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  1. My intention is to give either 7.0 or 7.1 a try. System 7.5 seems to be a dog on my box, but then again I only have 4meg of Ram.
  2. Thanks Charliman. I'm a recent switcher to Mac. I figured the process would be similar to DOS but wasn't sure what I might need to do to the disk before hand. Your response certainly clears it up.
  3. I'll be getting some original installation floppies for system 7.0. Where can I find a procedure for reformatting the hd (currently running 7.5) and installing 7.0, or will the install disk step me through this?
  4. IIRC OS6 will fit on a floppy, so I assume I'd be able to boot off of the floppy to see just what 6 has to offer in terms of performance.
  5. Thanks for the clarification on 'built in memory'. I've ordered 2 4 meg cars to bring my total built in memory up to 10 meg. I'll see how 7.5 runs then before I make any decision about rolling back to 7.0. I'll see how Ram DOubler works on 2x, it was set to 3x when I got the machine.
  6. Are you saying that the previous owner added two 1mb cards, or was there a way to upgrade the built in Ram fro 2 mb to 4 mb?
  7. I recently picked up a classic II with OS7.5 installed. From what I've read compacts such as the Classic II perform better with 7.0 then they do with 7.5. I'm thinking of rolling the Mac back to 7.0, is there any reason not to do so? The system also has Conectix Ram Doubler 2 installed. About this Mac shows 4096k of built in Ram and 12288k total. IIRC the Classic II actually has 2m of Ram built in, so I assume that the Ram Doubler is somehow tricking the system into believing it has 4 m of built in Ram. Does this mean my Classic II also has an additional 4m of ram installed? 2 megs built i
  8. Thanks, found one on E-bay for about $8.00 including postage.
  9. The SE/30 got away from me, and for $138.00 plus shipping, who cares. But I did manage to snag a Classic II for $29.00 plus shipping. I do need to get a mouse though and was wondering if any one could suggest a good source for picking up an ADB mouse. At least I think I need an ADB mouse, this is my first vintage Mac. I'm not necessarily looking for the original Apple mouse that came with the Classic II, just a mouse that will work with it. WeLoveMacs.com looks to have some cheap mice, but I'd like to hear some recommendations from those who know.
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