
  8. Better paint the whole thing in yellow!!
  9. A real day dreamer this seller... Maybe the trackpad is gold plated and the keyboard set with diamonds? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.fr%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184117474312 Some people really have time to loose...
  10. Ok thanks, I thought the pinout could be different... I'll try on aliexpress
  11. I can easily find the MMBT3906 and MMBT3904 but the PC74HC132T is quite expensive and I need two of them... Do anyone know a equivalent component?
  12. Be careful and require motherboard pics!! A lot of them died cause of Maxell battery exploding inside... and if it's the case, you lose $100!
  13. Had exactely the same problem since I got my IIfx 5 years ago... The first thing I made when I got it was recapping but the problem was still there! This WE I went on the problem to see if there was any broken trace with the power circuit and RTC schematics... but everything was fine... In purple, the traces I tested were all OK! At last resort I decided to pull a RTC chip from an old mac Classic in order to replace the IIfx's one... and... it works, clock is counting!!! What a surprise since I had never seen a RTC fail before! I stil
  14. The electrolytic caps inside the PSU don't necessarily need to be replaced but the "X" and "Y" filtering caps can safely be removed... they often explode inside!
  15. When you short pin 9 and 10 you should hear a "click click" sound. It's the relay inside the PSU which toggles power to the secondary AC outlet. The reason why it's clicking is because the PSU isn't "loaded" and safety circuit prevent it from starting for good. On the other hand, if you don't hear this little clicking noise, your PSU may have a problem...
  16. Hi, The good news is that Q700 Logicboard normally doesn't need recapping since there isn't any smd electrolytic capacitor on it! For the PSU it's clear most of them are out of order now . Sadly recapping the PSU is rarely sufficient to bring it back to live... The solution is to replace its internals with an ATX PSU circuit (or make your own and put it inside the original PSU case). Many people have succeeded in doing this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfjCPkd11c4
  17. Thanks everyone for the update, I'll try that later when I'll have time
  18. Apparently, it isn't possible to boot a plus from scsi2sd... (many threads about this in the forum)
  19. Be very careful when you install the new flat cable not to pinch it! Especially when you'll reassemble the powerbook in putting back the side "conic" plastic tab...
  20. Better to flip back to original position since Vmain is 1.5A. With only 1A you may run out of power when using floppy drive with backlight at max intensity for example... and it will stress your power supply uselessly
  21. maybe you shorted something when you remelted solder... It worked a little bit the first time before it trip your house but maybe the short made a component fail and then this failure makes your mains crack up? Give a last try with logicboard out of the computer just to see, if it doesn't trip your house and you hear kind of "flop flop flop" repeating from the mac, then your logicboard should be the matter, but I don't think so... there is a good chance it'll act the same way whith or without the logicboard attached
  22. All the symptom except the corner getting dark seem to come from the ribbon cable you mentioned (audio uses this cable too). Try to find a spare ribbon cable. For the darkening corners, it's a well known weakness of apple's monochrome active displays and there is no real fix for this... sadly
  23. Si old batteries will never charge, even with a known good PSU... I just suggest you use vbatt (which seems to be ok) to power the computer and see if it boots. If it boots then go recap your PSU, if not maybe it'll be cheaper to buy another powerbook instead (540c are great, avoid 540 (non c) cause their displays tend to dark in the corners and there is no real fix for this)
  24. When you'll get it opened, try to invert wires "1" and "2" just to see if it boots and exclude another problem on the powerbook itself!
  25. Bad solder joints on the analog board! Re-melt them (especially the flyback and connectors). For floppy, you'll have to disassemble the drive, there are several tutorials about that
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