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  1. BadGoldEagle, I downloaded an Appl Technical Proceedures manual for the ImageWriter II from the web. Try a search by that name. If you can't find it, PM me and I'll email you a copy. It does have diagrams for taking it apart. It looks like a repair guide for Apple repair where if you find a part that is not working, it says replace it. Nothing about HOW to repair it.
  2. Thanks Mike. Got the cells and rebuilt the battery pack. All is well!
  3. Great. Thanks mike. I'll order the cells today
  4. Couldn't find anything recent here, but, seems my pram battery has died. There doesn't seem to be anyone with new replacements. Either out of stock or no longer available. I'm hoping there will be more new ones made, however, it could be that no one will be making them any more. Has anyone made a new one? Is there more to it than just a pair of batteries and a connector? Can we open up the old one and replace the batteries?
  5. The smallest as cards I could find are 8mb. When I format, I use a 2 gig partition. It's the largest that system 6 &7 can handle. I just waste the rest, although you could probably create several 2 gig partitions. In the HD SC set up, it will, by default, create a small partition. Can't remember the size, but it is small. The partition size needs to be increased in the set up to the size you want up to the 2 gig limit.
  6. Technight, There are a lot of clever people who made very professional world builder games. There were also some not so great ones, but with the world builder program, anyone could build their own games and release them as shareware or freeware. Some of my favorites are Swamp witch, you might have heard of Radical Castle, any of the Ray Dunakin games, Ray's maze, mess o' trouble. There are several more. There are a lot of them available on line. I've tried to find as many as I can since there probably won't be any new ones.
  7. Don't know which scsi2sd drive you have, but I have the external drive and it works great. If it's a standard internal scsi2sd, it might not work. Possibly a termination issue. Mike is excellent at answering questions.
  8. One of the primary reasons for me is to run the old World Builder games. Those are still my favorites. WriteNow ver. 2.2-4 was the best word processor. And HyperCard!
  9. Jameco has ram chips. There is a link somewhere on the forum. I might have some left over from my two 512k's. PM me Doug, and I'll see if I have enough on hand.
  10. I have 4 SCSI2SD drives for various Macs including an external which boots the Plus fine. Had two Zip drives break on me while using it for a boot disk for the plus. The clicks of death occurred which also destroyed the Zip disk and all info was gone. I still have a SCSI and a usb Zip drive which is great for transferring info between the compact Macs and my Lombard, however, as a boot drive, don't think the zip was made to handle continuous read/write like a floppy. Have a floppy emu, but haven't set it up yet. Looks to be perfect for the 512k. Looking forward to trying it out.
  11. I've been looking for someone that can fix these things. I have 2 and would like to get one working out of them. The problem has been a pin not firing. Replacing the head did not fix the problem. If any one in the SF Bay Area would be great as these things weigh a ton and shipping them would be prohibitive.
  12. I gave up and gave the board to a friend who has professional equipment for removing things like chips. The right equipment does a nice job without the damage I would do.
  13. BMOW, I don't recall if it happened when I booted from the floppy. It did happen when booted from an external drive though.
  14. Sorry Indidnt take a photo, but Rlfen described it correctly. I can't take a photo now, because the problem has been fixed. Thanks to C and uniserver, Bourne filters have been replaced and the problem is gone!
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