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  1. One year later, no one ?
  2. I have try that with two Farallon EtherWave adapter (LocalTalk to Ethernet) : https://www.journaldulapin.com/2020/08/17/localtalk-rapide/ There is a special driver (with a specific interface) and the speed is higher. With a classic LocalTalk adapter, i can transfer at ~160 kb/s (real). With the specific driver, i can transfer at ~500 kb/s.
  3. Technically, it's (perhaps) possible, but Apple don't do that. Even if you flash the card (or use a "compatible" card), the driver don't do that. I suppose it's a little bit complicated to make a new driver to do that, and by the way, many Mac can use an AirPort Extreme (compatible) card.
  4. The first AirPort Card is a "subset" of PCMCIA. Actually, you can use an AirPort card into a PCMCIA slot, but not a classic card on the AirPort slot (i think Mac OS and Mac OS X just block that). And you can't use WPA2 with this sort of card. To have WPA2 on Mac with AirPort original slot, the only is to use a CardBus card with Broadcom chip. Many card are "AirPort Extreme" compatible and can use WPA2. But you can do that only on PowerBook with CardBus (and Mac OS X)
  5. One thing to know : i have a 12" monochome and the display works only with old Macintosh. I have searched many times to found a solution : the display need composite sync avec many modern computer don't do that with adapter. I have made an adapter for that : https://www.journaldulapin.com/2020/01/06/ecran-monochrome/
  6. It depends. It will work in a Power Mac G3... if there is a jumper to disable the BIOS from the card.
  7. I search a specific things, can you help me ? I search a ROM dump from the LaserWriter 810 Pro. Actually, i have found many pages with reference to an easter egg with this printer, and i will verify that... and i must find the ROM. I have not found a printer to make the dump. My article about that : https://www.journaldulapin.com/2019/04/20/pizza-burrito-imprimante/ (in french) There is information about that on this pages : http://www.mackido.com/EasterEggs/LaserWriters.html https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13439752 https://en.everybodywiki.com/Stump_the_Exper
  8. Actually, it will be complicated. The QT200 use Smart Media 5V card, and many readers can only read the 3,3 V card. But it's possible to find an USB reader (i have a Fujitsu model for that) or just use the serial cable. I have made a Python script to transfer the photos, and it works with modern and old computers if you have Python and a serial port. https://github.com/Dandumontp/QuickTake200
  9. I have tried on a Mac, and it's buggy. I have a Smart Media version : it's slow, you must insert battery into the fake floppy, and on the Mac, you can only read files. I have a Memory Stick version too, but it will not work. And i know there is a Multimedia Card version, too.
  10. Actually, i can force 640x480 @ 66 with SwitchresX, it's not the problem. The problem is the sync : i see the image "scrolling" when i use the correct timing.
  11. Hi, I have a little problem. I have found a 12" monochrome monitor (High Res) and i will try to connect the display to a modern Mac. And it will not work : https://www.journaldulapin.com/2018/08/17/crt-apple/ The display is working with an old Mac LC, with a Power Mac G3 (beige), but not with a modern computer. It's a fixed definition model (640x480@66) but when i try with DA15 to DB15 adapter, i can have an image, but not the synchronisation. This page say the display use a composite sync, but even with an adapter who can use (i presume) the composite sync, it will n
  12. The solder pad is for a ROM slot, not for a RAM slot.
  13. Hi. It's old, but i have found a GM ROM with 8 chip, and i have dumped the content : http://down.dandu.be/ROMb With this ROM, i can boot the Pippin from an hard drive.
  14. The ZV Ports is also used for the MPEG2 card for PowerBook G3.
  15. I have found the information into the LPX-040 motherboard developer note : https://web.archive.org/web/20030410054223/http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/hardware/Developer_Notes/Macintosh_CPUs-PPC_Desktop/LPX-40_Dev_Note.pdf The Cudla Lite is on the clone logic board and on Power Mac 4400. It's like a CUDA classic chip with PS/2 support. On the clone from Motorola, there is PS/2 port, on the Power Mac 4400, there is trace on the logic board only.
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