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  1. If the adapter on adapter approach doesn't work, I've got a simple IDE to SATA adapter going to a 120GB SSD in my Cube that works great (pay no mind to the price on the SSD, it was actually $19.99 but Micro Center didn't update the price tag so all in it works out to be $30). I have yet to find a bracket to properly mount it, but it's light enough that it just hangs loose in the case and hasn't caused any issues.
  2. Easy way to tell before you get it, the '040 PDS PowerPro will have a much thinner black connecter while the '030 PDS is a thicker connector and (at least on the ones I've seen) white in color.
  3. If it's consistently jamming and the paper isn't the reason (high humidity and paper is a bad mix) it might need a maintenance kit which would be some mix of pads, rollers, and sometimes the fuser assembly. Given that the JetDirect card isn't showing up / isn't detected and the duplexer isn't working right you're taking the smart approach by returning it.
  4. Gargantuan compared to current consumer models? Absolutely. Built like tanks. You won't see much of a difference when you compare like for like though, since at the time LaserWriters and LaserJets (except for the personal varieties) were geared mostly towards business and comparing them against current business lasers shows they weigh nearly the same. Took inordinate amounts of electricity? <Lumbergh> Oooh, yeaaah, ummmm, I'm gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there. </Lumbergh> Granted, these are published specs, and I don't own either so I c
  5. I've had good luck with things from MemoryX in the past. Haven't bought any 256KB SIMMs from them, but I've had no problems with everything else I've bought there. Interestingly enough, it's cheaper if you buy it from them on eBay (second link). https://www.memoryx.com/apl256v.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/392375906895
  6. Personally, I haven't experienced a dead IDE controller on an iBook but I have experienced torn/otherwise damaged cables. Assuming you're talking about the iceBook / dual USB iBook, that cable makes a bit of a journey to go between the optical drive, HD, and back to the motherboard. If the case has been opened and not put back together properly it's entirely possible the cable got nicked in reassembly.
  7. I've got 9.1 installed on mine presently, though I've tried most of the others at one point or another (7.6.1, 9.0, 9.2.2). I didn't notice that 9.2.2 was any faster, but I did note it seemed less stable with my USB/FW card than 9.1, which was a shame because even though it wasn't truly "Millions of Colors" being able to use the updated ATI drivers in 9.2.2 did make things slightly better looking and losing 640x480 as a resolution wasn't a big deal for me. Even before I switched out the 20GB IDE drive I had for a 64GB SSD I never felt like 9.1 was slow, even on the stock proces
  8. It's a very useful skill to be able to get folks to trust you sight unseen and something I can attest is not a skill enough folks possess, especially in my world. Any company that has a need for specialized FF&E knows that at some point they may have to deal with smaller/boutique type companies. It's understandable that the company you dealt with was cautious on a $16MM sole source contract. Unfortunately for both you and the seller, she's dead-set in her thinking and no amount of evidence you present to the contrary is going to change her mind. The times I've dealt with sel
  9. That's been around for ages, and somehow people still think you can make money doing it. Just have a look at eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=gold+recovery&_sacat=58058
  10. Oh yes. Been there, done that: This guy was a government contractor in the late 80s/early 90s and had loads of vintage machines and accessories that sounds like they were stored for years until (I'm assuming) his wife got tired of them taking up space or they were downsizing to a smaller house. He originally posted everything for sale in 2015 and wanted waaaayy too much for it then, but when he got no takers he took it down and reposted everything in 2017 and wanted even more for it surprisingly enough. He even had a spreadsheet showing the value of everything based on, you guessed it
  11. Sure, I've got the old 2.02 ROM dumped to a .bin file. Where's a good place to upload it?
  12. I know for a fact that trying to run a Turbo '040 with ROM revision 2.x in a IIci will lead to nothing but crashes in 7.5.5; the second you try and open a menu the whole system goes down. That same Turbo '040 works fine in System 7.1. I've seen what I assume is a faster speed version still available for sale (assuming that the A-15FML part that seems to be stock means 15ms, and the A-12FML part you can still find means 12ms), and I've got some on the way to me now so if they work I'd be happy to burn you a 4.11 version.
  13. Riesling, Gew├╝rztraminer, a dessert wine, something else?
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