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  1. Hi, I bought the CF2IDE print and a 64GB CF card. Yes I know, 64GB is ridiculously large but I got it cheap. I own a PowerBook 1400cs 166MHz and I want the CF as my start up disk. I can read and write to the CF card on the CF2IDE card in OS 9 on another PowerBook. The 1400cs has 8.1 on it. I formatted the CF card with 1 partition in MacOS standard. I copied the contents of the old hard disk to the CF-card but I am not able to make it my start up disk. The PowerBook doesn't't see it. I am able to start up from it using a CF-reader in the PC card slot. It works great in there but whe
  2. Thanks everyone. I Will use my powerbook 1400cs charger.
  3. How can I edit this posting? The title is wrong.
  4. I Just got a powerbook duo 210 today. I started it up. Looked at the installed files, powered it down, closed the lid an left the charger connected. After a few minutes a loud ‘pop’ and smoke came from the charger. Is the charger salvagable? I connected the pb to a 1400cs charger. It worked great with it.
  5. Nearly $30 excluding postage. That’s almost what these iBooks are worth these days. But Thanks!
  6. Does anybody know a good address for a affordable dc-in board For a iBook G4/1.33 12-Inch? Prefferably in The Netherlands of Europe. thanks!
  7. It’s installed with the universal 9.2.2 disc from macos9lives. That disc has no trackpad control panel. Is it even necessary on os9? Can I do something on the software side of things?thanks!
  8. I noticed that the trackpad is glued to the uppercase. Is it worth trying to open it?
  9. I want to repair the trackpad of a iBook G3 clamshell. It’s not working. I reseated the cable but that didn’t help. The trackpad Control panel says there is no trackpad available
  10. Oh yes I did. Also a scsi slash cd-player. I really want to know which one it was. I have forgotten it’s name.
  11. Had one. Didn’t care much for it. Sloooowwwwwww. Painfully. Sold it for a handsome price. Beware. A lot of players are missing cables. And they come in 2 colours. ‘Brownish’ and ‘blueish’.
  12. HAL2001

    Bridge Mac

    Two zipdrives working great here. Thanks everyone! Was tempted to buy a PowerMac 8500 a saw in a thrift shop but I didn’t...
  13. Oh, and again, if you build your own power supply you will have a new one, not an old one that can fail you at any time.
  14. For me, it started with this YouTube movie. A power supply for a 23 inch cinema display will have other technical specificationsthan the 30 inch one. The 23 inch power supply is 90 watt, also 24,5 volt And 3,7 ampère. (The 30 inch has 150 watt And 6,5 ampère) I have always understood that you can use a larger power supply on a smaller display but not the other way around
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