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  1. I have an original 400k Write/Paint Guided Tour disk. I ended up formatting it after copying its contents to me SE/30's hard drive to test a 400k drive I just received. The disk reads, writes just fine but once I copied the original contents back to the drive it will no longer boot. Yes, I formatted it as single sided. Does the original system suitcase need to be blessed? How does one go about that on a system 7.1 machine? Thanks!
  2. Worm gear moves freely without any resistance.
  3. Hi folks, drive in question is the 800k Sony MP-F51W. It emits a very loud whine, I believe from the drive head, if you place your finger on it, you can feel a vibration, similar to an ultrasonic toothbrush. Upon injecting a disk, the drive spins up, quite fast. The drive head remains stationary no matter where it is positioned, it doesn't seek. After about 5 seconds of high speed rotation, it ejects the disk. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. You are preaching to the choir. Yes, it is a new 128k board in a box. One of many new parts the had squirreled away back there. I imagine an Apple service center cleared out their inventory with them a few years ago.
  5. Haven't PMed you yet because I haven't had a chance to organize your request. Stay tuned, I've got a lot of priorities at the moment.
  6. I'm not trying to sell anything to anyone. This is the conquests section. I'm showing what I've got. I think its pretty cool. I'm not fixing these machines for someone to get a killer deal on. I'm restoring them so they are worth more, and an organization that does a lot of social good can get the money. I won't be selling them on this site. I'm posting this here because I've been a member on this site for a long time, and I really appreciate it when people put up pictures of their macs. Again, just so I'm clear, this isn't a "For Sale" thread. This is a "I'm doing this co
  7. Contractually, I can't comment on their internal processes. I can tell you that the people working there want nothing more than to save computers and benefit people. They help a LOT of people and save a LOT of material from the landfill. A lot of these machines need a lot of work. Historically relevant pieces will easily get 10-12 hours of work a piece to restore them. I think the pricing is quite fair, considering you are getting a tested, rebuilt, museum quality piece. With that said, I'm not going to try to sell yellowed Classic for 100 bucks, and just leave it on eBay at a perpe
  8. I'll talk to them, and put a message up here with whats in the shop, if they decide to go that way. A number of them, but I've got to get through the Macs first, expect 6 weeks before we start looking at PCs, Amigas, Commodore 64s and 20s, MicroVacs and the like.
  9. Free geek hasn't had the capacity to repair thier vintage stuff, so It's been collecting in a warehouse, I've been contracted to sort that situation out for them, and get them the best return on the machines I can. That is going to vary greatly on the condition of the items. The 128k I just rebuilt with a perfect case, NOS analog board, and rebuilt floppy will probably shoot for around 900, because its indistinguishable from new. The 512k I have kicking around with a few pry marks on the bezel will go for closer to 50. The next cube will be getting the same treatment, you won't be
  10. Err, no. Uniserver, is there a way to test the chips individually?
  11. I talked to the today about that. I'm a contractor and didn't want to violate and confidentiality agreements. I'm working for free geek, come buy some of this stuff.
  12. The coolest screen saver ever to grace an SE.
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