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  1. http://www.pacificcable.com/Picture_Page.asp?DataName=SC38 According to this site, it's a non standard connector created by Apple, so not sure if you'll find it on Digikey. Not sure where all these 3rd party adapters were getting the connector though Worse case you might be able to measure the pitch of the pins and find another connector with the same pitch thats 6 columns x 5 rows and use that
  2. Yeah, would definitely be a nice option. This one appears to be the correct adapter as well https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDI-30-pin-to-DB25-SCSI-port-adapter-for-legacy-Macintosh-systems-552/253843270894?epid=165012110&hash=item3b1a3cecee:g:xeAAAOxyqUpQ89G4
  3. It looks like you'll also need a HD50 to db25 adapter for that, since the 68net uses db25
  4. Can he drive them up to CT and drop them off at my house? :-P Congrats sclements, that looks like quite a good haul!
  5. I had a record player that at some point got moved over close enough to a light bulb that the end started to warp like that over time
  6. (probably depending on the model), but the RIFA caps are often always getting power, even when the switch is off, so for machines that have them, make sure to either unplug them from the outlet, or switch off the power strip they're connected to
  7. I must have missed you talking about this on the Discord, but oh man that's an amazing feature!
  8. If it's a SCSI2SD V5, you typically don't need to use the power connector as it will get power over the SCSI cable's termination power http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php/SCSI2SD#Technical_Specifications
  9. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. That sucks. Not sure what I put down as the value of the first shipment, and if I put it as a gift or a commercial shipment, but I'm sure the value+postage was over 35GBP (Postage alone was 20GBP), so that one must have slipped by. first one I did the customs form by hand, 2nd one I did online. Maybe the first one they couldn't read my handwriting
  10. Not to turn this thread into an international shipping practices thread , but the first shipment wasn't held for customs payment or anything, right? only this most recent one?
  11. I thought it was supposed to be only for packages over like £125 had a customs charge, but apparently not. that stinks!
  12. In Adrian's latest mailcall video, someone sent him a solder stencil. So I'm sure some kind of follow up video where he does a more proper technique will be released soonish
  13. I didn't know you were on here! Just wanted to say, that page/your images, have saved me so much time, getting my scsi2sd setup
  14. I have not heard of it, but just looked into it a bit. That's really cool!
  15. I like the idea of not being stuck with using the Apple drives, but the problem you'd run into with the IBM floppy drives, is it won't be able to handle 400k/800k disks, since there's a difference between how the drives read the disks/tracks. Which is why, to write a 800k/400k disk, you need a Mac with a built in floppy drive. Someone that knows more can probably explain in better detail why exactly that is?(Or if I'm wrong, tell me that too)
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