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  1. Denus,


    Is that a Miniscribe HDD? Does it suffer from the common 'stiction' problem?


    I have one that works but the stiction renders it useless.

    It was a kind of metallic dust type of dirt.

    I managed to clean the HD and the surface of the motor (which you can see on the pic...), and it's now fully operational.


    There's a garage database on the HD with many license numbers, details regarding car repairs etc... from 1991 till 1994. 

    That explains the state of the SE when I got it...

  2. Sometimes, cleaning the connectors on the PB of the harddisk can ensure that it works again.

    I did restore the HD of my SE: it was not seen by the system at all, but after a good cleaning (it was REALLY necessary after many years in a garage!!!) and just a little contact spray here and there, it was working again.

    It's a long shot and it may not help, but it worked for me....



  3. I think the price wouldn't differ much anyway, so rather choose for a bulb that has been tested and approved (by me that is).


    Just want to clear out that the combination bulb/Oxi Kallos 12%/plant spray to keep things humidified is working great for me.
    Except for the bulb, this is also the method I've used last summer with sunshine, and I even did a Casio VL-Tone (VT-1) and some other things which are now snow white.
    I can't tell if other methods or products are working as well: it may, it may not...

  4. I found a German reseller on eBay who's selling this lamp for 39,- euro. (obviously, shipping costs can be too high for the US)

    But the link you're showing is from Svetilla: my lamp came from the very same company, and it's the best customer experience I've even had so far!
    Every step during the order, shipping etc was communicated to me so I was able to check the status during the whole process.

  5. Whatever the thoughts regarding the given specs of the Osram UV lamp, I just treated a complete Apple IIc set with it and the result is awesome (even better than expected).

    So, instead of staring at the numbers on paper, rather check the archived results... 


    This lamp cost you $40,- and a good solid industrial lamp cage approx. $20,- 

    Add a bottle of Oxi Kallos 12% (or similar), a brush and a plant sprayer, and you're good to go.

  6. Mhhh: no screen anymore: I can see some distortion signals on screen (contrast on max) when I hit Control-Reset or Apple-Control-Reset, but I don't have any characters on the monitor, and the Disk Led stays off.

    I think I'll have to open the system to check the connections.... (floppy drive, keyboard etc...)


    Edit: Never mind: I've opened the system, checked the connections, used some contactspray here and there.

    The system is now booting normally, and after a Command-Reset, I'm able to use the keyboard.


    All good, thanks!   (relieved)

  7. I restored this Apple IIc system, and turned it on today for the first time.


    Well: it seems to work just fine, but the keyboard doesn't do anything: the reset key nor any other key doesn't react.

    Since this is my first Apple IIc, I don't know what to expect and I don't have any floppy disks unfortunately.




    So my question: is this a normal behaviour since the system is waiting for the floppy (software) or is there an issue with the keyboard? 



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