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  1. I agree, it would be best to send whole machines on to a new home, but it sounds like this could be a workplace environment where that might not be possible. As far as 7100s go, I've seen more than a few decent condition machines with starting bids around $50 and reasonable shipping that ended up unsold. Of course, if you've got a lot of specialty Nubus cards the speed boost of a 7100 over say some flavor of Quadra is going to be quite noticeable. Personally, I just never got the appeal for what were clearly stopgap machines (x100 series PowerMacs) since I think at that point App
  2. Personally, I'd skip the floppy drives since those are still cheap and plentiful. I want to say the same manual inject drive (not necessarily the same model number, but a compatible version) was used all the way up to the Beige G3s so there are plenty of machines to use for replacements. SCSI CD-ROMs seem to be getting a little bit thinner on the ground so if they're working and you have the space, might not be a bad idea to save those. I'd be surprised if the hard drives are still working if we're talking about machines that were in storage and not in active use since they're almost certai
  3. Given that you're not in the United States you'd be better suited to find a Color Classic II (also sold as the Performa 275). The low RAM ceiling (10MB) and smaller bus (16 bit) on the Color Classic make it feel like a much slower machine than its specs would suggest. Yes, you'll have to worry about both motherboard caps and analog board caps, as both are known trouble spots. I'd say a decent price for a CC that hasn't been recapped but still works would fall right in line with your estimate. Obviously, you can pick up a better deal if having a super yellowed case doe
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the iBook G4 came with Panther (10.3) so any version of Tiger, save the Intel specific one, should work just fine. It does sound like the installation got messed up somehow. The only time I've seen Tiger get stuck at that screen was when there was a HD problem and it couldn't finish loading the Finder.
  5. I've had tips fail where they weren't making good contact with the jack on the machine and I've had adapters fail because the cord frayed where it connected to the yo-yo or the brick, but I've never had a jack fail on the machine in normal use. It was always due to physical damage of the port, like if the laptop was plugged in and fell striking the plug at an angle, or someone tripped over a cord and the cord got yanked out at an angle. The sort of mishaps that were exactly the reason Apple came out with MagSafe @ghost180sx I see what you mean about shipping to Canada not being
  6. Yes, there's MemoryX and "blairdus" on eBay. I've bought from both in the past and had no issues. https://www.memoryx.com/apl256v.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/142042841646
  7. Yes, 65W was the highest available at that point and would power the 17" PB G4. It wasn't until MagSafe was a thing that they went any higher than that. I can also say definitively that every white/snow dual-USB iBook G3/G4 is able to use the same charger (the second gen yo-yo, or any of the white bricks). I've got "many" dual-USB iBooks, from the original 500MHz G3 that only had 64MB RAM onboard, on up to the last 12" G4/1.33GHz, and they all work/charge just fine no matter whether I'm using the second gen yo-yo, a 45W white brick, or a 65W white brick.
  8. Almost correct. the split happens at the clamshell iBooks. It works out like this: PowerBook 190/5300 use the same adapter and it's much smaller than the others below. The jack on the motherboard on these machines also happens to be a weak point and I've seen plenty that have gotten loose to the point they don't work or just broken off in normal use. PowerBook 1400/2400/3400/PowerBook G3/Clamshell iBook G3 all can use the same adapter, which I want to say has a 9.5mm barrel size (?) The earlier PowerBook x400s and PowerBook G3 had a black rectangular adapter and the
  9. If the adapter on adapter approach doesn't work, I've got a simple IDE to SATA adapter going to a 120GB SSD in my Cube that works great (pay no mind to the price on the SSD, it was actually $19.99 but Micro Center didn't update the price tag so all in it works out to be $30). I have yet to find a bracket to properly mount it, but it's light enough that it just hangs loose in the case and hasn't caused any issues.
  10. Easy way to tell before you get it, the '040 PDS PowerPro will have a much thinner black connecter while the '030 PDS is a thicker connector and (at least on the ones I've seen) white in color.
  11. If it's consistently jamming and the paper isn't the reason (high humidity and paper is a bad mix) it might need a maintenance kit which would be some mix of pads, rollers, and sometimes the fuser assembly. Given that the JetDirect card isn't showing up / isn't detected and the duplexer isn't working right you're taking the smart approach by returning it.
  12. Gargantuan compared to current consumer models? Absolutely. Built like tanks. You won't see much of a difference when you compare like for like though, since at the time LaserWriters and LaserJets (except for the personal varieties) were geared mostly towards business and comparing them against current business lasers shows they weigh nearly the same. Took inordinate amounts of electricity? <Lumbergh> Oooh, yeaaah, ummmm, I'm gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there. </Lumbergh> Granted, these are published specs, and I don't own either so I c
  13. I've had good luck with things from MemoryX in the past. Haven't bought any 256KB SIMMs from them, but I've had no problems with everything else I've bought there. Interestingly enough, it's cheaper if you buy it from them on eBay (second link). https://www.memoryx.com/apl256v.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/392375906895
  14. Personally, I haven't experienced a dead IDE controller on an iBook but I have experienced torn/otherwise damaged cables. Assuming you're talking about the iceBook / dual USB iBook, that cable makes a bit of a journey to go between the optical drive, HD, and back to the motherboard. If the case has been opened and not put back together properly it's entirely possible the cable got nicked in reassembly.
  15. I've got 9.1 installed on mine presently, though I've tried most of the others at one point or another (7.6.1, 9.0, 9.2.2). I didn't notice that 9.2.2 was any faster, but I did note it seemed less stable with my USB/FW card than 9.1, which was a shame because even though it wasn't truly "Millions of Colors" being able to use the updated ATI drivers in 9.2.2 did make things slightly better looking and losing 640x480 as a resolution wasn't a big deal for me. Even before I switched out the 20GB IDE drive I had for a 64GB SSD I never felt like 9.1 was slow, even on the stock proces
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