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  1. Is a PB3400C acceptable? It's the oldest thing I have capable of connecting to the net.
  2. I'm buying one - will tell you all how it turns out.
  3. I dunno, it seems to have a very intuitive UI to me...
  4. Already been cracked open - no pics yet though. It's got, as the page said, a 68LC060 (the LC was somewhat surprising) and RAM in strange angled sockets. There's a main board and a daughter board, with slots that look more or less like PDS slots for adding more stuff (what precisely I have no idea) The HD is in a removable cradle with a standard USB-looking SCSI jack on the back.
  5. It works! After connecting it up to a TV and speakers, it displayed its screen. Inspection of the back revealed a serial port and an AT-style keyboard port. We hooked up a mouse and keyboard to these, and it detected and can use them! Found some info here: http://www.samysdv.com/dra-casa.htm
  6. At Computer Hardware club at my school a few days ago there appeared a mysterious black box, apparently from nowhere. Close inspection revealed it to have a SCSI hard drive in a removable bay and a FDD, as well as a tiny screen on the front and S-video in and out. Upon plugging it in and pressing the one obvious button, the tiny screen on the front displayed "Casablanca" and immediately the TV did as well. Hmm.. Google reveals this to be an Amiga-based non-linear video editing system, with a 68060 proc and 16 mb of RAM, as well as a 4gb HD which will be upgraded. More news later as it'
  7. Cool - they're very nice machines.
  8. chris

    Two conquests.

    Well, I was looking through the cabinets at Computer Hardware Club at my school, desperately looking for a new project since my last one, a Ubuntu file/web server for the club, had been resolutely refusing to develop any problems. Third cabinet I tried was golden. Two Mac IIsi, plus monitor! Joy! Turns out that: They were decommissioned school computers from the art department Neither had a HD One had a (gasp!) Ethernet card! And - One was dead as a doornail, the other was working beautifully (and now has a HD and will be browsing the text-only Web at some point in the future)
  9. I'm uncertain here... You only reject the tables that are higher than your shoulders? To be serious though: 'grats. I'm thinking about getting another battery for my Eee, though the current 6h battery life is quite good.
  10. Very cool. Have fun with it!
  11. All composite cables are the same. A red-red one will work or a white-white or a chartreuse-chartreuse.
  12. I'm somewhat confused by the above comments. I spent $40 on a 500watt PSU about 3 years ago and it's been working perfectly ever since. I don't remember the brand, but it hasn't had any problems. As for the OP, congrats! I have a more-or-less identical system, and it's great. Actually just installed XP on it over the Vista that was there, and it's really fast. A note though - OSX86 had problems with almost all nVidia graphics cards I've tried.
  13. chris


    Woot! I am in fact connected, through another BBS, with my Canon Cat. Power Station BBS provides a handy telnet service I've been using to connect to other BBSen.
  14. chris


    Awesome - go for it. I've been looking for some new BBSen to connect to.
  15. chris

    Canon AE-1

    I buy film online - it runs about 2.50 for a 36 exposure roll, and I develop myself. I don't really think that that's expensive, though I can certainly understand what you mean if you buy from a store. That bundle included a flash, too. Not that I plan on using it, but it might be handy at some point. Been playing with the macro and wide-angle lenses - the macro lens is beautiful, you can almost take pictures of things literally touching the lens.
  16. chris

    Canon AE-1

    So, finally got a new film SLR camera - It's a Canon AE-1 in very good condition. 50mm lens, 24mm wide-angle (I love this lens, it's awesome) 90-230mm zoom lens, macro lens... and 2x and 3x teleconvertors. All of the lenses have skylight filters on them, to keep dust off mainly. Also came with a flash and an autowinder, neither of which I plan to use often. Total price was $80..
  17. From what I've seen, older computers are most often plagued by capacitor problems - I'd check the caps first. If they're bad, search the forum for 'capacitor' and you'll get a good few useful hits.
  18. A G3/450 would be nice for my pimpin' beige desktop... Have any tested, and would they work in a desktop beigey? 83mhz bus means it would run at a cool 500mhz at least (technically an underclocking - the proc speed setting is the same for 500mhz at 83mhz as 400mhz at 66.)
  19. chris


    If any of you all who are setting up BBSen for the RC would be kind enough to provide it with a phone number, at least temporarily, I'd love to be able to connect with my Cat or Olivetti.
  20. Speaking of Photoshop... I don't think that would be a problem, even CS4 should be able to run fairly well if my experiences with it on Windows machines translate over (I'm running it on my EeePC 1000 (1.6ghz Atom dual core with 2gb RAM) and it runs fine, and fast enough to do pretty much anything as long as it isn't a constant string of filters.
  21. How much do you plan on shifting them for? I'm not really looking for new computers, but a fairly powerful Mac like those for a decent price would be good.
  22. Why why why why WHY do you have equal amounts of graphics and main memory?
  23. /me looks at EeePC 1000 in front of him. Christ, man, does that thing leave indentations in your lap? Or burn marks? Also, bwahaha, my Eee has the same amount of RAM.
  24. Heh, I got the EeePC 1000, four hundred bucks from NewEgg. I've been playing around with it - TFC and Half-Life work with high settings, Half-Life 2 will run well on low settings but inexplicably crash whenever you try to go through a load screen. TF2 without sound has similar issues (with sound immediately crashes.) Been playing with Sketchup and Kerkythea, which work quite well also. Just finished a render of a downloaded high-detail sketchup model, took 25 min.
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