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  1. Fixed! If anyone encounters this in the future, copy the contents of the midi folder from the CD to your system folder.
  2. I should add that I can launch it from disc just fine, but sound is the built in Macintosh sound driver and not MIDI
  3. Hey guys, I have a Performa 466 and am trying to lay Leisure Suit Larry 6 Cd version downloaded from Macintosh Garden. I have System 7.5.3 installed with 36MB RAM and a 512K VRAM stick installed. This is a fresh install and I have installed Quick Time 2.5. I have OMS 2.3.3 Lite installed and setup to push general MIDI to my Roland SC-55. When I first started the game I had a Type 1 error. I turned off 32-but addressing and I am now getting a type 3 error. I copied the Leisure Suit Larry 6 HD folder from the CD to my HDD like it suggested and am launching the game from there. I am run
  4. Thank you! I actually found and bought a MOTU Fastlane On eBay that looks like it will do the trick perfectly and is a quality period correct piece from what I have found!
  5. Thanks to you guys I got it working perfectly! BUT, how would I hook this up to my MDD PowerMac G4 867mhz dual processor with no serial ports and just USB. Do I need to purchase a serial pci card?
  6. Such a disappointment thank you guys I’ll try and play some of the others on that list. I prefer the Mac version of SC2000 but may end up playing on my 486 for some MIDI goodness
  7. Just to update I tried Prince of Persia as well with no luck. Not sure what other games I can easily move over with floppies to my Quadra 700 to test
  8. So, I have my SC-88VL properly setup and configured it seems OMS test mode plays midi directly to it through the mini macman interface with no issues. But any time I start the floppy version of the game that I got from Macintosh Garden (I think v 1.2), it only plays the quick time music where I have the computers speaker output jack hooked into the in portion of the SC with the intention of sound effects coming through. Bars do not move on the display so it’s definitely it getting passes midi when starting the game. Any clues what could be up?
  9. Got it! Finally reseated all the VRAM again and now it works. Thanks for helping!
  10. I installed system info from NU 3.5.3 and it doesn’t mention VRAM amount anywhere.
  11. Thank you. I’ll check with Norton. Is system info in Norton system works or Norton utilities?
  12. I’m not sure what the deal is. The memory looks brand new and the slots were clean. I wish there was a way to see how much the system was recognizing was installed. I’m sure this monitor was meant to be used at 256 colors but I can’t imagine that being all that a trinitron tube would support.
  13. Hey guys. I installed six 256k 80ns 670-0269 VRAM sims in the Quadra 700. Hooked up to a Macintosh Color Display M1212 which specs say supports up to 16.7 mil colors I still only see 256 colors as the highest option. I should now have the full 2MB right? Is there a method in OS 8.1 to see the amount of recognized VRAM?
  14. Thank you, I wish I could just find a cache upgrade and just get rid of the PCC card. Maybe I can find someone that has something at a reasonable price that I can sell my PPC card and pick it up
  15. Wow, great information from the replies everyone. I'm a hardcore Mac guy these days, but I was straight PC in the dos and early Windows days (was all we could afford really). So I learned a ton from what you guys have said Thank you for all the help. You guys are a wealth of knowledge.
  16. Awesome. Thank you and I will try and see how the SC-88 does connected directly!
  17. I was just looking at their Cache cards and careless mods today. I may have to call them! Edit: called and got the voicemail of a guy with a strange (to me lol) accent. Didn't leave a message. Did you call the area code 949 number at the bottom of the page?
  18. I'm thinking that may be the case but didn't know if someone around may have knowledge otherwise.
  19. Thanks for the reply. Mostly FPS, sim games like SimCity and Civilization stuff like that. I too would like to overclock mine down the road but am looking for the clip style solution so I don't have to modify the board.
  20. Hey Guys, Have a Quadra 700 with 68MB RAM, 2MB VRAM, and also have an available PowerPC 601 PDS Card. I have a Performa 466 with the 68030 and 32MB RAM to play games that require a 68030 or below and I want to use the Quadra for the more demanding 68K games. Will adding a NuBus video card accelerate graphics in these games at all? Any idea what the difference would be over onboard video with the 2 MB VRAM upgrade? I'm mostly using a M1212 Apple Color Trinitron 13" monitor at 640x480 but I do have higher resolution and screen size VGA monitors that I could use, just prefer to use the matching A
  21. Yeah I saw this in the manual. Just want sure if that was the proper method to use it for games or if it was intended for a different use.
  22. I just received a Quadra 700 that was upgraded with 68mb of RAM, 1GB HDD, and has an Apple branded Power Mac 601 upgrade card in it. I can turn the card off in the Apple control panel for it, but I am curious about something. Does anyone know if the built in cache will continue to work with the 68040 when the processor is disabled? I can't find any cache upgrades anywhere for the Q700 and would like to use the card in this way. I'm debating just selling the card to someone who needs it in their collection because I'm just not sure it will be enough to make any substantial differen
  23. not a problem, just hoping to help. I still plan to play with my 486 as well. I picked up a Roland UM-ONE MK2 for $39 online that lets you hook midi up from a PC or Mac to USB on a modern Mac and plan to use MUNT or FALCO to emulate MT-32 Playback. I had a MT-32 But literally just sold it on eBay because I figured the $250 bucks could be spent on other areas of the hobby lol
  24. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324246868136 There is one for $20 shipped or best offer. Better act quick
  25. Well, I found a mini MacMan midi for only $5 on reverb.com with a couple serial cables included. It only has one midi out port so hopefully that doesn't matter for my use case scenario. I still welcome replies and will let you guys know what happens when I receive it. Now to figure out if I need any extensions or anything installed to use it
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