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  1. I noticed my 7500's PSU is making very high-pitched noises while running certain loads. It's worse when I put in a replacement 150MHz 604 CPU card, and then especially bad on System 7. I'm guessing this is a sign of capacitor failure on the PSU, which given its age is to be expected. Does anyone by any chance already have a list of capacitors for this PSU?
  2. I couldn't find anything to replace them with. This was around 1998 (when I was 14... no financial resources) and I had a really hard time finding anything about it. I did once get it to load some early startup screen with the help of someone on Usenet, using something to weigh down the RAM so it stayed in place. But I never got it to boot to the OS. Actually, now that I think about it the whole reason I took out the VT board was that I was trying to narrow down why it wasn't booting anymore. I had installed Debian on it, and when trying to reboot one time it just never came back. I ke
  3. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. uniserver, yeah it's a full 25MHz 040 but running at the stock 20. It came from an Amiga 4000 whose RAM sockets I broke while removing a huge Video Toaster board it had come with. Still one of my greatest retrocomputing-related disasters and regrets.
  4. Thanks. I noticed OWC has a 64mb SIMM listed for the Centris 610, but they didn't get back to me on whether it was actually compatible or listed by mistake. From your explanation it sounds like it is indeed possible, despite what Apple says. I might take a chance on those at some point. It'd be nice (and definitely sufficient) to have 132MB.
  5. bbraun, I ran across your site while googling the true RAM limit for these guys. (that's my board that uniserver recapped) So it sounds like you could do 64mb or 128mb SIMMS, but the OS would need to be patched, correct? I use this primarily for running A/UX, so there's no hope of changing anything.
  6. Yeah, I cleaned the surfaces really well. I bought a 2-step cleaning kit as well that left things very clean. No dust or lint was visible.
  7. I decided to replace the thermal compound on a few of my PowerMacs lately. I noticed on one of them in particular (Digital Audio G4, DP/533) the heatsink is noticeably hotter (not too hot; it's warm to the touch but not uncomfortable). Since I have no way to tell if the processor itself is running cooler (no thermal sensor as far as I can see), is this expected behavior? I kinda figure the thermal conductivity is better, so the heatsink gets more of the heat from the processors--is that bogus reasoning? I hadn't applied compound in a really long time and am not sure I've been doing it corr
  8. Have you checked this site? http://gona.mactar.hu/ATI_Mac/ I have a B&W G3 (also 8.6) with an original Radeon card. For whatever reason the latest drivers give me a slightly wrong resolution that is 8 pixels wider than the monitor's native resolution. But the original Radeon Mac retail drivers from that site work great. I am using 1440x900 over DVI. But I believe as long as your monitor has proper DDC and your card can read it you should be able to do that with analog VGA as well.
  9. Not confusing at all; that was exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks.
  10. What kind of VGA adapter would one need for this? I have a Belkin adapter with DIP switches to set resolution, which makes me not sure this'll work for me.
  11. Did anyone ever make a cache card compatible with the Centris 610? Mine is upgraded with a full '040 and runs A/UX. I'd imagine a cache card of any sort would really improve A/UX performance. Thanks.
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