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  1. wow thank you, it worked perfectly. all installed now the program just seems to keep freezing when i go to access the camera. thank you again for supplying them images
  2. just followed the instructions on mac garden, but when i try to mount the four images in disk copy it returns a unrecognized file type error. thank you for the reply
  3. Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the software required to run a quicktake camera, I've found a few downloads but they seem to be in a image format that neither WinImage of HFVexplorer want to recognize Many thanks, Josh.
  4. Hello, I've recently acquired an old apple mac Se/30 and decided to face the challenge of getting it onto the internet so I bought a Dynaport Esi/30 Ethernet card and preformed a clean install of 7.5.3 i then bridged the ether connection on my laptop to the WiFi then connected the Se/30 to my laptop and following some guides on the internet attempted to set it up using Mac/TCP with no luck Then i came across a very helpful guide on this site which recommended the use of open transport, so i updated the mac OS to 7.5.5 but again after another hour of playing around with apple-talk, open-
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